Administrative Support Assistant Resume Examples, Skills, Objective, Writing Guide

An administrative support assistant is a person who successfully directs and assists in managing the functions of an organization or workplace. One of the most important skills of an administrative support assistant is time management. They also have to work with customers and with the members of the workplace to plan meetings. And they also have to give indications about the meetings, to the clients They will also have to fill the form, which is going to be sent to other offices. He should have a database for the organization and update it regularly. He also has to ensure the needs of the members of the workplace so that they can work effectively. Not only these responsibilities, but he also has to look after the task of the member of the workplace and have to maintain his record for the higher management. In addition to all these duties, he can also give reviews on how to enhance or maintain workplace performance. Lets see Administrative Support Assistant Resume Examples, Skills, Objective, Writing Guide.

Administrative Support Assistant Resume Examples, Skills, Objective, Writing Guide

To get a job as an administrative support assistant, you must have a Bachelor’s degree or Associate’s degree. Oral and written communication skills, as well as time management skills, are mandatory for this job. Since they have to do numerous tasks at a time, they have to multitask by which they can organize easily and communicate well with other members of the workplace. They should be friendly with working in different areas and with government processes by which they can help their organization with legal advice. His communication skills should be next level as he has to connect with his clients through phone calls and emails. Overall, he is the central soul of the entire organization.

Administrative Assistant Duties:

  • He has to take care of phone calls and sometimes even manage them.
  • He is responsible for scheduling the meeting.
  • He has to ensure that the contact list of the customers is updated regularly.
  • He has to prepare and distribute letters and forms among the members of the workplace.
  • We have to make a filling system.
  • He has to maintain a regular schedule.
  • He meets the needs of the members of the workplace by ordering office supplies, making travel arrangements, etc.
  • We need to recheck and submit the Annual Expenditure Report.
  • He imparts knowledge to the visitors regarding their queries.
  • It is his responsibility to do research and make a presentation.
  • He has to keep various types of reports for the higher management.
  • It’s his responsibility to prepare reports on many items and submit them to the higher department.
  • He has to maintain an administrative department by recruiting and training new members.
  • For the growth of the organization he has to pay attention to the maintenance of old equipment as well as to adopting new technology.
  • He has to ensure that there is the required amount of medical aid and supplies which are required in case of an accident at the workplace.
  • He organized training workshops from time to time and ensured that every member of the workplace participates for the development of their knowledge.
  • It is his responsibility to do small work like typing, copying, scanning, etc.
  • It is his responsibility to organize the travel of the seniors. Such as booking rooms, taxis, etc.
  • If workplace members are unable to mail, it will be the duty of the Administrative Support Assistant to mail customers in their place.
  • He may work in place of the receptionist if he is not.
  • It is his responsibility to take care that confidential information is not leaked.
  • He has to answer mail, call, and face-to-face meeting if necessary.
  • All problems regarding administration are his problem therefore he has to solve them.
  • He will maintain the record of attendance and leave of the employees.

  Administrative Assistant Requirements:

  • He must have time management abilities.
  • He/she should be multitasking and should be able to distinguish between tasks as per priority.
  • He should be an active listener and have a problem-solving attitude.
  • He has to maintain relationships between seniors, juniors, and clients. Therefore he must have excellent communication skills.
  • He must have a top level of leadership skills because he is not only responsible for organizing his department, but he has to organize the entire workplace.
  • He/she should have at least five years of experience as an Admin or Administrative Support Assistant.
  • For educational qualification, a school diploma is accepted but a bachelor’s degree is preferred.


Almost every company is looking for the right candidate for an Administrative Support Assistant, so being proficient has become very important for the person who wants to become an Administrative Support Assistant.

Developing skills for an administrative support assistant requires lot of time and practice to put in resume.

An administrative support assistant is a frontline personality who deals with customers by direct mail, phone calls, or face-to-face.

In other words, we can see that an Administrative Support Assistant is the central soul of business for a company.

The administrative support assistant is responsible for the growth of the company, as he has to do everything from copying, scanning to scheduling meetings.

Because the administrative support assistant is one of the most important parts of the business, he or she must have a clear mindset for the growth of the company.

The most important abilities to develop for Administrative support assistant are :

1. Communication Skills 

Written communication 

  • Communication is one of the most important and needed skills in almost every field. 
  • Any type of communication requires skills such as in the mail, while making phone calls, or in face-to-face conversations. 
  • Strong written communication skills can be very helpful for a company to make a good impression on the client. 
  • If a person wants to develop good written communication skills, administrative support assistants have to use correct words, good grammar, correct tone according to the situation in his/her text.

Verbal communication 

  • Because administrative support assistants direct and manage work in their department and oversee the entire organization, they must have good verbal communication skills.
  • During a face-to-face meeting, the administrative support assistant can simply turn the customer into a regular customer by good oral communication skills.
  • They also have to maintain relationships between clients and members of the workplace and occasionally receive phone calls, so verbal communication skills become one of the most important skills for them.

If you are working in a company in the position of administrative support assistant and you want that the company to trust you as the representative of all the employees as well as of the whole company, then you will need good communication skills. 

If you have good communication skills as well as a problem-solving attitude, then nothing can stop you from achieving success.

2. Planning

  • Planning is one of the essential skills, for the person who sits on a chair in the office while working. 
  • Administrative assistants have to do a lot of tasks in a day, so they use the power of planning by scheduling their day a week in advance to work effectively.
  • Sometimes they keep a hard copy or a soft copy of their current goals.
  • It is not just about organizing an administrative assistant but more about organizing the entire workplace, co-workers, events, training campaigns, workshops, etc.
  • It makes Administrative support assistants a source of energy for the entire workplace.

3. Time management

  • Time management is a skill that helps a person to achieve his desired goal within a given time.
  • This skill is very useful in managing and using your time effectively.
  • Administrative support assistants have a lot of work to do, so they manage their time to work productively and complete them before the deadline.
  • Those individuals who use time management skills effectively are very powerful. They can complete their work before the deadline, they can adjust their priorities according to the situation, they are punctual and they can make the whole day productive.
  • Because the time of administrative support assistant is divided among different departments of the company, he has to follow time management otherwise he can ruin not only his productivity but also the productivity of the entire workplace.
  • If a person wants to develop his time management skills, then he must arrange his work according to priority to work effectively.

4. Attention to detail

  • You can complete your work ahead of time, check for spelling and grammatical mistakes in the text, you can spot the missing details only if you pay attention to them.
  • There are a lot of details in office work like email id, phone number, names of customers, etc. And it is difficult to remember all these details, but it can be possible only if the person will pay attention to the details.
  • The administrative support assistant have to receive many emails, phone calls, face-to-face meetings in their daily routine. So it becomes imperative for the administrative support assistant to pay attention to the details.

5. Problem-solving attitude

  • People in the business line have to face different types of problems and challenges every day, so it is more important to have an attitude to solve the problem.
  • A successful administrative assistant tackles his day-to-day problems because he has a problem-solving attitude. They solve the problem with creative thinking and quick action.
  • A good administrative assistant works in collaboration with his department, because he knows that working in a corporation, automatically solves many problems.
  • One must describe a problem to the most trusted people for the development of a problem-solving approach.

6. Technology

  • People have to adapt to the new technology, mainly for that person who works on computers most of the time.
  • An Administrative Support Assistant should be friendly with the most commonly used tools like MS Word, MS Office, Spreadsheet, etc. Must know a little bit about Systems to input data.
  • Administrative support assistants should also be aware of the hardware they are using by which they can upgrade their working systems for greater productivity.

7. Resourcefulness

  • The administrative support assistant has to work alone without any technical support and no help, so he should be productive at that time as well.
  • Situations are not always the same, but in business, it changes rapidly, so an administrative assistant should be friendly with things like this.
  • He should be multitasking, so that he can do more than one task at a time.


Resume objectives are 2-3 line statements that describe your future goals.

The purpose of a resume is to tell the recruiter about the candidate quickly and directly.

If the recruiter likes the objectives, then he/she directly sends his/her resume to the higher officials, so we should prepare the objective in our resume in the best possible way.

To write a strong persuasive objective requires a lot of practice but the good news is that it is a skill that we can learn.


  • Highly skilled in system development and data management
  • Strong background and drafting document.
  • Proven ability in accounting, organization, and attention to detail.
  • Well-developed office system and processes.

Writing guide and Resume

The resume of the Administrative support assistant must be clean, clear, simple and professional.

The work of the Administrative support assistant is to organize the whole workplace, so he has to display his organizational skills in his resume.

Whatever introduction you use should be engaging and should include your skills and experience related to the job.

How to write your resume if you are not experienced in the job:-

RIGHTEmail writing skills experience, planning and have excellent communication.Looking for an administrative support assistant job, to enhance my communication skills and experience.WRONGWant to prove my skills as an Administrative Support Assistant. hardworking and self-dependent

Both examples are written by the same personality who wants to work to gain experience and was an intern at the time.

In the correct example, it is about the experiences he gained from freelancing and internships.

Your resume should tell only about your skills and experiences.

Resume for an Experienced Administrative Support Assistant:-

RIGHT Five years experience as Administrative Support Assistant in Resume and also Degree in Accounts.Can easily plan travel for executive while working.Replace various defects at the previous workplace.Increased productivity by 5% for the organization WRONGWorked as Administrative Support Assistant.Perform routine duties with ease.Have great multitasking skills.

The hiring committee may want to call the first person because they talked more about their experience with the job.

The first person mentioned their experiences, tasks, and results in their previous job, so there is no need to talk about their skills like multitasking.

The second resume is fine, but not as impressive as the first resume because in the second resume person does not talk about his/her experience, tasks, and result, he focuses more on his/her skills.

Administrative support assistantThe food company, November 2015-December 2019 
The company relied on me to make travel arrangements and conduct workshops with a budget of $200,000.Recruited and trained new members of the department for the betterment of the organization.Retained old equipment and ordered new technical equipment to increase production.
AchievementsMaintain a healthy buyer-seller relationship, that converted them into regular customers.After chatting with customers, the company saved $7000.
Administrative support assistant Beverage company, October 2017-January 2020 
Made travel arrangementMade invoicesSupplied equipment 

Can you see what is the difference between the two types of resumes mentioned above if not, then first let me explain?

The hiring committee tends to work with the first person instead of the second because the second person displayed the duties of an administrative support assistant in their resume. While the first person spoke about their experience related to their previous job.

The recruiting committee knows what the duties of an administrative support assistant are, but they want a person who can perform these duties.

How to write a resume for an administrative support assistant:-

Contact information 

Quickly enter your contact information and try to add alternate ways to connect like phone number, email, address, etc. to make it easier to get in touch with you.

If you have a website or LinkedIn profile, add that too, as it makes a professional impression.


This is the most important part of the resume.

In this section, you are going to tell them about your experience and skills in this field.

Here you have to explain how you are going to be motivated while working and how your skills can be useful for the productivity of the company.

Explain how you can work alone and be productive without any kind of supervision.

Try to explain how you function in stressful situations.


The recruiter committee wants to hire a person who has hard skills as well as soft skills so that the person can be fruitful to the company.

The most common hard skills and soft skills are:-

Hard skills:
Database managementSupply managementCalendar managementData entryRecord managementMicrosoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OutlookWordPressSearch engine optimization
Soft Skills:
Problem-solving attitudeAttention to detailPlanningCommunication skillsMultitaskingMotivational attitude 

Education Section

What do you think, you need to be highly qualified to work as an administrative support assistant, but you do not need to be highly qualified for this job.

A school diploma is considered fine, but a bachelor’s degree is preferred for this job.


  • Do not add to your day-to-day work.
  • Describe your accomplishments instead of responsibilities
  • Try adding more numbers to your achievements and experiences.
  • Which method did you adopt to save money and time?
  • Explain how you found the problem, what action you took, and the consequences.


Name:- William E-mail id:[email protected]Phone No.:- 0000000000Address:- USA 

Objective:- Proven communication skills and technical skills

Working experience Work experience of 6 years.

Administrative support assistant,California ABC company, October 2013-December 2015Increased productivity by 10% for the companyMaintain a great buyer-seller relationship that turned them into regular clients.

Administrative support assistant,Chicago ABC company, February 2015-December 2016
The company trusted me to make travel arrangements and conduct workshops that have a budget of $200,000.After talking with customers, the company saved $7000.

Administrative support assistant,Houston ABC company, January 2017-November 2019 
Recruited and trained new members of the workplace for the betterment of the organization.Solved various defects at the previous workplace.

Hard skills:
Database managementSupply managementData entryRecord managementMicrosoft Word, Excel, PowerpointSoft Skills:
Problem-solving attitudeAttention to detailPlanningCommunication skills

Education QualificationsBachelor’s in accounting 


Hance Administrative Support Assistant is very efficient in his work and is very important for the growth of a company. So you should write your resume carefully.

I know you are a qualified candidate for an Administrative Support Assistant and all you have to do is prove it to the recruiter.

Good Luck.

Frequently asked questions:-

Q. What are the qualifications do you need to be an administrative support assistant?

Ans. Qualifications which are needed to be an administrative support assistant are:- are

He/she should have a school diploma degree or general education degree.

He/she should have at least 2-5 years of work experience.

He should be friendly with common tools like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Outlet, etc.

He must have excellent communication skills, time management skills, interpersonal skills, etc.

He must be multitasking.

He needs to be able to recruit and train new members of a department.

Q. Why are administrative support assistants Important?

Ans. Administration support assistants are very important for a company as they are the center of communication for the entire organization. They have to manage, direct and lead the operations of the entire workplace. He will have to answer the queries of the superiors and submit reports regularly. They also have to maintain the relationship between the client and the company through the mail and phone calls. He has to receive and answer client emails and phone calls in the absence of members of the workplace. He also has to do some minor tasks like scanning, copying, data entry, etc.

Q. How much money do administrative support assistants make

Ans. The salary of an Administrative Support Assistant is approximately $30,000 to $37,000. The best salary for an Admissions Assistant Assistant is approximately $47,000. But the salary of a person depends more on the quality of his work.

Administrative Support Assistant Resume Examples, Skills, Objective, Writing Guide

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