Duration Of AIT For Engineers

Soldiers are to join Army advanced Training (AIT) right after they complete graduation from army basic training. They are trained to an advanced level for their military occupational specialty MOS. let us know about that the Duration Of AIT For Engineers.

Duration Of AIT For Engineers

There has been a summary according to the Patient Administration Specialist that is situated at Fort Sam Houston. So a medical-related MOS takes seven weeks which confirms it to be the shortest time duration of the training period. 

What MOS Has The Shortest AIT?

Patient Administration Specialist (MOS 6G) has the shortest AIT. It is held in Fort Sam Houston. The duration of this job takes mostly seven weeks. So it is considered the less durable MOS.

Duration of AIT at For Lee

It usually takes two to three months to complete this educational training. This process may also require one’s qualification which may brag the training period to three months. 

Duration of AIT For Engineers

For engineers, the AIT process takes 14 weeks, especially for combat engineers. 

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For combat, engineers take 1 week for one station unit training. There are parts of this training. Some take place in classrooms and some are given on the field provided with job directions. Most of the training will be basic destruction.

Longest Duration AIT Army MOS 

The duration of the training period varies depending on the MOS. The duration starts from three weeks to nearly two years. The latest AIT training duration is 84 weeks which is 1 year and 8 months in AIT schools. 

Some AIT schools are-

  • Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma- Field Artillery center
  • Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina- Finance Corps School 

Army Cooks For AIT

For this MOS, Advanced Individual Training (AIT) duration will be nine weeks, and the location will be at the Culinary Center of Excellence at Fort Lee, VA. 

For advanced training, there will be classroom and fieldwork. Also, these will consist of practices for food preparation. It will be easier if the candidates are interested in cooking and subjects like home economics and health. 

Combat Engineers

Unfortunately, there’s no combat engineer office available. they are led by an engineering office. They can easily send them to a construction engineering unit. This process is just as same as the way an armored officer leads Cav scouts or tankers. 

12B as a Sapper

The sapper is an identical infantry related to Ranger. They don’t take their training through any ordinary or usual 12B. 

In American history, it is significant that the Sapper served the country by leading the combat engineers in most of the wars. They complete their schooling through a 28-day school. 

From there they are most importantly taught leadership and advanced destruction and explosives. Also including small unit tactics. 

Fort Lee MOS

The mentioned 11 MOS are the beginner level training for marines: PRP (Personal Retrieval and Processing Specialist (0471), Specialist on Airborne and Air Delivery (0451), Bulk Fuel Specialist (1391), Specialist for food service (3381), Small Arms Repairer Technician (2111), Towed Artillery, etc.


Soldiers who are responsible to take care of the management of ammunition and explosives are called Ammunition specialists. Their tasks include storing, collecting, and supplying traditional ammunition, guided missiles, huge rockets, explosives, and other related essentials and tools.

Arrangement places of 91E

A candidate who is listed down for MOS 91E, including the airborne option, has to go to Georgia for three weeks of Airborne School and acknowledge how to parachute from an airplane. Then the next project task is held at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Is It Permissible to Skip AIT?

Going to AIt is as same as going to college. The only difference is that you don’t have any choice in college but to attend the classes.

Duration of 89b AIT

An ammunition specialist has to go through 10 weeks of Army Basic Combat training and 12 weeks of AIT training. This job’s location is in Fort Lee, Virginia.

AIT Training Variations at Fort Lee

U.S Army AIT is situated in Fort Lee. They also provide online classes. A total of six stages of training are offered by this school including the most reviewed qualifications. 

Ammunition Specialist Salary in Army

In the United States, an average U.S Army Ammunition Specialist’s salary is around $46,550 which is also close enough to the national average. This salary information is gathered from employees, and previous and recent advertisements published on indeed.

AIT 91E Location

Trade specialist takes around 10 weeks of training and advanced training of AIT (Advance Individual training) for 19 weeks at Fort Lee in Virginia. 


Surviving in the army is the toughest job for soldiers. Discipline, dedication, commitment, and focus are the pillars of the U.S Armed Forces. For the recruits, Army Advanced Individual Training is required for primary-level training. 

On this special AIT, combat training recruits are taught the most complex skills that would be necessary to serve in MOS (Military Occupational Speciality).

Duration Of AIT For Engineers

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