Questions For Self And Bloggers

What do students do when there’s something they don’t understand? They question their teachers. Questions are the language of curiosity; they make for the human mind to grasp the views and thoughts of others and imbibe them in their lifestyle. You find yourself in an unknown place, lost and confused; what is your best choice? Inquire people around for information. Have you paid attention to how people maneuver themselves when they’re unable to comprehend a concept or theme in a different setting or place, like searching for changing rooms in malls and trying to find their way on a railway platform? They question their way around until the solution is delivered. This helps maintain a clear judgment of your surroundings and gain insight into how things operate and work at various places. The more we question, the more we can learn and increase our understanding of this world. Had our ancestors not taken to questioning and inquiring about the working of the natural system, of the phenomena of the cosmos, and the functioning of the human consciousness, we wouldn’t have evolved and been here today; at the top of the evolution chain in our family.

Questions For Self And Bloggers

The technological development, increase in agricultural production to feed the growing population, politics, judiciary system, and development of various subjects like Mathematics, Astronomy, Philosophy, Literature, Computer Science, etc. are all established and reaching new heights every day because mankind started interrogating their surrounding and turning to each other for answers to things they couldn’t absorb. The vast advancement of medical science, publishing of millions of books exploring various topics, the military system, traveling in the universe, and establishment of businesses across the world are here due to the curious nature of humans and our will to challenge ourselves to investigate Mother Nature and find solutions to our problems. From the beginning till today, so many lives have been saved due to such questions and the people who sought to find their answers amidst the hardship. And millions of humans have found justice from criminals based on the framed questions (interrogations) that helped discover the culprit. Queries have brought us this far.

Importance of Q&A:

  • Be it for learning about the new people in your batch or finding a suitable ice breaker in a group of awkward team members who hardly know each other, passing a set of questions is the right way to know and understand others. Due to the abundance of technological advancements and the availability of several gadgets, we’ve come to grasp and comprehend a lot of things that go on in this world, like the reason behind solar and lunar eclipses, why the leaves are green in color, why do people get sick, and so on. But in this chaos of comprehending the world and bringing its knowledge in our palm, we’ve forgotten how to understand other people who are similar to us.
  • Now we are connected more than ever before and can easily check upon someone close to us to see how they’re doing. But this has also brought a void of isolation and emotional distancing which is being left empty, particularly after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is difficult to fathom what’s going on in someone else’s mind, whether they are familiar or not. And what’s worse? Most of us can’t even understand ourselves properly. We do not recognize our true inner version and can neither realize what we want in our life. Have you considered asking some deep scorching questions about your soul to yourself when you’ve been alone?
  • So it is especially crucial for us to re-inculcate the feeling of getting to know others on a deeper level and establishing a connection with not only them but ourselves too. And a bunch of questions that probe our interests is apt for this purpose.

Here are some questions and answers based questions that you can make a list of and present in a group while trying to know each other: 

  1. “Who is your favorite superhero?”
  2. “If you could elect the leader of your country as a fictional character, who would you choose?”
  3. “If you ever got the chance to meet aliens, what would you like to show them as a representation of humanity?”
  4. “Who is your favorite fictional character?”
  5. “What are your top three qualities?”
  6. “Has there been a time when you were inspired to pursue something but immediately dropped it after trying?”
  7.  “Is your first favorite and current favorite author the same?”
  8. “Which book changed your life?”
  9.  “Which ice-cream flavor is your favorite?”
  10.  “Have you ever screwed up in the kitchen?”
  11.  “Has there been a time when you felt there was magic around you?”
  12.  “Is there a useless instrument that you continue to keep hold of?”
  13.  “Do the vast and the deep darkness within the ocean terrify you?”
  14.  “Which childhood memory is your least favorite but you still reminisce about it?”
  15. “Who is your favorite adult in your family?”
  16.  “If you could remove one country from the globe, which would it be?”
  17.  “Which food grosses you out a lot?”
  18. “What would you tell your parents if you time-traveled in their past and met them before they were married?”
  19.  “In your childhood what sort of kid were you? Do you miss that phase of your life?”
  20.  “Have you ever screwed up and yet managed to escape unscathed?”
  21. “Has there been a time when you’d done a blunder but nobody had seen you in that hilarious situation?”
  22. “Which fictional creature would you like to see or own?”
  23. “If you could enter a fantasy world, which world would you choose?”
  24. “If a genie came and granted you three wishes, what would you ask for?”
  25. “If you could change the colors of the objects in this world, what objects’ colors would you be changing?”
  26. “According to you, which fictional character’s philosophy is the most intriguing?”
  27. “When did you make your first friend?”
  28. “Where do you see yourself five years from now?”
  29. “Would you rather have tea or coffee?”
  30. “Have you ever forgotten your keys and left your door unlocked?”
  31. “What do you fear the most?”
  32. “If you could swap your gender for a day, what would be the first thing you would do after that?”
  33. “Is there an incident that still makes you crackle up?”
  34. “Have you ever cooked a dish?”
  35. “Is there someone on whom you’ve held a grudge for the longest time?”
  36. “What is your life’s most scary moment?”
  37. “Has there ever been a time when you hadn’t studied for a test yet passed with decent scores?”
  38. “Would you rather prefer long or short hair?”
  39. “What is your favorite dish?”
  40. “Do you incline more towards cats or dogs?”
  41. “Is there a fictional character you deeply admire or who’s been a source of constant inspiration in your life?”
  42. “Which is the dessert that you would never share with anyone?”
  43. “Is there a vegetable that you hate?”
  44. “Which band is your favorite?”
  45. “Which genre of music is your favorite?”
  46. “Do you have any much-loved rock artists?”
  47. “What is your all-time most beloved song?”
  48. “Is there an event in your life that you’d like to alter, given the chance?”
  49.  “Do you believe in the concept of God?”
  50.  “Does outer space scare or excite you?”
  51. “If you could ever resurrect a person from the past, who would they be?”
  52. “You get a chance to share a meal with a famous person, living or dead. Who would it be for you?”
  53. “Which flowers do you love the most?”
  54. “Have you ever had a haircut disaster?”
  55. “Which horror movie scared you out of your wits?”
  56. “Which fashion trend do you dislike the most?”
  57. “Which sportsperson do you admire?”
  58. “What was the first-ever poster that you hung in your room?”
  59. “If you’d re-experience a year, which one would it be, and why?”
  60. “What is the tallest floor on which you have ever been?”
  61. “List your favorite fast foods.”
  62. “If murder was allowed for a day, would you take advantage of the situation and kill someone?”
  63. “Is there any achievement in your life that you are proud of?”
  64. “Do you prefer milk chocolates or dark chocolates?”
  65. “Have you ever slapped someone?”
  66. “When was the last time you had a vacation with your family?”
  67. “What genre of books attracts you the most?”
  68. “What is a quote which you hear people saying often but rarely following?”
  69. “Which gadget do you personally think is useless?”
  70. “Have you ever done a dress-up on Halloween? If yes, which character were you?”
  71. “Do you believe hell exists?”
  72. “If you could substitute money with another object, what would it be?”
  73. “Have you ever got into trouble at school? And if yes then for what reason?”
  74. “What is your favorite fast food dish?”
  75. “Do you have your secret recipe?”
  76. “If you were the last person on the Earth, what would you do?”
  77. “Which teacher has left a lasting impression on you?”
  78. “Is there any movie that you have not watched for the plot?”
  79. “Which extinct animal would you bring back again?”
  80. “Is there a book that you love to re-read?”
  81. “Which country do you aspire to visit someday?”
  82. “What is your ideal home aesthetic?”
  83. “Which is your favorite sports game?”
  84. “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself in terms of humor?”
  85. “Who do you think in your life understands you the best?”
  86. “If you ever became a teacher, what subject would you teach?”
  87. “Which season do you prefer and which is your least favorite?”
  88. “Till date, who is the smartest person you’ve ever known?”
  89. “Do you consider yourself intelligent or creative and hardworking?”
  90. “What gives you genuine happiness?”
  91. “Is there any life advice that you would like to share with others?”
  92. “When was the last time you cried while watching a movie or a show?”
  93. “Tell me something about your all-time favorite show.”
  94. “Have you ever visited a burial site or a graveyard?”
  95. “Who was the most annoying friend you’ve ever had?”
  96. “If you wrote an autobiography, what would you add as a caution for the readers?”
  97. “If you wanted to be remembered in this world forever, what would it be for?”
  98. “Have you ever had a spooky experience, like an encounter with something paranormal?”
  99. “Have you ever heard of trypophobia?”
  100. “What is the best compliment that you’ve ever received in your life?”

While these questions make for learning about someone, there are some questions that bloggers and professionals choose to answer for introducing themselves. This gives the audience a chance to get closer to the person and understand their work and appreciate them better. The following list tackles such questions:

  1. “Do you wish to become famous someday?”
  2. “Which was the last film that you had watched?”
  3. “Are you a religious person?”
  4. “Have you ever taken yourself out for some alone time?”
  5. “What is your mantra to succeed in your career and fulfill your dreams?”
  6. “Is there a specific schedule that you follow?”
  7. “What is your take in life to be fit and healthy?”
  8. “What is your trick to keeping yourself de-stressed and happy?”
  9. “Do you like reality and talent shows? What’s your opinion on them?”
  10. “Are you more of a morning person or a night owl?”
  11. “What is the best local dish you’ve had?”
  12. “How do you stay motivated and optimistic regarding your work?”
  13. “What is your story of rising from one of your earliest failures in life?”
  14. “Are you a sweet tooth?”
  15. “Do you have any pets?”
  16. “Are you happy with your current self and situation?”
  17. “Why did you decide to pursue this profession?”
  18. “How do you kill boredom in your leisure time?”
  19. “Has there been an incident where you’ve forgotten something vital?”
  20. “What did you buy from your very first payment/salary?”
  21. “Which brand of perfume is your favorite?”
  22. “Do you maintain a garden?”
  23. “Have you kept any old greeting cards and letters?”
  24. “What was your first-ever award or recognition?”
  25. “How many hours of sleep do you get at night?”
  26.  “Have you ever tasted Wasabi?”

Do not breach others’ privacy.

Sometimes we may not realize how words can hurt others. A little poke in an unwanted territory of their memory can act as a catalyst for a sour atmosphere and uneasiness in them. It is okay to ask about someone’s past life but try not to pry deeper into a sensitive matter. If you see that they are distressed and do not wish to discuss the topic further, don’t persuade them to do the same. If they answer something related to their relationship status, you shouldn’t try to dig into their past life and ask any insensitive questions. It is important to maintain a boundary while trying to learn about someone. You may not see it but trying to peep too much into someone’s life and career might lead them to call you a creep. People appreciate those who know how to balance between being friendly and over-interfering.

Ask the same questions to yourself.

Have you stopped and looked at yourself amidst the burden and pressure to be better at everything? When was the last time that you meditated on your thoughts and considered what your inner feelings and desires are? In this fast-paced era of technical advancements, we seldom put the effort into ourselves and instead, focus more on working and striving for our aim. This has brought many of us to lose our true versions in this race. And that loss of self-consciousness has diminished the feeling of self-love, something vital in our mental and emotional growth. Unless we won’t appreciate our inner selves and the mayhem of our spirits and state of mind, there’s no way we can conquer the world and its mysteries and challenges. We should create a questionnaire for ourselves and search for its answers. You would slowly realize how interesting you are in your place! So grab a sheet and a cup of coffee, and once in a day ask the same questions to yourself. The answer will help you to overcome so many of your weaknesses and embrace your strengths.

In conclusion, many get-to-know questions help start a conversation with strangers. They make for a sound introduction without being too stiff or informal in a group or coworkers’ team. You can form a vague image of their personality by their answers and subsequently prepare yourself accordingly. Such questions are ideal starters for getting to know someone and are frequently brought into use by writers, journalists, show presenters, inquiring authorities, investigators, and job interviewers. Many bloggers, YouTubers are using questions to express themselves more freely to their audience, which in return is allowing more people and their fans to connect with them and summoning popularity and appreciation for their skills and hard work. But asking a bunch of questions isn’t merely restricted to them. You can create your own set of Q&A and pass it to your group. Avoid intruding on someone’s private space in the process and do not be judgmental against their views and opinions. As you learn to question and converse with others, you’ll learn to be more supportive and mature.

Sharing what you know and listening to what other people have got to say paves a way for cooperation and mutual respect and understanding. So, remember to keep asking questions and fetching for answers. The wind-up after your quest to explore this world and make sense of human psychology, and even yourself will be worth everything. The pleasure to feel the world around you and be drawn to its knowledge is ethereal; nothing else can ever beat it. So keep asking and keep your inner curious child fed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the 10 fun questions to ask anyone?

Ans. There are so many topics on which you can frame a set of Q&A; be it for any event or situation. Get creative with your words and make them appealing yet easy to understand. The following sample of a few questions will give you some idea:

  1. Is there a historical figure whom you admire?
  2. Which place have you always wanted to visit in your life and is still waiting on your bucket list?
  3. What is the strangest dream you’ve had?
  4. What is the weirdest name you’ve come across?
  5. What is the story behind your name?
  6. Do you have a phobia?
  7. Do you enjoy solitude or the company of friends?
  8. Describe yourself in one line.
  9. Are you athletic?
  10. Have you been in the student council body?
  1. Some questions about me.

Ans. Sometimes questions make way for explaining yourself better than a long introduction that often gets uncomfortable. To introduce yourself, you can make a list of some of these questions and answer them:

  1. Which book has been waiting on your shelf to be read?
  2. What is the meaning of your name?
  3. What is that one hobby that majorly defines you?
  4. Do you know how to cook?
  5. What is the definition of the home according to your views?
  6. What time of the day is your personal favorite that you cherish?
  7. Is there a favorite quotation that stays by your side?
  8. Do you believe that the theory of the Bermuda Triangle is real?
  9. What is your all-time favorite dish?
  10. Have you ever had a terrifying all-nighter?
  11. Who is your favorite celebrity?
  12. Which color dominates your wardrobe?
  1. What are good random questions to ask?

Ans. While meeting and working with a stranger, it is necessary to dissolve some boundaries and learn about each other for working and maintaining a sense of understanding. And asking questions is the easiest for take a step in this direction. Here are some random and simple questions with which you can start:

  1. How many ice-creams have you eaten at once?
  2. Choose one – Halloween or Valentine’s Day.
  3. If you could inherit a superpower, what would it be?
  4. Which story/book/manga/series has blown your mind?
  5. Do you have a fetish?
  6. What was the most awkward stage moment in your life?
  7. Have you read the books in the Harry Potter series?
  8. Do you know what the term Otaku means?
  9. Have you ever kept fasting?
  10. Are you on Reddit? If yes, then what is your favorite subreddit?
Questions For Self And Bloggers

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