How Do I Delete My Resume Now Account?

The website is a place where you have the opportunity to upload your resume and have professionals review it and polish it for you. They do this with the help of experience they have gained in writing job-winning resumes as well as tools they use such as templates, cover letters, and industry-specific phrases. Expert help is also provided to people seeking to improvise their resume to win a job as soon as possible. It seems however that many people are not very happy with and wish to delete their account with all associated data. Here is how they can go about doing that.

There are a couple of simple steps which need to be followed to delete your resume now account. You have to cancel your subscription and delete your account to be able to delete all of your data. To do that you have to send an email to to process the deletion of your account. This email is first verified by and after the process of verification is complete, your resume now account with all associated data is deleted.

How Do I Delete My Resume Now Account?

Resume Now Services

The resume now a website is where you can view a lot of resumes online and learn from them how to build an effective and job-winning resume. This is a website where a huge number of people have uploaded their resumes, any of which can be printed in a matter of minutes if you need them. You get a lot of exposure for your resume building from these resumes plus you can get expert help as and when you need it. You can request help in resume building for the case of job applications so you can successfully land a job. The content writers who work in unison with recruiters would help you revamp your resume so it produces real results for you.

Disappointed with your Resume Now?

There can be any number of reasons for your disappointment with resume now services. Maybe you’ve been charged a good amount of money for your subscription but that has not translated into value for money in the form of a successful job. Maybe you are afraid that the personal information you have provided is not secure and that it is prone to be sold out to third parties without your formal consent so you want to call it quits. 

Simple Steps That You Need to Follow

To delete your resume now account, the following actions are what you need to take:

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

First, you need to log into your account. 

Second, you need to cancel your resume now subscription so you are not billed by the company when you have decided to delete your account instead. 

Third, you need to click on Settings.

Fourth, you need to click on Delete My Account.

These are all the simple steps you need to follow to delete your resume now account.

Sending Account Deletion Email to Resume Now

After you are done with these simple steps, the next thing you need to do is send an email to resume now. There are a few things you need to keep in mind.

One is that you have to send the email from the email account provided to you by resume now instead of your Gmail or Yahoo email, et cetera. 

Second, you have to send this email to the email address [[email protected]]

Third, you have to write REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT in the subject line.

Fourth, in the paragraph area, write in detail that you want your resume now account deleted along with all data that may be saved along with it such as your details and those of your bank card.

This email will first be verified by resume now to ensure it is you who sent the email and soon after verification, your account will be deleted.

It is important to mention here however that resume now does not take responsibility for any information that may be copied by third parties from its website which it cannot delete. 

Facing Issues with Account Deletion?

If you are facing any kind of issues with your account deletion such as delays in the form of non-reply from the website or if you have any concerns that you want fully addressed, then you can contact resume now in real-time to have all of them resolved. 

There is a list of ways through which you can do that. You can contact them via the phone numbers given on the website for different countries during the given work timings mentioned over there as well.

Also, you can fill out a form by entering your relevant information and explaining your problem, and letting them know. Since this is akin to emailing them, it is not a good idea if you have already emailed them and have not yet received a reply even after waiting for so long. 

So another way through which you can contact them immediately is via live text chat so you can have your problem addressed then and there. This is the more intelligible of the two ways to follow as you can get in touch right away and have your problem sorted, howzat?


The conclusion is that resumes now hold a repository of a huge number of resumes as people upload their resumes to polish them with expert help at resume now so they can land a job of choice with recruiters. However, many people can get disappointed with their resumes now and choose to delete their accounts instead. In that case, they need to make a few clicks plus email resume now to have their account deleted.

How Do I Delete My Resume Now Account?

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