Fast Food Manager Resume Examples, Skills

Writing resumes are hard, but with practice and a good format, you can easily write attractive resumes that would instantly grab your recruiter’s attention. The biggest mistake that we make when writing a resume is we forget to follow the format, designed for a resume. This causes a bad impression on your recruiter. Thus today we will be discing about the correct format of writing a resume and how you can use the format to get a job as a Fast Food Manager. let us know about that the Fast Food Manager Resume Examples, Skills.

Fast Food Manager Resume Examples, Skills

The resume example will be about the job of a fast-food manager. The job of a fast-food manager is quite difficult because they need to deal with a lot of things. They need to maintain the work environment as well as satisfy the customers. This increases the overall burden on them and thus recruiters keenly examine the resume that comes to them to make the best and right decision. A fast-food manager has a lot of responsibilities like managing the outlet’s finances, looking after the customers, maintaining the administration, focusing on the health of every person, etc. All these responsibilities are quite hard to maintain and do at the same time and thus you need to structure your resume properly to get the job. 

Let’s first understand what a Fast Food Manager does and how they manage everything. 

Fast Food Manager

A fast-food manager works in a fast food outlet, restaurant, or small shop. Their main job is to maintain the outlet and all its different parts. Every outlet has a single fast-food manager who deals with everything. They focus on the customers, the employees, the workplace, the work environment, and food all at the same time. Thus they need to possess multi-tasking skills to do the job. Everyone can develop multitasking skills but it depends on the practice and time you give towards learning the skill. Women are more likely to do better in this job position because they naturally have developed the skill of multitasking.

Various things you need to manage as a fast-food manager are- 


Money is the most important factor when it comes to running an outlet. You need to manage the revenue and expenditure of the outlet and keep records of all the transactions and places where you used the money for the outlet. It could be fixing leaking taps, replacing furniture, electricity problems, etc. 

Human Resource

As a fast-food manager, you need to deal with the demands of your employees and workers to maintain a consistent work performance. When you attend to their needs their performance improves.


As a food manager, you need to work on marketing the outlet. You need to come up with strategies to spread the outlet’s information so more people visit the place and your profits increase. You can use differ t ways to market the outlet and it completely depends on you whether you want to market the outlet or not.


As a food manager, all the outlets’ administrative operations need to be done by you. You are also responsible to make the atmosphere a better place for your customers. You need to keep a track of all the work going on in the outlet.


The most important thing you need to look after is sales. As a fast-food manager, you need to make sure that the product or food you are selling has the best quality and is priced moderately. This will help you sell better and make more prints from it.

These are various things you need to manage as a fast-food manager. Your work is all over the place, and, thus multitasking is important and you need to have it in your life.

How To Write A Fast Food Manager’s Resume? 

To get the job you need to write your resume properly and systematically.  It should be understandable.  When you write your resume the correct way, your chances of getting the job get higher. Every resume passes through an applicant tracking system that helps the recruiters to filter out the best resumes. When you don’t follow the pattern designed to write a resume, the tracking system wouldn’t recognize your resume and it would get removed before it even reaches the recruiter. Thus, following the set pattern is important.

Before giving an example for the resume let’s first understand the common format in which a resume is written. Every resume follows the same set of formats so you don’t need to worry. You need to work on building a resume that is similar to the format of a resume to pass through the applicant tracking system. The most popular format for the year 2021 is the reverse chronological format, and, thus we will talk about it here. 

The correct reverse chronological format to write a resume is as follows- 

  • On the top left-hand side, you need to paste your photo. Besides the photo, you need to write your full name.
  • Below your name you need to write your profession or the position you have applied for. Underline this and just below it describe your job and your abilities. This area needs to be covered by using examples from your own life. You can describe yourself and what your working style is. You then need to explain the number of years you have worked. Cover it in four to five lines about yourself and how you deal with things.
  • Start a new line. On the left-hand side, you need to mention your phone number and email just below your photo. This step is really important as it will help the recruiter contact you easily. 
  • Just below your email and phone number you need to mention the following things-
  1.  Location
  2. Address
  3. Zipcode
  4. LinkedIn profile
  5. Other professional social media sites where the recruiter, the employer can contact you.
  • After writing it in a print format, you can write about your work experience just beside the above information that you note. This section is the most important, and thus you need to keep your writing simple and short. Keeping it short will help you add your other skills and experience as well.
  • On the left-hand side just below, where you mentioned your social media handles, you can now mention your skills related to the job. Skills matter a lot and thus you need to present them perfectly to get the actual job. These skills need to be written in a pointwise format. 
  • After writing your skills just beside it you can write about your success rate and objective. Here you can discuss your contributions to the company and where you helped the company. This part will help the recruiter understand whether you can do the work or not.
  • Below the technical skills section, you need to write your interests. They don’t need to be related to the job you are applying for. They can vary. 
  • Besides this, you need to write about the different courses and training you participated in. It will help them understand your knowledge which is quite important in today’s world.
  • Finally, you can write about your education. Mention the college or university you completed your studies in.  Mention the commencement of the course and the end of the course.  At last mention the place from where you graduated and the course you did. 

To understand this format better you can refer to the following image. It’s a perfect example of a reverse chronological resume. In the resume example given below, the only difference is in the skill section. The person has mentioned the different languages he can code, the database, software he can use, frameworks, and web app services. . All of this is similar to skills but you can even divide your skills into sup topics to show the recruiter your competence.

Fast Food Manager Resume Example

Now we will focus on the fast-food manager resume.  Here is an example, of how you can write a resume in the reverse chronological way which is the most popular way of writing a resume for 2021. The example provided here is only for reference and modifications need to be done to use it for application purposes.

The below-mentioned resume is not in the correct reverse chronological way because of the spacing issue. But you can refer to the image to understand how a resume needs to be written. The image has the correct representation of a reverse chronological resume.   

Pablo Gunnies 

Fast Food Manager 

Am the perfect individual, with the best management and culinary experiences. Have a keen interest in food and can give the best hospitality to the customers. An experienced financial manager and host who can control the outlet and understands the different types of guests and customers that come to the outlet.

Email: [email protected]


LinkedIn Profile:

Work Experience 

Mini’s Hot Dog

Worked as a fast-food manager

in Mini’s Hot Dogs. The basic responsibilities in the job included looking after the operations, finances, managing customers, and ensuring their good quality food. Leading from the front in charge worked with other teams very closely. Needed to maintain the hygiene of the place. Currently looking for a fast-food manager post in a reputable fast food outlet. 

(You can write more than one experience ) 


  • Food and Beverage Management 
  • Quality Content 
  • Inventory Control
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Franchise Operations
  • Schedules and Rosters
  • Order Monitoring 
  • Cash Flow Management

Courses and Training 

  • Management Course 
  • 2018-2019
  • Culinary course
  • 2019-2020
  • Professional Outlet Training 
  • 2015-2016


  • Bachelors in Culinary and Food Management from Guardian College, London. 


  • Masters in Food Management from Harvard


This is a simple example of a resume that you can use to frame the perfect resume. You don’t need to follow the chronological order mentioned here and you can mismatch according to your wish. It’s really important to mention your phone number, email, social media handles, and other contact details. This will help the recruiter find you easily.

Here we saw an example of how you can write a resume on your own. But if you are still stuck at the stage where you don’t know what you should mention in your skills and objective from a fast-food manager perspective then no need to worry. Let’s now understand how and what you can write the skills and objectives for your resume.

Skills in Resume

Writing your skills in a resume can be hard sometimes. You need to be experienced to understand what skills you possess and how you can write them down on paper. There are certain rules that you need to follow to write your skills in your resume. These rules are as follows- 

Keep your skills limited to the position you are applying for

This means trying to understand the position you are applying for and then deciding which skills will look better on your resume compared to the following position. Here you need to apply for a fast-food manager position so you write about management skills, empathy, interpersonal skills, finances, and records. Mentioning such skills will help you get the job easily.

Divide your skill section

Try to divide your different skills into different skill sections by creating subtopics in your resume. This will help the recruiter understand your skills in a better manner as they wouldn’t get confused by so many skills. Thus divide them properly. To apply for the job position of a fast-food manager you can divide your skills into the following subtopics –  

  • Finance- This section can include how you manage cash, records you keep, cash flow management, front desk management, etc.
  • Operations- Here you can mention all the administrative work you need to do as a fast-food manager. Management of the kitchen, looking after customers’ needs, providing good food, etc. 
  • Marketing- Here you can mention the strategies you have been using to market the place. This can be by providing offers to the customers, gifts to them, Instagram mention treat, and marketing through customers, co-workers, etc.

These are some of the sub-topics that you need to include in your skills as a fast food manager.

Now let’s understand certain skill sets you need to become a successful fast-food manager. These skills will give you an idea about your skillset and will help you present it in your resume. 

The various skills you can include in your resume include-

Good at customer service

As a fast-food manager, you need to be good at satisfying your customer’s needs and wants. You need to communicate with them in a healthy and friendly manner, which will motivate the customer to visit the outlet again. You need to hear the customer’s grievances and try to solve them. This will help the outlet to sincere their profits as customers would love to visit the outlet or franchise.

Good communication skills

As a fast-food manager, you need to be good with people and know how to communicate with the employees as well as the customers.  Good communication skills will help you lead the outlet and will increase the work performance of the employees. On the other hand, you need communication skills to understand your customers’ problems.

Leadership skills

As a fast-food manager, you need to be good at leading others and helping them find a way. You can help your employees by solving their problems and giving them chances to improve their work. A leader doesn’t use their power to control others, instead use it for others’ benefit. Thus, you need to learn this skill to understand others and help them in their work.

Quick Learner

As a fast-food manager, you need to be a quick learner because the job of a fast-food manager is quite hard and time-consuming. You need to deal with a lot of things, and thus you cannot learn them slowly and then do your job. You need to be good at learning these skills quickly, as it will help you learn in your job and take over the control of the outlet. 


As a fast-food manager, you need to be good at multi-tasking, and have a lot of mental strength, to carry out your activities effectively. This will allow you to handle different things at the same time and become good at managing the outlet. A fast-food manager needs to handle things like finances, operations, sales, etc. all at the same time. Thus you need to be good at multitasking.


As a fast-food manager, you need to have good strength and stamina to get going throughout the day. You need to work for long hours without any breaks. This can easily cause frustrations in your life, thus resilience is an important skill that can help you get through the whole day without bursting it on anyone. 

Problem Solving

As a fast-food manager, you need to be good at solving various problems. You never know what type of problems you might face when you are working in an organization and thus you need to be good at solving every type of problem. Solving those problems needs to be done quickly. Mentioning this skill in your resume is important.

These are some of the skills that you can mention in your resume by looking at the position you are applying for.

Objective in Resume

Every resume is supposed to have a catchy objective that will attract the employer of recruiters towards your resume. An objective is often written at the starting of a resume and acts as a statement that is meant to impress the reader. It’s written in a simple language and is not more than thirty to fifty words but explains the person completely. Thus you need to learn how you can write an impressive objective that can help you grab the employer’s attention quickly.

There are certain common ways to write an objective and you need to follow them perfectly to produce a perfect resume. These rules or steps need to be followed when writing an objective. They will help you attract the employer’s attention easily even before you get called for the interview. 

The steps you need to follow while writing a resume includes- 

  • Start with a strong trait- When you are writing your objective, start by including your best skill or trait first so that you can grab your employer’s attention. Keep them hooked to the objective by revealing more about you in the order of most desirable traits to the least desirable traits.
  • Keep it short- An objective is not meant to be more than 50 words and thus don’t write essays and summaries describing your life. You should keep it short and precise. Everything you write in this section needs to be precise and on point. 
  • Avoid first-person pronouns- While writing your resume avoid using first-person pronouns in your objective. Even throughout the resume, you need to avoid using first-personal pronouns like we, us, ourselves, etc.

Let’s try to understand what you should include in your objective to make it a perfect objective. 

The various things you can include are as follows-

  • Education- Every job requires you to be educated in some field or the other. You can include your education in the objective and describe it if you have pursued any higher degrees. High school diplomas do count as education but it’s better to keep it out of the objective area.
  • Soft skills- The second thing you need to include in your objective is soft skills. These are important skills that every individual needs to possess to get a job. Certain soft skills you can mention in your objective include punctuality, communication skills, quick learner, and good presentation skills.
  • Your photograph- Just beside or above your objective you can include your photograph, to give the resume a personalized touch. Your photograph will help the recruiter imagine you while reading the resume.
  • Company-related objective- Try to research the company and include the company’s objective in your objective. Don’t try to copy the objective, give it an individualistic touch and make it sound singular instead of plural. 

These are some things you can include in your objective to make it perfect and impressive.


Getting a job in a fast-food outlet can be hard, but with proper guidance and practice, you can ace it. If you are planning to apply for a job position in any of the fast-food outlets then you should follow the rules and steps mentioned above to write the perfect resume. It will surely increase your chance of getting the job.

Fast Food Manager Resume Examples, Skills

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