How to Contact Amazon Recruiter on LinkedIn?

How to Contact Amazon Recruiter on LinkedIn

With the increase in population, finding a job through traditional means has become quite difficult. This is the main reason why many people are diverting their focus from traditional to modern ways of doing things. In the twenty-first century, many people focus on finding the right job through the help of online job search sites and social networking sites to find the perfect job. Today many people who have gained enough training and knowledge prefer modern ways to find jobs. A very prominent site they use to carry out this activity is Linkedin. Let’s know How to Contact Amazon Recruiter on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has become a very important site today to get your dream job as it contains a lot of professional recruiters and job listings. You can find receivers from a variety of top-end companies like Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. This can help you contact them on a one-to-one basis and develop your connections. It can even help you land the perfect job. Today we will be discussing how you can find Amazon recruiters on Linkedin. Finding recipes on Linkedin and connecting with them isn’t that hard and if you wish to develop your professional career and aspire for growth then you must connect with them to expand your knowledge.

First, let’s understand how you can find receivers on Linkedin

How to find an Amazon Recruiters 

LinkedIn has an easy user interface thus you can understand the various options it provides. Finding Amazon recruiters on this site can be easy if done right. You need to understand that these people are professionals and you need to maintain some diligence when talking with them. The steps to need to follow to find an amazon recruiter are-

  1. Launch the Linkedin app on your phone or open the Linkedin website on your laptop. At the topmost corner, you will see a search icon, tap on the icon. This will take you to a search bar where you can fill in who you want to find. Here as you want to connect with other amazon recruiters you can type in the search box – Amazon Recruiters or, Recruiters.
  1. A list of Amazon recruiters will display on your screen. You can choose your preferred recruiter based on their location, working experience, etc.
  1. Another method you can use to find Amazon recruiters is by using certain features provided by LinkedIn. You can try using the ‘people’ option while searching for recruiters. This will help you find a person rather than a recruiter company.
  1. Another way you can find amazon recruiters is by using the ‘company’ option and clicking on current companies. It helps customize your search result and you can easily find what you were looking for. 

These are certain tricks and tips that you can use on LinkedIn and find Amazon recruiters

After you have found your recruiter there’s an important thing you need to do to get noticed. You need to start messaging the recruiters to connect with them and help them know you better. The only way you can connect on Linkedin is by messaging them about the job opportunity. There are certain ethics that you need to follow when messaging someone on Linkedin. Understanding these ethics will make you seem more professional. So let’s first understand the correct way of messaging a recruiter on Linkedin.

How to start a conversation with an Amazon recruiter 

There are some ways you can start your conversation with the Amazon recruiters. You need to understand that formal and cold messaging will be your savior in this conversation. Certain messaging ethics you need to follow include-

  • Cold messaging- It’s really important to understand why cold messaging is important. Those Amazon recruiters out there who you want to contact aren’t your family members and thus would never respond to your hello and how are you? You need to construct a perfect message that conveys that you are eager to learn more. This message should be to the point.
  • Formal tone- The message needs to be written in a formal tone. Formal tones often show urgency while informal tones seem normal. You should always use a formal tone when talking with the recruiter. This will help you get noticed easily. 

These are some messaging techniques that you need to keep in mind to help yourself while connecting with Amazon recruiters. You can do a lot of things to gain their attention and get the job.

How to connect with the Amazon recruiter

After you have found the recruiter and created a perfect messaging to grab the Amazon recruiter’s attention then you need to focus on how you are going to ensure your connection with the recruiters. There are a lot of ways through which you can connect with the recruiters. The only thing that matters is using the right method and the right words. Here are some ways to connect with the Amazon recruiters-

  • Send a personalized message- The first thing you need to do is create a message where you mention how you aspire to be a part of Amazon. Then you start by talking about your current job and your application status on the job you applied to and some of your skills. This will work well in grabbing the recruiter’s attention as will help you with the job. 
  • Send your resume to your recruiter- The next thing you can do is work on your resume. First, you need to update your resume and create one which will grab the recruiter’s attention. After that, you can send the resume to recruiters. You need to provide the recruiter with all the necessary information to help them understand you and profile your strengths and weaknesses. 

These are some ways you can connect with Amazon recruiters. All you need to do is send them a message and let the conversation start.


Finding a job through Linkedin has become a trend today and many people choose it over other job sites. Even though Linkedin is a professional job site to connect with others who have a job and is not a job listing site, still many people prefer it because it’s quite genuine. You can easily find any Amazon recruiter on the app without any trouble.

How to Contact Amazon Recruiter on LinkedIn?

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