ACT Government Salary Levels-Know More

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government is the governing body of one of Australia’s territories, the Australian Capital Territory, which was established in 1911. Canberra, Australia’s national and territorial capital, is the sole city considered in the ACT. The ACT government, which is served by a single ACT Public Service Agency and administrative entities known as Directorates, offers a variety of job options that include career progression, recognition, remuneration, and flexibility worth considering. Let us know aboout that the ACT Government Salary Levels.

ACT Government Salary Levels

With an average wage of AU$87,500 per year, the ACT government has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, thanks to a broad labor market that has helped to make Canberra a robust economic center. It provides citizens of the city with ample opportunities to work in a modern and environmentally friendly atmosphere.

How does the ACT government pay?

In its two sectors, the public sector and the executive sector, the ACT government offers a wide range of pay. While ACTPS enterprise agreements regulate wage categorization in the public sector, the ACT Remuneration Tribunal determines salaries for Executives. ACT has implemented a one-of-a-kind system for compensating its employees, which includes the following features:

  • Salaries are paid using a system that includes a series of pay points known as increments in various classifications.
  • Every year the employee is given an increment until they reach the maximum increment.
  • Employees under the same classification, that is, same job title and responsibilities are given the same salaries.
  • Aside from the stated remuneration, some job roles pay an on-call or close-call allowance, overtime or supplementary contracts, and working public holidays.
  • A minimum amount of superannuation is paid in addition to salary and allowances such as access to work vehicles or a home garage.
  • 11.5% of their salaries are contributed to their nominated funds out of which 10.5 % is directly contributed by the ACT government and 1% which the employees contribute personally.
  • Vehicles, technology, superannuation, and work-related membership fees are among the items included in the wage package. There are more than 20 items.

Average pay scale of ACT government jobs

The ACT government has roughly 28 directorates that offer a variety of work opportunities throughout the year, with salaries ranging from $60,749 per year for Data Entry Clerk to $209,554 per year for Physicians.

Following are some of the ACT government jobs with their estimated pay scales.

Administration AssistantAU$46k – AU$71kAU$56,321
Administrative OfficerAU$47k – AU$71kAU$57,975
Database Administrator (DBA)AU$52k – AU$91kAU$70,153
Contracts ManagerAU$84k – AU$151kAU$112,945
High School TeacherAU$72k – AU$113kAU$96,222
Occupational Therapist (OT)AU$62k – AU$92kAU$75,807
Payroll OfficerAU$54k – AU$88kAU$69,016
Systems Manager, IT AU$83k – AU$141kAU$106,677
Teacher AssistantAU$40k – AU$71kAU$54,374
Land Development ManagerAU$83k – AU$255k AU$144,216
Primary School TeacherAU$53k – AU$81kAU$67,177

(For the full list visit:

Directorates under ACT government and number of job vacancies present 2022

ACT Audit Office0Environment, Planning, and Sustainable Development6
ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies0Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission0
ACT Electoral Commission4ACT Health18
ACT Executive0Community Services15
Independent Statutory Offices including boards, tribunals, and committees4Calvary Health Care ACT (Public)2
ACT Integrity Commission2Major Projects Canberra8
ACT Long Service Leave Authority1Office of the Legislative Assembly0
Legal Aid Commission3Suburban Land Agency3
Canberra Institute of Technology9Transport Canberra and City Services19
Canberra Health Services101Worksafe ACT0
Chief Minister, Treasury and, Economic Development21Cultural Facilities Corporation7
City Renewal Authority1ACT Teacher Quality Institute0
Justice and Community Safety18Director of Public Prosecutions0

NOTE: These are the current vacancies, to know the closing dates visit

Eligibility to apply for ACT Government Jobs

Some jobs may have extra eligibility requirements that are spelled out in the job descriptions. The following are some fundamental eligibility requirements that you must meet to apply for any job in the ACT government.

Citizenship status

For temporary employment: Must be present in Australia on a visa, a permanent resident of Australia, or an Australian citizen.

For permanent employment: Permanent resident, or an Australian citizen

Former staff

Re-entry is restricted in cases of

  1. Voluntary redundancy and exclusion period
  2. Retirement due to forfeiture of office, abandonment of employment,or under the condition of misconduct, underperformance, or annulment of appointment during the probation period
  3. Terminated contracts

Allegations of misconduct

Any investigation or allegation of misconduct currently going on, or previously happened makes you ineligible to apply.

No police records or criminal history

Background checks

This is done to permit employees to access government information and resources. Their identity has to be confirmed, proved suitable for access, and has to be willing to comply with the standards established.

CMTEDD position’s certificate requirements

  • AGSVA security clearance with 15 years of validity
  • ACT Government issued the CMTEDD Personnel Vetting Program certificate with 5 years of validity.

Why ACT Government for jobs?

ACT government offers the following facilities which make it the best to pursue your dream job:

  • Canberra, the best city: Recognised by OECD Canberra with its world-class standards, shortest commuting times, beautiful natural environment, healthy and active ambiance, and world-class education institution, is the best city to pursue your career.
  • Community: As stated in Canberra: A Statement of Ambition, the ACT government’s vision of being the world’s most livable and competitive country, with an inclusive and welcoming culture, offers the best environment to the employees.
  • Best services: ACT government offers the best remuneration, employment framework, workplace behavior, inclusion programs, health and safety management, learning and manforce plans, and toolkits to its employees.


The ACT Government has a wide range of career opportunities available, including full-time, part-time, and temporary positions. Also, to learn everything there is to know about working for the Australian Capital Territory government, go to their website→

  1. Which job in the ACT government pays the most?

ANS.  Senior advisor posts in the ACT government pay the highest salary of $120,128 per year.

  1. How much bonus does an employee in the ACT government get throughout the year?

ANS.  The ACT government gives an average bonus of AU$61k to its employer.

ACT Government Salary Levels-Know More

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