General Laborer Resume Examples, Skills, Objective, Writing Guide

Ordinary workers are those personalities who work at the lowest level in the industry such as workers in shops, warehouses, factories, servants, etc. People think that labor work is a degrading job but in reality, labor is a skilled job and everyone out there wants labor for everyday work. Not only for companies and industries, but they are also the foundation for the entire market. They build roads, highways, skyscrapers, gardens, transport materials, deliver products door to door, they work as a servant, and so on, Hance they are personalities who meet the basic requirements of the market. Therefore, skilled labor is required to run the business successfully. General Laborer is the only person who can work in different fields. A worker has to do a lot of physical work in his daily life. Suggest working with heavy loads. Sometimes they replace their work with other workers so that they can work indoors as well as in an outdoor environment. For example:- Workers working on a construction site may have to screw and workers working in a shop may have to work outside to unload goods. In the United States, the average wage for a worker is $27,000. Lets see General Laborer Resume Examples, Skills, Objective, Writing Guide etc.,

General Laborer Resume Examples, Skills, Objective, Writing Guide

The most common functions of a worker are:-

  • The job of a worker depends on his skill and his setting.
  • Most of the time they work to help electrician engineers and painters by cleaning the construction site and they also have to work with tools.
  • They must remove lead from buildings, unload heavy objects, handle chemicals, and perform other hazardous tasks for the specialist, so they must be skilled to perform these tasks safely.
  • The work of a worker depends on many things such as the total number of workers at the site, the company in which he is working, the size of the work, etc.
  • They have to dig pits to prepare the foundation of the infrastructure.
  • To help engineers and printers on a construction site, they must clean up the site by removing hazardous chemicals and lead. And have to work with heavy loads.
  • To climb to heights, operate heavy machines on construction sites.
  • If specialist crews need support, the labor group should assist them.
  • They clean construction sites, maintain construction vehicles and equipment.
  • They transport tools and materials for painters, carpenters, welders, etc. They also have to work with tools, such as drills, forklifts, etc. They have to check for faults in the equipment.
  • They put up warning boards for the benefit of common people and vehicles.

Average salary

The salary of the workers depends on various things such as the company and industry in which he is working, the location of that company or industry, his work experience about the job, his education level, etc. The average salary of a worker is about $28,000.

Different types of labor’s duty and their average salary:-

Packer :- Average salary: $26,000 per year

Duty: To pack the items in the right ship they have to pay attention to detail and sometimes they have to clean the containers off the ship.

Farm Laborer:- Average salary: $26,000 per year

Duties: Spraying fertilizers, picking crops, plowing, supervising, caring for animals and various other tasks to be performed by them in their daily life.

Gardener :- Average salary: $26,000 per year

Duties: There are a lot of duties to perform, such as the wedding garden, watering the plants, trimming the trees, removing debris from the path, etc. Overall he has to oversee and design the garden.

Package handler:- Average salary: $31,000 per year

Duties: They have to do a lot of work about loading and unloading goods from trucks and warehouses. Most of the tasks require physical strength. They have to use their attention while putting the goods in the boxes and then on the skill of putting these boxes in the trucks.

Warehouse worker:- Average salary: $32,000 per year

Duty: Similar to packer handlers, they have to do a lot of work regarding loading and unloading. They also have to keep a record of the items that are received or processed in the warehouse.

Construction worker :- Average salary: $32,000 per year

Duties: The construction worker has to perform a lot of tasks at the construction site, such as clearing hazardous and hazardous chemicals from the site, assisting the specialist, working with heavy equipment and machinery, loading and unloading materials, etc.

Carpenter :- Average salary: $45,000 per year

Duty: The most common job of a carpenter is to build uninstall structures. Most of the time they have to use their physical strength to work on highways, kitchens, and bridges.

Plumber:- Average salary: $53,000 per year

Duties: The most common job of a plumber is to maintain and install drainage and sewage systems. Sometimes they also install water heaters, pipe systems, and dishwashers.

Electrician :- Average salary: $64,000 per year

Duties: Work with electrical equipment is usually done at the beginner level. If the electrician is experienced, he or she may be requested to supervise a small team for larger projects. Their main function is to ensure equality of work.


Job, size of the job, etc. are factors on which labor requirements depend.

  • A minimum level of job experience is fine.
  • The candidate must have at least a school diploma as an educational certificate, which is required for the operation of vehicles and equipment at the construction site.
  • For the development of their career, workers undergo training for specific skills or jobs, which helps them to enhance their career and salary. This training period is a maximum of 1-3 months which is mandatory for new employees.
  • If you want to work as a laborer then you must have a certificate as it helps you to explain about your experience and ability concerning the job. If you have a certificate of working with hazardous and hazardous substances it can increase your salary and help you in your further growth.
  • Most of the common certifications that a worker can have are CCM (Certified Construction Manager), ACI (American Concrete Institute Certification), and NASP (National Association of Safety Professionals Certification). These institutions provide 15-18 types of certificates.
  • Your quality of work, amount of time, risk and safety management, salary, etc. all the above things are verified by a certificate. 


If you feel that there is no requirement to be skilled to be a normal worker and you are competing for it, there is a 99% chance that your General Laborer resume will be rejected.

If you want to work as a general worker then you have to develop skills in different sectors.

These skills are primarily related to physical strength. Such as loading, unloading, pulling, pushing, lifting, etc.

These skills are hard to follow but with the help of consistency, you can become an expert. And this skill will help you to advance your career.

The most common labor skills are physical, such as construction, demolition, construction, cleaning, loading, unloading, etc. But the skills of general labor also include teamwork, organization, time management, communication skills, etc.

Therefore, general labor requires both physical and mental skills to perform its duties.

Some of the most common skills for normal labor are:-

  1. Time Management Skills

A general worker has to perform a variety of tasks at the workplace, which may be easy or difficult, some of them will be of short time duration and some of them require a large amount of time to complete.

So it is very important for the person who wants to become a general laborer to have time management skills otherwise he will miss this opportunity which increases the chances of getting the job for other candidates.

Sometimes, general workers have to work without any kind of supervision, so they should be self-dependent and self-motivated.

For more productivity, a general worker has to complete his work with more efficiency in less time. Which helps him to become more confident, comfortable, and capable of his work.

  2. Problem Solving Approach

The problem-solving approach and critical thinking are the basic requirements of general labor.

Because most of the time the general labor has to work alone without any guidance or supervision, he must think critically about how to solve the problem to complete the assigned task.

If general labor wants to complete all his assigned tasks on time for the growth of his career then he should have critical thinking and problem-solving approach.

  3. Communication Skills

Nowadays communication skills are one of the most common skills in various jobs as it is essential to communicate well face to face as it is good at email.

Normal labor will need to know how to communicate in various ways, as they have to communicate face-to-face with a supervisor as well as a co-worker and communicate by email with other executives.

The supervisor may also request your shift report or require you to discuss a problem with your coworkers, so it will become imperative for you to have good communication skills.

  4. Technology Friendly

Communication skills are not only the skills that are common in today’s date, it is also necessary to be abreast of technology.

Being tech-friendly doesn’t mean you only know how to create an email, you must be aware of computers, smartphones, heavy vehicles, and equipment, etc because sometimes you have to use computers or heavy machinery at the workplace.

  5. Other Skills

Normal labor involves a lot of physical work so you need to be physically strong and fit. You may have to show your strength even when lifting heavy loads.

Your hand-eye coordination should be of excellent level.

If you feel that you are physically weak then do not take stress as it can be developed with hard work and consistency just like other skills.

A normal worker should be comfortable with using a variety of tools like hammer, drill, handsaw, etc. For example, he may use a hammer or drill during the demolition of infrastructure.

It will become more effective and safer for a person who already knows how to use power tools.

They must also be skilled in loading and unloading items from trucks and other containers as it requires lifting which is a physical skill.


This is the favorite part of the recruiting mint community because they want to know about the candidate in a few lines so write your objective in your resume in 2-3 lines very carefully. Your summary section will describe your experience but the objective will describe the most common skills you use in the workplace.

Different companies’ recruitment committees want different types of workers for their jobs, so before writing your General Laborer resume, first, research what kind of candidate the recruiting committee is looking for for that job. What kind of skills are needed and how can your skills be useful to them.

To make the hiring committee think you are interested in being a part of their organization, try adding the name of your organization to your resume.

Some examples of objectives:-

  1. Experienced and highly motivated general workers looking for a job at XYZ Company.

  2. Self-reliant and hardworking workers looking for production and construction-based job in XYZ Company.

  3. Excellent technical and mathematical skills as a general worker looking for a job on a construction site in XYZ Company.

Writing Guide and Resume

  1. Try to Select the Proper Resume Format

General labor includes skilled as well as non-skilled people and every company or organization have a place where manufacturing is the main task. And if you want to work in any company as a normal worker then your resume should be defined about your dedication, hard work, ability, and skill.

Your resume should be easy to read and understand if you write it in a perfect resume format.

Try to divide your General Laborer resume into different sections with the help of headlines, choose the appropriate font, use chronological templates, and don’t make your resume messy.

  2. Summary of Purpose

In this section write about your purpose regarding jobs in 2-3 lines.

It is a brief introduction to your skills and knowledge in a particular job.

This is one of the favorite parts of the recruiter, so try to explain your experiences clearly and cleverly and don’t add experiences where you failed.

Write your summary as you are new to this field yes it is quite unrealistic but it will increase the chances for the recruiter to read the whole resume.

Try to write your achievement in number form (eg:- worked as a painter 5 times), so that your resume can be different from others.

  3. Job Description

If you have any kind of experience regarding that job, try to add it to your General Laborer resume, it will increase your chances of getting hired.

Explain your experience concerning jobs in reverse order i.e. first describe your recent job experience and then go for a previous job.

Job Description Format:-

  •   job title
  •   working dates
  •   name of the company
  •   Your experience working in that company. Write in numbers.

  4. Education Section

First, write down the highest level of education you have received.

Then add your college degree.

If you don’t have a college degree, give your high school degree.

If you have other certifications, try adding them to your General Laborer resume.

  5. Skill

The job of general labor grows rapidly but with the increase in the number of jobs, the competition becomes more, resulting in thousands of candidates competing for the same job.

So if you want to work in general labor then you must be skilled and your skill section should be exceptional.

The most common skills required for normal labor are:-

  •   time management
  •   communication skills
  •   problem-solving attitude
  •   teamwork
  •   attention to detail
  •   mutual skill
  •   Adapt to working with tools and heavy machinery
  •   can lift heavy loads
  •   technical skills
  •   multitasking skills

The list above is keywords only, don’t copy-paste this list into your General Laborer resume, just add the skills you have.

Instead of using a list format for your skills, highlight your skills with relevant job experience.

  6. Add Other Sections to Your General Laborer Resume

There is no time to make a General Laborer resume unique but every candidate uses the same format as given above, so if you want your resume to stand out from others, try adding some more sections.

Such as:-

  •   Hobby
  •   certificate
  •   freelancing operation
  •   language(s) you know
  •   achievements

Pay Attention:-

Use PDF format for a General Laborer resume because it can be read quickly and easily on any device whereas in some phones and other devices the format of a word document is mismanaged.

Because the heading will be at the top, the hiring committee will read it first and leave it if it is not attractive, but if you want the hiring community to read your General Laborer resume properly, try to put your heading and your introduction paragraph attractive.


Emma,Address:- USAEmail:- @gmail.comPhone No. :- 0000000000Linkedin profile:-

Directorate general laborHave experience of working at landscaping, construction site commercial residential, etc.By implementing a new method decrease 15% time at the construction site.For more experience and learning currently working at XYZ company.

Work Experience
Construction LaborerMarch 2016–May 2018XYZ builder, New York, USA
Perform various work related to concrete.Loaded and unloaded various construction-related materials and supplied them from trucks to the construction site.Experienced In working with many tools, such as Power tools.Also performed other duties which are requested.
Achievements:-With the help of new methods decreased 15% time conception.

Landscaping LaborerJune 2014–March 2017ABC, California, USA.
Workes with various Power tools, such as trimmers, shovels, leaf blowers, etc.Why planting various flowers and plants and by removing weeds, conserved gardens.
 EducationHigh schoolGratitude by USA University

SkillsWorking with ConcreteEasily Load & UnloadAble to work with heavy toolsMultitasking SkillsCommunication skills

LanguagesFrench and English


AvaAddress:- USA,Phone number:- 000-000-0000 EMAIL:- [email protected]

After handling various responsibilities and duties at a time, get experience in multitasking.Work with great efficiency and accuracy.Easily work with heavy tools and can lift heavy loads.

Have experience of working at various labor jobs.Able to lift and work with heavy tools.Having great mathematical skills.Excellent communication skills.Quickly understand instruction and perform repetitive work.Easily follow safety guidelines.

General Labor May 2014 – March 2015XYZ Pvt .Ltd., USA
Work with heavy tools and vehicles such as trucks and trimmers.Repair and change light bulbs in the mirror when needed.After the supervisor request, perform paintings.Sometimes assist the specialist.Educate others regarding safety protocols at the workplace.

General LaborJune 2016 – July 2017ABC Co. Ltd., USA
Loaded and unloaded trucks with crates of 100 pounds.Drive heavy vehicles such as trucks, when required.Repair bulbs and a mirror at the workplace if required.Ensure cleanliness at the workplace and maintain health care services for other employees.

EducationHigh school diploma

SkillsTime managementAttention to detailsTeamwork



OliverAddress:- USA,Phone number:- 000-000-0000 EMAIL:- [email protected]

Seven years of experience as a warehouse employee.Great experience of shipping moving and receiving the merchandise.Excellent track record of working quickly and safely.

Work Experience
Warehouse General Labor May 2014 – March 2015 XYZ Pvt .Ltd., USA
Receive, restore, pick and pack product and transport with the help of trucks.Screen product’s packing for delivery. Place products at the right location after tagging.While loading and unloading items from the trucks maintained records.For transportation of item installed bracing and padding.Track the delivery from the warehouse to the delivery location.

Warehouse General LaborJune 2016 – July 2017ABC Co. Ltd., USA
Removing shipping totes and hand-loaded trucks for the final delivery to the customer. Placed products into shelves after unloading inventory.With the help of a work order recording system, maintained record accuracy and also used facility tracking. Ensure that superiors know about defective material and faulty operations.Worked under pressure without supervision. 

Warehouse General LaborAug. 2017- Oct. 2018XYZ Pvt .Ltd., USA
Wrapped and cleaned outgoing orders. Prioritize work order and jobs. To ensure accuracy, verified and counted orders.Maintained a clean healthy and safe work environment. By communicating with other shapes reviewed work order. Trained new members of the department. 

EducationHigh school diploma

SkillsTracking itemsDocumentationEquipment management Troubleshooting Inventory count 

LanguagesEnglish and German
General Laborer Resume Examples, Skills, Objective, Writing Guide

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