Hotel Receptionist Resume Examples, Skills

The profession of Hotel Receptionist is quite a skilled and tough one. As a Hotel Receptionist, one needs to have a charming and attentive personality. This job requires someone who attends to other people with heartwarming behavior. The impression of a hotel receptionist decides the impression of the entire hotel management and staff. You need to be held responsible for your hotel’s reputation. You should be following your company’s ideals and shouldn’t take them for granted. Greeting and meeting your client or visitor with grace is a must. You must reflect your responsible behavior and should appear to be the most helpful out there. let us know about that the Hotel Receptionist Resume Examples, Skills.

Hotel Receptionist Resume Examples, Skills

Also, the other similar designations for a Hotel Receptionist are as follows:

  • Front Desk Clerk,
  • Greeter,
  • Hotel Reservations Clerk,
  • Guest Liaison,
  • Member Service Representative,
  • Resort Receptionist, etc.

No, let us take a quick look at what a Hotel Receptionist’s resume looks like.


To apply for the post of Hotel Receptionist, you need to prepare yourself with some essentials. As every job application needs the first and foremost document, that’s your resume. Your resume is the first thing you need to prepare for your job. In a job interview, a well-written resume, a presentable one is all that you need. An outstanding resume will land you on the application stack. Your resume is a half gamble that decides whether you will secure the position. Many people apply for this post, hence, it becomes difficult for the recruiter to look into each resume. A well-organized and effective resume is a must to make recruiters find the important key features and hire you to likewise.

Important Tips To Create A Resume

  • Length: Keeping short and sharp, not exaggerating things unnecessarily.  1 or 2 sides of A4 are all right and the relevant details. Your profile should be persuasive. 
  • Design:  Keep it as simple as possible. Make it look eye-catching and use black or blue fonts in size 10 or 12 on a simple white background.
  • Things to avoid: Big and bulky paragraphs are a big NO. Well labeled headings, short paragraphs, and to the point writing will help you through. Do not add images or any kind of logo to your resume, I will appear unprofessional.

                                                RESUME SAMPLE (1)

Hotel Receptionist                                                             Phone: (000) 333 999 6670 

 SAM SMITH                                            Email: [email protected]




                                                                                                                        Address: 8787 Marshville Road,                                                                                                                                 



To acquire a position that will enhance my current knowledge and help me boost up my skills; learning and adapting better skills that will shape my work experiences further.


Resort Receptionist, fluency in the German language.

Work Experience

 Hotel Receptionist

Worldly Lodge-   February 2018- 2020

  • Greeting guests with a humble attitude. 
  • Registered room for guests.
  •  Answered all telephonic and in-person queries related to hotel services and resolved issues afterward.
  • Assisted guests with their luggage helped them settle.
  • Payments are handled timely and safely to the client, both in cash and card payments.
  • Checking the guests in, answering the calls, and they are addressing their needs.
  • Dealing with all the public and customer-related queries. 
  • Monitoring all the security settings and looking after the security awareness.


Hotel Management- Persona High School

Note- You can add other summaries too.

                                                       RESUME SAMPLE (2)


Hotel Receptionist


More than 10 years experience :

Proven accuracy, reliability, detail-oriented employee, and capacity to shoulder higher responsibilities.

Clear and consistent written and oral communication skills.


Front Office Receptionist, Warren Associates (City) 2013 – 2017

Maintained daily schedules for professional staff

Answered phones, managed mail

Receptionist, Walmart (City) 2008 – 2011

Recorded customer details into the database and scheduled appointments

Redesigned all business forms, including timesheets and inventory sheets


IFA, College (City) 2007

Completed a Comprehensive Secretarial Course

Diploma, NAME High School (City) 2005

High School Diploma


Swimming and English Movies.

So, these were some examples of how your resume will look like, however, you can add to it. Keeping the details short and crisp is a better idea. The key to a killer resume is clarity and punchy content. 

Writing Guide For Hotel Receptionist Resume

The Writing Guide for writing a resume will help you understand the minute details that you should be keeping in your mind while preparing your resume. Don’t worry, we will help you write your resume and make it look effective. Here is a manner in which you should write it-Contact Info

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Website 

These are the credentials you should provide them first hand in your resume. This order is nearly perfect to write your contact information.


The objective is the first criteria where you will mention the motive behind the application of this job, why do you need it, what’s the purpose behind it. The details you fill in here will reflect your interest and enthusiasm for this post. While writing this Objective section you should be focusing on accuracy. The objective should be short and crisp, with no extra things. After completing your full contact details accurately, the first thing you have to put in the objective. The objective is a very important part of your resume because it describes what is your benefit and expectations from this job. Do not over exaggerate things here, keep it to the point and effective, so that the recruiter will have an idea of the complete resume itself. You have to write the objective to join this post. What do you think about this post and what do you expect from this job. What’s your motive behind applying for this job? This is an important part of your resume, you have to answer it smartly and try to give neat answers. From the above two samples, you can take an idea of how, to begin with, the objective section.


Skills are the most important of all the sections in the resume. What you put in this section is completely about your talents and skills. Your skill, your expertise, what you are good at. As mentioned in the above resume sample, you can take a note. Your skills will be the deciding factor, so, add those skills which will catch the eyes of the recruiter. You should mention your honest skills and keep them real as much as you can. Do not copy this section from elsewhere or else it will be caught up instantly. Come up with your real skills and write them down in your own words. The use of exceptional words will make it effective, so try to write it while keeping a good vocab in your mind. The skills section is needed to be monitored wisely.

Work Experience

This section is for your past working experiences. You have to mention here all of the past working experience related to the Hotel Receptionist job post. You have to mention the company’s name you worked for and as well as the period or tenure with that company. You should only mention the work details relevant to the current post that you are applying for or else it will be quite insignificant to mention the past working experiences that are not relevant to the post of Hotel Receptionist post. The posts that are relevant to the Hotel Receptionist post are Resort Receptionist, Front Desk Clerk, Greeter, Member Service Representative, Hotel Reservations Clerk, etc. If you had any of these part working experiences, then you can mention them here in this work experience section. Always remember that this work experience section will reflect the responsibilities that you have held earlier, so do not mention irrelevant working responsibilities as it will ruin your resume.

Education/ Qualifications/ Achievements

This section requires the details of all your qualifications. You can mention all of the qualifications you have acquired till now. You can add relevant courses such as diplomas to make this section more effective. You can add your achievements as well but the ones which can be helpful for the post of Hotel Receptionist job. Additional Certificates to enhance the strength of this resume and make it look more effective as additional certificates will add up to your resume. You can add certificates of previous seminars or workshops that you attended which were helpful for the post of Hotel Receptionist. Mentioning these productive experiences can make this section an outstanding one and will catch the eyes of the recruiter.


This is another little section that could be added to your resume which will reflect your personality and make your resume effective. You should mention your honest interests here, do not fake it as at the time of interviews you can confront questions related to your interests in detail, so better not fake it. You can add interests such as watching movies, reading novels, swimming, sports, etc. This section has some additional benefits as you can leave your charm and describe your personality through this section of interests.

Skills Required For Hotel Receptionist

Here are some tips and the important skills that a Hotel Receptionist should possess.

Professional Skills

  • As a Hotel Receptionist, you are supposed to be the first and foremost person a client or a guest meets and sees upon arriving at the hotel.
  •  You have the front desk job, you will be the very first person every single guest. Your impression is going to be the first impression of all of the hotel staff so, better be prepared for this.
  •  Greeting the guests with humble gestures and a warming smile should be your most important trait. Show your guests that you are always available and ready to assist them whenever needed, this is the most important trait of a Hotel Receptionist. 
  • You should be humble and down to earth and professional at the same time, this mix-up of personality is what all needed for the post of a Hotel Receptionist Post. Do not forget these details.

Communication Skills

  • Your communication skills are the most important trait for the post of a Hotel Receptionist as you have to deal with different types of clients and for that you need communication.
  •  If you do not have effective communication skills, you would not be able to deal with the client as well as the co-workers. So, communication skills are really important. 
  • As a Hotel Receptionist, you would be answering the phone calls and queries of clients and the public, all you need is effective communication skills. Therefore, communication skills are needed badly.
  •  You should brush up your communication skills for this post and stand out, then, only you would be hired as a Hotel Receptionist in a well-reputed hotel or resort.

Management Skills

  • As a Hotel Receptionist, you will be working under the large nexus of employees and employers. That means you will need some good management or organizational skills to maintain your designation.
  •  You will have to manage yourself, your work as well as everyone else working with you. Most importantly, your guests should be managed and assisted by you and you alone. This is why you should have good management skills. 
  • You may also have to deal with the organization of stocks and reading items or informational resource materials in the waiting area. Therefore, you should work on your management skills precisely.

Technological Skills

  • Yes, you read it right, for this post of Hotel Receptionist you will need some technical knowledge such as you will be using a telephone system with features of multiple internal and external lines that you should be handling well.
  •  You should be familiar with spreadsheets, the company’s email, file-sharing systems, the company’s social media accounts, word documents, and the company’s software solutions.
  • Also, you will be handling a copy machine at times, you should be knowing things about the copy machine if in case it might get stuck. 


  • You should have proper knowledge about the company’s services, products, and ideals. This will help you tackle various questions and inquiries regarding the company by the client or visitor.
  •  An intelligent Hotel Receptionist can easily recall details verbally and deliver the messages even when he or she fails to write them down then.
  •  Your intellect is your power, use it for the utmost benefits and standout in the crowd. 
  • A good amount of knowledge about the company’s core values will add up to your work and will enhance your dignity. Your knowledge reflects your capacity to handle things smartly. Hence, clear knowledge is important for this post.

Multitasking Skills

  • Multitasking skills are another important part of the skills you should possess as a Hotel Receptionist.
  •  As a Hotel Receptionist, you would be handling multiple tasks at a time. While you are on some ongoing call, a new call may come in, then, you should be answering the new call first then be switching to the previous one. Meanwhile, other customers might be waiting to talk to you in person. 
  • You will have to keep up with the expectations and needs of each client separately and not neglect any of them. Try not to get frustrated and handle everything with a cool and calm mind.
  •  While multitasking you should be polite and humble as well. Some people like these challenges, some people do not. 
  • You will be an asset to your employer and your company if you will be successful in handling multiple tasks at a time and you will be considered best fitted as a Hotel Receptionist. These were some tips for your management skills.

Accessible Personality

  • As a Hotel Receptionist, you should have an accessible and approachable personality. This is the most important trait of every front desk employee. 
  • Aside from being humble, a Hotel Receptionist must have a likable aura, this person should be easily accessible as visitors will look up to you every time they need something. 
  • Therefore, it is your responsibility to assist them and be always there for them. Your approachable personality will help you deal with every type of client as well as co-workers. 
  • As a Hotel Receptionist, you should not have an intimidating personality. This particular skill is the reason why most companies prefer having women as Hotel Receptionists, as they have accessible and likable personalities. 

Tolerant Personality

Tolerance and patience are common qualities of a capable Hotel Receptionist. All front desk employees must possess these traits. There are some clients or visitors who can be annoying, a lot of patience will be required to confront these types of customers. No matter how disturbing a client may be, a Hotel Receptionist is required to maintain his cool and handle them in a very suitable manner. Your humble behavior will help you through these situations. The company and employer will always expect you to be attentive, patient, tolerant, and humble to your clients. Therefore, having a tolerant personality is a must. 

Confident Personality   

  • A good Hotel Receptionist must have killer confidence in themselves. 
  • It should be evident that you are confident enough to handle your duties well and you are up to your responsibilities. 
  • With a confident personality, he or she will be able to attract better customers and the employer will be happy.
  •  A confident personality will help you everywhere whether dealing with a client or with co-workers. Hence, a confident personality is a much-needed trait for a Hotel Receptionist.  

 Friendly Personality

  • Apart from being confident you should be a friendly Hotel Receptionist.
  • You should have a friendly personality because you would be handling different types of customers and dealing with their needs.
  • A friendly personality helps both ways, personally as well as professionally.
  • Having a friendly personality as a Hotel Receptionist is a must. 
  • Having a good sense of humor, making people smile but that does not mean you should be playing around.

Additional Skills That You Can Mention In Skills Section

  • Managing Guest Books
  •  MS Office
  • Computer Operation 
  • Phone calls
  • Punctuality 
  • Greetings Visitors
  • Attentive To Employer
  • Data Entry
  • Event Planning
  • Management
  • Ensuring Safety And Security
  • Communicative
  • Accuracy And Consistency 
  • Teamwork
  • Maintenance Of Working Area
  • Well- Researched
  • Informed
  • Reliable 
  • Assisting Clients.

Certificates Relevant To Hotel Receptionists

  • Certificate for Front Desk Skills Workshops.
  • Certificate for Telephone Skills Workshops.
  • Front Desk Professional Image Building Certificate.
  • Course in Conflict Resolution.
  • Certificate in Guest Services Skill.
  • Certificate for Customer Service 

Include These Points Too

  • If you have a good command of other languages, make sure you mention them here.
  • Mention the availability of work hours, day shifts, and night shifts. 
  • Mention the region or location you are willing to work in, as it will be helpful for the recruiters to manage your postings accordingly.
  • Highlight your accomplishments, it’s your golden chance.
  • Provide proper details of your certificate courses.

Some Examples To Write Objective

Example 1.  My objective as a Hotel Receptionist is to provide brilliant customer service to all of my clients and guests at the same time. To prove my skills.

Example 2. To obtain a position that will enhance my skills and bring the best out of me.

Example 3. Seeking a Hotel Receptionist to work with your company that encourages customer relations, administration, and organizational skills.

Example 4. Self-motivated professional looking forward to a Hotel Receptionist job that can provide unmatched customer service and management through problem-solving and communication.  


All of the information provided above helps prepare a master Hotel Receptionist Resume. Including the thorough writing guide to skills and objectives required are mentioned above. We work to provide you with some authentic information. So, these were some helpful tips and examples for making your resume exceptional. We hope that this could help you with your Hotel Receptionist Resume. We wish you very good luck in your future endeavors, hope you make it through it! 


Q1. How to answer “Why did you choose this post of Hotel Receptionist in the first place”?

Ans. This question can be answered differently by a different person, for example, you can answer it with “I have studied hotel management and I love greeting people. I wanted to have the experience of this job, that’s why I chose this post.”

Hotel Receptionist Resume Examples, Skills

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