How To Respond To “How Was Your Weekend?” At Work?


Worried about how to answer the “How was your weekend” question? We have a perfectly curated list of the answers that you can use to answer this monotonous question interestingly. If you have worked in a corporate sector or an IT company or basically any company, we have the week off. The first thing you must have faced after returning to work from the week off is “Hey, how was your weekend?” Easy question? Well, keep reading. Let us know ‘How To Respond To “How Was Your Weekend?” At Work?’.

How To Respond To "How Was Your Weekend?" At Work?

How To Respond To “How Was Your Weekend?” At Work?

What do you do? Just end with a 2–3-word sentence saying “Nice”, “Great” or “not good”. Well. This article will be perfect for you if you are someone who wants to have creative answers how to respond your “How was your weekend” question. 

This is such a common question and often Mondays are filled with it. Many interviews and client meetings are scheduled on Monday and the first question they casually throw at us is ” How was your weekend”, I am sure you would not love to give a monotonous one-word answer to your client or interviewer because it reflects your creativity and play of words. 

The question is very simple but sometimes simple questions are the trickiest to answer. Simple how are you or how have been seeming so exhausting to answer? How was your weekend? This is one such question. Honestly, it can be irritating and annoying sometimes. 

Some colleagues are just chatty and want to start a conversation, “How was your weekend” question is a perfect conversation starter, there is no doubt about that. Honestly, on the first day of my job, I had a training program and the first question that was thrown at me was “How was your weekend”. I was blank and literally said “Nothing”. I wish I had these tips then so I had creative answers to give. Simple, monotonous answers anyone can frame, but to stand out you have to be unique. Here are a few ways how you can answer the “How was your weekend” question. Let’s go! 

Non-monotonous responses to “How was your weekend” questions are going to end now. We have a perfectly curated list of answers that will perfectly fit to “How was your weekend” question. Now there are certain categories in this as well. Hey, don’t worry I will not make it complicated like a business presentation. Phew! 

1st category: When you did nothing on your weekend?

So, if you are someone in this category, instead of just saying nothing much we say it in interesting ways. Although the inner you might be screaming “Stop asking me this question, I did not do anything”. Here’s how you can put it in a better way.

  • My weekend was great because I just spent some time with myself sans all the fuss.
  • Not as amazing as yours, but had a chill weekend. How was your weekend?
  • I was super nervous about today’s pitch, so gave myself a little rest so that I can rock today.
  • Ah! Had a hectic week so pampered me with breakfast in bed. How was your weekend?
  • I had an amazing time diving into the fictional world in my cozy little corner. How was your weekend?
  • I facetime with my friends who are staying in foreign. How was your weekend?
  • Oh! I binged my favorite show again. What an amazing weekend. 
  • Nothing much but had the rest that I needed to tackle this week. How was your weekend?
  • I had an amazing date with myself in my home. I loved it. How was your weekend?
  • C’mon, it was fun being lazy on the weekends forgetting the worries of the world. What about you?
  • I saved the planet dude, I just stayed at home. 
  • I treated myself with my cooking skills. How was your weekend?
  • Oh! I had so much time for myself by just laying on the bed. How was your weekend?
  • Nothing interesting, but had a fun time playing Minecraft online. How was your weekend?
  • I worked on my mental health, journaled, and gave myself the time I needed.
  • Hey, I was avoiding pollution and sun rays so did not move an inch from my bed. 
  • First, tell me about yours! How was your weekend?
  • I just danced around the kitchen in the refrigerator light. I know yes, had a Taylor Swift jam session.
  • Oh! I had so many series to catch up on. So, Netflix was my best friend during weekends. How was yours?
  • It was interesting. I had an amazing time learning about the planet with my little sister. 
  • I just cooked something new and had it with my family.
  • I and my dog had the best weekend. How about you?
  • I had the best weekend sleeping. How was your weekend?
  • My weekend was all about watching you partying in your Instagram stories! Tell me about it.
  • Oh! Nothing much just kept me busy. I played with my dogs. How was your weekend?
  • I got ample time to rest. I feel super recharged. 
  • Sleep is my companion the whole weekend.
  • Surfed the internet you know, how about you?
  • This weekend I gave time to my hobbies. How was your weekend?
  • Hey! Yes, it was disappointing. I had to cancel my last-minute movie plan. 
  • I thought of going out but was not even able to get out of bed. How was your weekend?
  • I Recharged my OTT and just binged everything. 
  • I re-read my favorite book and went into a new fictional world.
  • I finally got some time to organize my clutter. 
  • My weekend was wonderful. I had time to meditate and spend time with myself.
  • I and my brother planned an amazing trip for next week. 
  • My weekend was normal. How was your weekend?
  • I had an adventure. Thanks for asking. 

2nd Category: When you spent time with your family and friends?

So, you must have had a blast and spent some time with your friends and family. Instead of saying “oh! spent it with friends and family” there is a more interactive and creative way to say it. Here is how it goes: – 

  • Oh my god! I had an amazing time with my mom and dad. We all cooked together in the park and spent time catching up and got pampered a lot. I loved it. How was yours?
  • Perfect! My college friends came over and we had a lot to catch up, lot to discuss and relive the old memories. How was your weekend?
  • My band that I play for we had our own show in this café, you should totally come next time. 
  • My cousins were in the town and we explored a lot. This city is so beautiful. How was your weekend?
  • I had a mini vacation with my close friends. What about your weekend? 
  • My vacation was so good. We explored the events going on in the city and attended them. 
  • Honestly weekdays sucked so much, I really had to take a break. I went on a solo trip to nearby cottage and spent some quality time alone. It’s a gorgeous place we should go sometimes. How was your weekend?
  • I had a mini-vacation with my children’s. We enjoyed so much. 
  • We booked a small tree house and had an amazing time with my better half.
  • Me and my mom went to a little party organized by her friends. Trust me I wanted to just come out. How was your weekend?
  • I had some time to invest in my hobbies to went out for some stationery shopping. There is a cute store down the corner.
  • We had a small book club in the pages store, so all my weekend was occupied by that. How was your weekend?
  • My brother and I were figuring out his wedding plans so weekends were occupied by that. 
  • We had a lovely small family gathering so was a great weekend. How was your weekend?
  • I was busy with some family celebrations. 
  • I had a quick vacation nearby with family. How was your weekend?
  • It was very much occupied but also worth it.
  • I had an amazing time shopping for my wedding. How was your weekend?
  • I did all my pending works and used the weekend time to organize everything.
  • We just shifted right, so all weekend was just arranging the home with family. How was your weekend?
  • Weekends pass so quickly, did not even realize while playing with kids that weekend is over already.
  • I had an amazing weekend chilling with my grandparents. It was so lovely. How was your weekend?
  • Oh! I was helping my little brother in doing the assignment. He is such a smart boy.
  • Me and family had a small cleaning session, so it was a fun weekend. How was your weekend?
  • My cousins and me had a movie marathon, it was dramatic. 
  • I wish that weekend never end. It gives so much joy to stay with family and cook and sleep.
  • It was so unexpected, I had so much fun with my friends. 
  • I was away to my village, its nearby. It fun very refreshing. 
  • It was wonderful, me and my brother went to the new café to try it now. Have you tried it?

3rd category: If you don’t want to answer the question but don’t want to hurt the other person as well

Here are some “How was your weekend?” answers in such cases: –

  • Great! Thank you. How was your weekend?
  • It was good. Thank you so much for asking.
  • I loved it. Thank you.
  • Yes, as expected. How was your weekend?
  • I had myself, it was good. Thanks for asking.
  • Amazing. How was your weekend?
  • Same as others. How was your weekend?
  • Not better than you. Do you tell me about yours?
  • Same old routine. What about you?
  • The same weekend, same story. How was your weekend?
  • Nothing much. Thank you so much for asking.
  • Nothing new. How was your weekend?
  • I spent it in church. Thank you for asking. How was your weekend?
  • I spent my weekend with my granny. She is such a sweetheart. 
  • It was okay, kind of off. Nothing much happened. I am sure your weekend must be good, tell me about it. 
  • I had fun. How about you?
  • Lovely! How was your weekend?
  • I slept through it. Do tell me about your weekend. 
  • Busy. How about you?
  • Binge watched series. Thanks for asking.
  • I liked it. Thank you for asking.
  • Better than the previous. How was your weekend?
  • You know, nothing much. How about you?
  • Pretty much the same as on weekdays, so nothing interesting. How was your weekend?
  • Oh! It was fantastic. I went on a trip with the family.
  • Fantastic! And enjoyable just as expected, how about you?
  • Better than I thought it would be, how was yours?
  • I tried a new schedule that worked out perfectly. I will follow it, how did you spend your weekend?
  • Let’s talk about your weekend instead. I heard you went to a cool place. Tell me all about it. 

These are some creative ways to answer the “How was your weekend?” question. No matter how bad or good the weekend went it is always advisable to share the parts of life with someone whom you trust.

“How was your weekend?” answer varies with the situation, here are some of the scenarios.

Scenarios that will change the answers to the “How was your weekend?” question

– Everyone will ask you this How was your weekend? Question. But whom you want to tell is totally upon you. If you don’t want to give any details then simply say “Yeah great! Thanks for asking” and end the conversation. 

– This way the person who asked will get the answer and you won’t come off as rude also. It will be a win-win situation for both of you. 

– If a family is asking you about your weekend, then they probably might be worried about you or just checking on you. Give a positive and happy answer because they want to see you happy no matter what. 

– The answer depends on your mood and situation as well. If you have observed that your “How was your weekend” answers are mostly sad, then it’s time to understand why. Is it because of some kind of internal pressure or work pressure? Is it because of family or friends? Do you spend time with people who are not adding value to life? Answer these questions and see how things change.

– If someone you do not personally like will ask the question “How was your weekend?” you won’t answer it properly and that will change the answer also. 

– If you are stressed out and unable to make a work-life balance then probably the answers will be different. 

– If a family is asking you about your weekend, then they probably might be worried about you or just checking on you. Give a positive and happy answer because they want to see you happy no matter what. 

So now that you have understood the various scenarios and everything about responding to the “How was your weekend” question, you must have gotten some creative ideas as well. 

Now if someone at your work asks you about your weekend you have plenty of answers to tell how your weekend was. 

Is it really necessary to answer this question? 

To answer any question, it depends on us. We generally answer the question so that the other person doesn’t feel bad. Imagine if you are on a client call and your client is asking you the “How was your weekend” question, will you not answer it just because it is monotonous? If yes, you will lose the pitch, my friend. 

It may be very irritating, and annoying and especially on Mondays when it is stressful you will feel not to answer such casual questions. It may seem casual. But such questions keep the conversation going and add an advantage if you are with a new client or colleague. In a corporate world it is important because such types of questions will be constantly asked and it is a formal way to greet and interact. It is okay, now you have some incredible answers. You have nothing to worry about.

Key takeaways from this article

This article can be exhausting, I understand. But here are a few takeaway points that will help you understand the article in a lot better way. 

– It doesn’t need to have a monotonous answer, it can have creative answers. 

– It depends on your mood and situation. 

– It is important to answer because people might be showing concern towards us. 

– It is divided into categories. 

– Even if you do not want to answer, there are simple ways to change the topic. 


To sum up this article, I would like to say that gone are the days now that we were afraid of such “How was your weekend” questions. There are 50+ creative answers in this article to answer the most monotonous question ever. In different categories, in different moods, or different situations we have the perfect and relevant answers to the “How was your weekend” question. So, now that you have these tips I hope you will be waiting for someone to ask this “How was your weekend” question and you can give them all these creative answers. 

How To Respond To “How Was Your Weekend?” At Work?

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