Resume To The Rescue Of Lives

What does the resume looks like which shows you are a true hero and an absolute professional Rescue of lives?

When it comes to rescue lives, no risk can be taken and the rescuer must be perfect. And for being the best lifeguard you must the best resume which precisely shows your abilities, strength and weakness. So the question what to include in a resume of a lifeguard? So before you dive into that deep end, you must know how to write an amazing resume. If you are a person looking for Resume to the Rescue Of Lives, this article is here to help you.

Resume To The Rescue Of Lives

Resume to the Rescue of lives

So the answer is while writing your resume the most important thing to be taken care for is safety and caution. So your resume must give an impact to the reader about how sincere you are towards your job of rescue of lives. It must include your confidence, your ability to make precise decisions quickly and must include your education and skills you got with. These following key points should be included in the resume of Rescue Of Lives:

  • Your resume must be creative and easy to read
  • It must out show your best abilities and skills
  • It must include your education with your past experiences

What does a lifeguard exactly do?

So being a lifeguard is not having fun on the beach as we see in the typical movies it comes with huge responsibilities of saving lives. It is very serious job which require a full time concentration and problem handling skills. It means you cannot put your eyes out for a single second. You must be prepared for any situation or for the worst. It requires the assurance of the swimmers. You must not allow anyone to break rules and must spread awareness for the proper pool rules and swimming techniques. Also you must have the ability to stop and warn swimmers not obeying the safety precautions.

Aside from all these qualities the other main important thing that a lifeguard has is that he must remain calm and must have a proactive nature towards the emergency situations. Lifeguards work for both indoor and outdoor pools and they can be working on seasonal base or a year long base.

Highlight your bright personality and show the best of you

This should contain only a few lines but these few lines must give a super sonic powerful impact to your personality. It must show your hiring manager that why you are the best for this job. Your personality should accomplish you to be selected for the job. Describe your finest and the best events in your resume with being a Rescue of Lives. You can also expand your profile to give a high impact on to the reader.

For Example

Dedicated and Experienced lifeguard having both passion and experience for saving swimmers. Tend to maintain a safe, healthy and cheerful environment among the visitors.  Knowledgeable and sincere towards this important job. Proven very efficient all the time by keeping an optimal surveillance among all the areas and thus never failed. Peacefully enforcing to follow rules and maintaining a peaceful environment. Ensuring swimmers safety as the top most priority.

Take them a deep dive to your experience

Your past experiences will help you to prove how determined and efficient you are to your job and will bring your excellence. Think of as many qualities as you can. Tell them the qualities you grasp in yourself for example:-

  • Your love for water
  • Your friendly nature
  • Your friendly nature towards your colleagues and your seniors.
  • Your sincerity and braveness towards your work
  • Your great swimming skills

Even though you are not an experienced or good lifeguard you must know all the basic functionalities such as training courses in first aid, CPR, and water safety courses. They all combine to speak for your desire to be a lifeguard.

If you work season to season or do some recreational work you must include that also in your resume especially when you are a water sport coach. Athletic training and sport coach such as basketball add valuable points to your resume and increases your chances to be selected.

You must convey or assure the safety of the swimmers in swimming facilities and recreational sites. 

For Example

  • Served as a dedicated and alert lifeguard at aqua swimming facilities
  • Observed and supervised swimmers carefully and ensuring them to follow rules peacefully and aware them to the guidelines
  • Conducting regular maintainence check to ensure the safety of the swimming pool and equipments.  
  • Attended all the staff related meeting regularly and works very well and peacefully with the co-workers.
  • Provided proper AID and CPR facilities in life saving situations
  • Taken various classes for swimmers to all age groups.

Show them your skills which serves as a toolkit for lifeguard

Now a question arises that why to include your skills when you have included your past experience? The answer is: As we all know the hiring managers are too busy checking the resume for 100 people for the same job at the same time, so the thing is they want to see quickly that why you are appropriate for the job and the qualities for the lifeguard in you and here it help writing skills in the bullet points to make them easy to know about you.

Now here’s a tip which will help you to master this section. Write your “Master List”. Now a question comes that what is a master list? So master list is a list which contain all your skills whether it is related to lifeguarding job or not. To make a master list you must sit in a quiet and calm place try to recall all of your skills and write it down. This will help you to be on top and will definitely help you use this on your further resume.

Now as you made your “Master List”, the next work is to segregate the one which holds up to the job you are looking for which in this case is a lifeguard job. Try to balance your water skills with other lifeguard skill known as your hard skills and your general work and people skills which is also known as the soft skills. This section should not contain more than 10 skills and you can categorise your top to bottom skills as you wanted them to be. Don’t include too much just include your main attributes and this will also help you to pass ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Now what is ATS?

So ATS or Applicant Tracking system is an applicant which use algorithms to scan sort and rank resumes. This help the company to make the job hiring process a bit easier. There is no way to just pass this barrier but there are certain ways that will help.

What employers do is that they insert some attributes related to the job. So the best we can do is to analyze the most suitable attributes for the job but the one which define you not all as the employee can track this trick down and your resume could have rejected.

For Example

  • Surveillance techniques
  • Great swimming Ability
  • Attentive 
  • CPR, AED and First Aid certified
  • Great Leader
  • Communication skills 

Your education and prove them that you are certified to save lives

Including your Educational skills with your past experience boosts your chances to be selected for this job. Tell them about your training and expertise in medical aids. You must list all of your degree, diplomas and Ph.Ds. If you are a high school students list your institution name with the date of graduation.

Being a lifeguard include special water training and some special training is also required to be a lifeguard. 

You can also include your completed training program and certification in giving CPR, First Aid and use of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator). Automated External Defibrillator is a portable electronic device that diagnose the life threatening cardiac arrythmias of ventricular fibrillation. It helps to determine the heart rhythm and to give an electric shock to the victims to restore their heart rhythm.

Make sure to include all your educational qualifications.

For Example

  • 2016 Indian Red Cross, Certified Lifeguard
  • 2010-2014 St. Anslem High school, High School Diploma Mumbai, India
Key Takeaways
  • Always out case your social nature in your profile as this lifeguarding job requires teamwork and service
  • Work on your resume to overcome the ATS process and to show the hiring manager that you are the perfect person for the job
  • Customize you skills section as it is the one which is seen first
  • Lifeguard job needs great focus and concentration, so any kind of errors in the resume are not allowed
  • Also take care for all kind grammar and the language you are using and write the resume with appropriate points

It doesn’t matter how good or better lifeguard you are, your resume should look as good as It sounds. As the most important thing is your job and for that you must have an impacting and error free resume. Make sure your resume is the one that is eye catching and the one which remains in the mind.

Resume To The Rescue Of Lives

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