Customer Sales Representative Resume-Know More

A resume is a concise document that displays your educational qualifications, work experience, accomplishments, and skills to hiring managers. The resume is a crucial and compulsory document in the job application process for the role of a customer sales representative. A well-written resume will boost your job application and put you ahead of other applicants. let us know more about that the Customer Sales Representative Resume-Know More.

Customer Sales Representative Resume-Know More

Important Skills For A Customer Sales Representative Job

There are several skills customer sales representatives need to do their work effectively. These skills can be grouped into soft and hard skills. Some soft skills required to become a sales representative are the following.

Effective communication skills

Sales representatives need to converse clearly with customers to convey information without any confusion. Sales representatives should straightforwardly answer customers’ questions without any deviations in the topic. On top of that, they should ensure that they are audible and that they are speaking in a pleasant and positive tone with the customers. This will ensure good customer service.

Additionally, sales representatives need to put effort into building a good professional relationship with the customers so that they would be encouraged to return to the company to purchase their goods or services again.

Persuasion Skills

Usually, many customers might be reluctant and doubtful about buying a product or service at first. Sales representatives need to use their persuasive skills to convince the customers that they need the product or service in their lives and that they are getting a good deal. You can achieve this by using storytelling skills. This will encourage the customers to buy the goods or services the company is selling. 


Sales representatives need to have empathy so that they can understand the customer’s situation and try to help them accordingly. Customers like sales representatives who listen to their problems, doubts, or requirements attentively and try to emphasize with them. Furthermore, sales representatives should be patient with customers when they express dissatisfaction about a product, instead of becoming angry with them. This will make the customer service meaningful and engaging such that customers will be more inclined to purchase the goods or services of the company.

Quick thinking

The work of a sales representative is varied, and no phone call is the same. As such, sales representatives need to adapt to changes in their work fast and think on their feet to come up with solutions to problems that arise suddenly to ensure customer satisfaction.


Customers prefer sales representatives who are responsible and put in extra effort to help them meet their needs. Responsible sales representatives try to solve problems they encounter instead of transferring the call to someone else. On top of that, customers like sales representatives who admit any mistakes they have made and try to rectify them as soon as possible.

Teamwork Skills

Sales representatives need to work well in a team together with their coworkers to come up with sales strategies and implement them successfully.

Negotiation Skills

In certain sales, there is some negotiation to be done between the sales representatives and the customers. As such, sales representatives need to effectively negotiate such that they are selling the product for a good price and at the same time they make the customers feel that they are getting a good deal.

Client Acquisition Skills

As a sales representative, it is important to know how to identify prospective customers who are interested in the products or services your company is selling. This skill is useful for you to increase your sales record.

Organizational skills

As a sales representative, you may need to manage several client accounts and process business transactions. As such, you need to keep all your work organized so that you would not commit any careless mistakes which may cost the company a lot of money.

Some hard skills required to become customer sales representatives are the following.

Knowledge of industry and the products

Sales representatives need to have a working understanding of how the field they are working in works. Additionally, they need to know about all the specifications of the products they are selling so that they can answer the customers’ doubts effectively and sell the goods successfully. This knowledge can be obtained through an educational qualification in the field such as a bachelor’s degree or through internships in the field.

Research skills

As a customer sales representative, you may need to research the current market trends for the products or services your company is selling, current suppliers, as well as competitors’ sales products and sales tactics. This research will be useful for revising or planning sales strategies to improve the quality of interaction with customers and boost sales.

Computer skills

Since in the 21st century, most sales are occurring or documented digitally, basic computer skills are a must for people intending to become customer sales representatives. These skills include Microsoft suite skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), how to surf the web, how to write formal business emails. The more computer skills you have, the bigger the advantage you will have over other applicants for the same job position.

Social Media Skills

Nowadays, a lot of sales are happening online on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. As such, you need to be well-versed in the ins and outs of various social media platforms to actively engage with potential customers online to increase sales.

Proficiency in the languages used for business by the company

You need to master both speaking and writing skills in the languages that the company operates to qualify for the job. This is because you need to be well-versed in the languages to understand what the customers are saying and converse effectively with them.

Conflict Solving Skills

Conflict solving skills are essential for sales representatives. This is because sales representatives encounter rude or angry customers every day. Sales representatives should not pick fights with the customers, which will destroy the relationship between the customers and the company, causing the company to lose sales. They should instead try to resolve any conflicts with customers respectfully and calmly so that the relationship between the customers and the company is not negatively affected.

Sales presentations

As a sales executive, you will be required to give sales presentations regularly. As such, you need to know how to create presentations on tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, and Keynote. Additionally, you need to know how to make your presentations interesting by creating engaging visuals which effectively convey your intended message to your audience. On top of that, you also need to have good public speaking skills to give a good sales presentation. For B2B sales representatives, creating an interesting and convincing demo is an extremely important skill.

Format Of Customer Sales Representative’s Resume

The length of a good resume ranges from one to two pages, depending on the amount of work experience the applicant has. If the applicant is a fresh graduate with little work experience, then a resume of one page is sufficient. There are five components in a customer sales representative’s resume. 

Component 1: Contact Information

You should provide the following contact details in the resume so that the hiring manager can contact you for additional information if required.

  • Your full name
  • Your Phone number
  • Your email
  • Option items: Your address and links to online profiles such as LinkedIn or a portfolio

Component 2: Introduction

There are different types of introductions for fresh graduates and professionals with several years of working experience. 

  • For fresh graduates: resume objective

In a resume objective, you need to explain how the knowledge and skills you have gained in your education and internships will help the company to achieve its goals.

  • For professionals with some years of work experience: 
  • Executive resume summary

An executive summary is a small description of your achievements at work.

  • Summary Of Qualifications

It is a summary of your best professional achievements and impressive skills.

Component 3: Work Experience

This section should be the largest in your resume. You should list all your work and internship experiences in chronological order, starting with your most recent work experience first. For each work experience, you should include the following items.

  • Name of the company
  • Location of the company
  • Duration of your time in the job position
  • Skills you have learned or honed during this period
  • Any accomplishments in your work during this period

Component 4: Skills

In this component, you should include a mix of soft skills such as communication skills and teamwork skills, and hard skills such as programming skills and computer skills. This shows that you are a well-educated applicant with skills in different areas. Additionally, ensure that all the skills you list are relevant to the role of customer sales representative you are applying to. You can find out what skills a company is looking for by reading the requirements section of the job posting carefully. Ensure that you list all the skills you have that are mentioned in the job posting.

Component 5: Educational Qualifications

In this component, you should list your educational qualifications in chronological order starting with your most recent qualification first. For each education qualification you list, include the following items.

  • Type of qualification
  • Grades if you obtained high grades (E.G. GPA equal to or higher than 3.5)
  • Name of institution and location
  • Start and end dates of course

You can also add details about your involvement in co-curricular activities and any academic awards you received.

Additional sections: If you don’t have sufficient relevant work experience, you can add things such as training, certifications, and licenses you have. Additionally, you can include the languages you have learned and other awards you have received.

You can choose to create your resume from scratch using software such as Microsoft office. Alternatively, you can use readymade online free templates such as the templates found in Canva, which would make crafting your resume much easier. If you are having difficulties in writing your resume on your own, you can choose to get experienced resume writers online to write your resume for you for a fee.

Resume Objectives For Role Of Customer Sales Representative

There are several types of resume objectives you can write to apply for the job position of customer sales representative based on whether you are a fresh graduate or have years of work experience. Some examples of resume objectives that experienced applicants can use are listed below.

  • Secure a sales position at (name of company) where I can use my effective communication and negotiation skills and sales experience to achieve and exceed company sales targets.
  • Seeking a challenging customer sales job that enables me to use my critical thinking and problem-solving skills to fulfill the company’s goals.
  • Obtain a fast-paced sales executive position that enables me to use my strong time-management skills and customer service experience.
  • Seeking a job role as an effective team player in a customer-oriented company where I can use my years of sales experience to achieve company sales goals in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Secure a sales job that focuses on generating new and effective sales strategies and implementing them to meet and exceed sales targets and achieve higher customer satisfaction.
  • Obtain a sales and customer service job to use work experience and my communication skills to improve customer interaction and satisfaction in the company.

Examples of resume objectives that fresh graduates can use are

  • To attain a job with (name of company) that has a conducive and supportive working environment to develop my skills and come up with new ideas to improve sales processes in the company.
  • Seeking an entry-level customer sales position where I can utilize my skills such as communication and negotiation skills as well as my retail sales internship experiences to increase the growth of the company.
  • Recent graduate with retail internship experience seeking an entry-level customer sales representative position to kickstart my career in sales.
  • Highly motivated and goal-oriented professional with a bachelor’s degree looking for an engaging customer sales representative position at (name of company) that enables me to use my managerial skills and academic knowledge.
  • Seeking a sales job which will be an excellent starting point for my career in sales and requires me to use my time management skills, teamwork capabilities, and knowledge of sales.

Responsibilities of customer sales representatives

Sales executives have several work responsibilities. These responsibilities depend on the industry they work in, and the type of product or services they are selling. Some common responsibilities are listed below.

  • Selling products or services 
  • Fulfilling customers’ needs
  • Creating sales presentations 
  • Improving sales strategies based on current sales performance
  • Working with sales team to implement sales strategies
  • Maintaining and updating of sales records
  • Giving suggestions for changes in goods or services by analyzing current sales performance and competition in the market.

Addressing complaints by customers by looking into them and coming up with effective solutions

  • Ensuring that knowledge base about products and services are up to date by attending educational seminars and training and networking through the company’s networks.
  • Analyzing the market for current competitors and their new products, services, incentives, and promotions.
  • Regularly updating the upper management through daily reports, weekly plans, activity logs, and calls.

Example Of An Experienced Professional’s Basic Resume For The Role Of Customer Sales Representative

Charlotte Williams
6789 Holland Village, New York, NY 20008 •   [email protected] • (634) 281-4569
Professional Summary
Personable and dedicated Sales Executive with 6+ years of experience in sales and customer support, as well as client acquisition. At Starlab Inc, increased sales of foundation by 40%. The employee of the month at Skylight Inc for excelling sales targets. Possess a 1st class Honours degree in BA Business and Management and a Professional in Sales certification.
Professional Experience
Customer Sales RepresentativeStarlab Inc., California, CANovember 2017 – Present 
Achieved and exceeded sales goals by 40% by using a prescribed selling strategy.Implemented campaigns and promotions to obtain 50 new clients in three months.Identified key high-traffic, consumer-centric locations, and events to deliver brand awareness and implemented team test-driving experiences.Improved social media content documenting the brand’s impact on the market. Communicated product value, quality, and style to educate and entice potential customers.Implemented CRM tools to engage and retain existing clients 
Sales Executive  Skylight Inc, Boston, MAOctober 2011 – July 2017
Completed floor sets, filled floor, and rang up customers.Engaged, educated, and befriended customers to deliver an amazing shopping experience.Assisted with daily opening and closing tasks to maintain a clean, neat, and professional store.Showed an understanding of customers’ style and preferences when offering product advice.Conducted field recruiting at industry events to expand brand presence.

NYU, New York, NYBachelor of Arts in Business and Management3.7 GPAHead of English Debate SocietyJuly 2007- July 2011
Skills & Certifications
Customer relationship management (CRM)Consultative selling skills (CSS)Field SalesRetail salesAfter Sales SupportCustomer Prospecting & RetentionMicrosoft Office Suite Strategic sales strategiesGoogle AnalyticsInfluential negotiation skillsEffective communication skillsPublic speaking skills 

Example Of A Fresh Graduate’s Basic Resume For The Role Of Customer Sales Representative

Since fresh graduates do not have much sales experience, they should elaborate on their educational qualifications and add additional sections such as Languages to boost their resume for entry-level sales positions.

Amanda Gilbert
1457 Milford Street, California, CA 20007 •   [email protected] • (734) 286-4567
Professional Summary
Passionate jobseeker with strong communication and organizational skills, eager to secure a full-time job in the sales sector that offers professional challenges utilizing interpersonal skills, excellent time management, and problem-solving skills.
Internship Experience
Customer Sales InternAllstar Inc., California, CANovember 2017 – Present 
Increased brand awareness through event marketing, demonstrations, sales, and brand promotion.Created effective posts on social media to promote Allstar’s products.Collaborated with Sales team to engage large crowds and increase brand awareness through sales events and campaigns.Analyzed the reach of the company on social media platforms and contributed to improving social media content to advertise the company’s products.Conceptualized and planned marketing strategies to increase client acquisition and retain existing clients.
California, CA                                                                                                                                    July 2014 – July 2017Bachelor of Arts in Finance3.8 GPAPresident Of Student Council
Pioneer Junior College, California, CA                                                                                      January 2013 – December 2014GCE A-Levels | Science stream  Head of the student councilMember of Modern Dance Society Awarded a gold medal in the individual writing section of Worlds Scholar Cup 2014Awarded Distinction Award in Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Modern Dance
Skills & Certifications
Skilled with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)Financial modelingBusiness Report WritingSales Strategy implementationSearch Engine OptimizationEffective negotiation skillsEffective communication skillsPublic speaking skillsGood teamwork capabilitiesGood time management 
English: spoken & written proficiencyFrench: Spoken proficiencyPortuguese: Spoken proficiency


A resume is a vital part of the job application process for the role of customer sales representative. As such, a proper format must be used for the resume, and it should be thoroughly checked to ensure perfection. An impressive resume will help you to create a good impression on the hiring manager and secure an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a career in customer sales worth it?
If you have an outgoing personality and enjoy interacting with others, then a career in sales is suitable for you and worth pursuing. A sales job is interesting and fulfilling according to the reviews of many sales representatives online. On top of that, a job in sales has a high earning potential due to commissions. Additionally, a job in sales might even enable you to have flexible working hours and the option to work remotely.
Is the job of a customer sales representative stressful?According to an online survey conducted by PayScale, sales jobs are the second most stressful jobs. This shows that many sales jobs can be quite stressful. The stress is arising from things such as the pressure of having to meet sales targets within the stipulated deadlines and ensuring a high customer satisfaction rate. This stress can be either positive or negative depending on how you deal with it. A healthy amount of stress is beneficial for sales representatives to be motivated to work hard and achieve their career goals.
Customer Sales Representative Resume-Know More

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