I Lied On My Resume And Got The Job -Know More

Lying on your resume is unethical and can spell trouble for you if the truth gets out. This is why you shouldn’t ever lie on your resume. But assuming you did not know how bad lying on your resume is and you did already and an unsuspecting hiring manager ends up hiring you, what then should you do? Let us read about “I Lied On My Resume And Got The Job”

I Lied On My Resume And Got The Job

If you lied on your resume and then got the job you applied for, you can choose to come clean, withdraw the application, or even make the resume true by achieving the things you lied about. You can also choose the unethical thing and take the job without doing anything about the resume. This article will explore these options in better detail. 

Things You Can Do If You Lied On Your Resume And Got The Job

Perhaps, when you lied on your resume, you did not think you were going to get the job. You probably felt the lie would increase your chances of getting hired, but you just didn’t think it would help you land the job. But it did and you are now at a loss for what to do. 

You may have thought of different options, but you are unable to make up your mind. To make it easier for you to make a decision, some of the best things you can do and how such scenarios may play out will be discussed below: 

1. Withdraw The Application 

Withdrawing your application is the safest and best thing to do in this situation; this is especially true if the lie you told on your resume is a big one. Withdrawing your application will cost you the job; however, it is the honest thing to do. 

Also, if you go ahead and take the job despite the lie, you may be outed later in the future. And if this happens, you will still end up losing your job. The company will also not consider taking you for any other position because you would only have proved to them that you are a dishonest person. 

But if you withdraw your application, you can reapply for the job with an honest resume. You may end up getting the job without having to worry about getting caught in a lie. 

2. Confess The Lie 

If you have already started the job, you may find yourself constantly worrying about getting caught. Instead of constantly living in fear and worry, the best thing you should do in this case is to come clean to your superiors. 

However, this is one option you should carefully think about before you adopt it. If the lie is a major one, it might get you fired or even get you into a bigger problem. On the flip side, your superiors may decide to overlook the lie especially if it was a negligible lie or if you are good at the job. 

You can’t predict how the situation will play out but again, it is the best thing to do if you have already started the job. But if you have not started the job and you haven’t even gotten the offer, you can easily do the first option. 

3. Make The Lie True 

The last ethical option for you in a case like this would be to make your lie the truth. However, this option isn’t always attainable. For instance, let’s say you lied about your former employment; maybe you lied that you had worked as a so-and-so in a company for a particular period. It would be impossible to make this kind of lie a reality. 

However, if your lie had been about a skill, you still have the chance of learning that skill. This way, your resume won’t have a lie in it and you would also have the skill needed to do the job optimally. 

If you can’t turn your lie into the truth, then it would be best to just confess your lie and see how things play out. 

4. Ignore The Lie And Continue The Job 

This option is unethical and can land you in mild to serious trouble if the truth ever comes out. It is highly unrecommended and you should not risk it at all. But you may not get into trouble if the lie you told on your resume is insignificant. 

But not getting caught does not make lying on your resume and keeping the job any better. It’s something that will sit big on your conscience and if you eventually get caught, the consequences may increase because of how long you kept up with the lie. 

The bottom line of the matter is, lying on your resume won’t get you anywhere. Sure, it may get you the job for now, but you may not be able to keep the job probably due to your conscience or because you get caught. 

This is why you should not even do it at all. Assuming you are yet to get the job but you already applied for a job with a dishonest resume, you can still make things right before it becomes this complicated. All you have to do is update your resume with an honest one. 

What May Happen If You Get Caught Lying On Your Resume? 

Lying on your resume is bad and you already know this. You also now know the things you can do if you did that and then get the job you applied for. However, if you are still contemplating ignoring the lie and carrying on with the job, then you should know the things that could happen if you are ever caught in your lie. Perhaps, knowing these things will help you make the safer choice in this situation. 

That being said, here are some of the things that might happen if you get caught lying on your resume: 

1. You Could Be Fired 

This is most likely what will happen if the organization you are working with discovers you told a lie on your resume. Especially if the lie told is major, perhaps, you lied about your educational qualification. 

2. Your Reputation Could Be Tarnished 

A good reputation could do wonders for you. Likewise, a bad one could prevent you from attaining certain heights. This is why people are often careful with their reputation. And one thing that can adversely affect a person’s reputation is being dishonest. 

If you lie on your resume and then get caught, you will end up with a bad reputation. You will spoil the relationship you have with the organization you currently work for. In the worst-case scenario, you may also find it difficult to get another job if your industry is a small one. 

3. You Won’t Be Able To Do The Job 

If you lied about your qualification and/or skills just to get a job, you may end up being unable to do the job when you eventually get it. In a case like this, you may end up getting fired or demoted.

4. You Could Get A Lawsuit 

This consequence of lying on your resume is quite unlikely, but it could happen in certain cases. An example is if the lie you told is a very major one; for instance, let’s say you lied about having a very important qualification.  Another reason you may get a lawsuit for lying on your resume is if you caused damage or harm due to your lack of expertise for the job. 


If you lied on your resume and got the job, there is a high chance that you could be caught in this lie. And the consequence of this action most likely would be you losing your job. So, if you lied on your resume and got the job, you would be better off coming clean about the lie. In some rare cases, you can try to make your lie a reality by accomplishing what you lied about.

Instead of lying on your resume, consider tailoring your resume to fit the position you are applying for. By tailoring your resume, you should be able to make yourself look like a great fit for the position you are applying for without necessarily lying about anything. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Everyone Lie on Their Resume? 

The simple answer to that is no. While some people may lie on their resume to get a job, not everyone does this. It may be easier to convince yourself to lie on your resume if you think everyone else does so. However, this may likely not be the case because hiring managers have better ways of discovering lies and people know this, so they would rather not lie on their resumes. 

2. Can I Be Arrested for Lying on my Resume? 

A resume isn’t legally binding; it is not a legal document. Therefore, if you are caught lying on your resume, you can’t be arrested on this basis. But if your lie caused damage, there’s a chance of you facing a lawsuit. Furthermore, lying on your resume is unethical even though it isn’t a criminal offense, so, you should desist from doing it. 

I Lied On My Resume And Got The Job -Know More

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