Top Tech Companies In Boston

A technology company is an electronics-based technology company, it is a business that provides digital technical services/products/platform/hardware or relies heavily on it as the primary source of revenue, however not every company can call itself a tech company just for the sake of it, their revenue source should be technology. Some examples of Tech companies included Microsoft, Alphabet Inc(Google), Adobe, Apple Inc, etc. in the current times, the technological industry has seen a boom in terms of revenue and a lot of new tech startups have also opened. let us know about that the Top Tech Companies In Boston.

Top Tech Companies In Boston

What are the top tech companies in Boston to work at?

  1. McKinsey&Company(Consulting)
  2. Capital One(FinTech)
  3. Matillion(Cloud,Information Technology, On-Demand, Software)
  4. AppHarvest(Artificial Intelligence, Food, GreenTech,Robotics, Social Impact)
  5. Dynatrace(Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Information Technology, Software)
  6. MassMutual(FinTech, Insurance)
  7. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston(FinTech,Information Technology 
  8. MainStay(Artificial Intelligence and EdTech) 
  9. Dell Technologies(IT Service Industry)

Is Boston a Tech hub?

Yes, Boston is considered to be one of the US’s biggest tech hubs, and one of America’s oldest cities but its economy is nowhere near old-fashioned. Boston’s technological hub is growing extremely fast and there are plenty of technological jobs available there, it has recently become the hub of startups, attracting business from everywhere. This could be because Boston has a lot of colleges located there like MIT and Harvard which is one of the best colleges around the world. The city has everything that a tech employee would want: healthcare, and good transportation while having a friendly neighborhood and good cafes plus the amazing diversity and one of the most exciting ecosystems, EdTech and HealthTech are the most prominent in Boston.

What are the major tech hubs in the USA?


Even Though Pittsburgh is known for the production of Iron and Steel, it has quickly become a technological hub. In 2006, Google opened its office in Pittsburgh which kick-started Pittsburgh’s journey as a tech hub, this soon led Apple, Amazon, and Uber to open their offices there. The average tech salary at Pittsburgh is $98,304 per year which is a 14% increase from 2020.


It is known as the “Silicon Peach”, Atlanta offers a low-cost operation and living which attracts a lot of companies with universities like Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia providing a lot of employees, a majority of startups are started in Atlanta including MailChimp. The average salary at Atlanta is $107,515 per year which is 13.9% more than in 2020.


Chicago is known for being the location for startups with a total of 389 startups located and founded there and with 6,151 tech companies existing in Chicago. Tech companies with offices located there include PayPal, Adobe, SAP, Salesforce, and many more, the companies in Chicago have a lot of potential for capital and access to universities like the University of Chicago, University of Illinois, Northwestern University, and the Illinois Institute of Technology. The average salary in Chicago is $106,537 per year which is 12.6% more than in 2020.


Just located North of Silicon Valley, Seattle is the birthplace of the biggest companies which are Microsoft and Amazon, and is now the headquarter of companies like Nintendo, T-mobile, and Expedia and has offices like Twitter, Facebook, Zendesk, and the biggest attraction being the learning center opened by Twitter called the NeighborNest that offers programs for kids such as literacy programs, coding, and other events. The average salary in Seattle is $118,729 per year which is 11.2% more than in 2020.

How much does it cost to live in Boston?

Boston is one of the most expensive cities in the world with the average cost of living of one person being $2,899 per month and #26 most expensive city in the USA, however, the average salary provided in Boston is 10% more than any other city which means that people are earning a substantial amount in the city and with its booming technology sector there will be a huge influx of jobs which are going to be generated there but still the cost of living in Boston is not cheap neither is the cost of food which is 24% higher than the national average.


Boston is an upcoming tech hub however some places are cheaper to stay at are developing in terms of technology at a much faster pace than Boston, it is home to a lot of good tech companies but a majority of these companies are in the HealthTech sector and are not in the proper IT sector but with Amazon opening an office there the expansion will produce 3,000 new job opportunity over next several years and also plan on leasing a 17 story office. When it comes to BioTech the entire world’s industry of BioTech is run from Kendall Square which contributes a major chunk to the economy of Boston, considering how expensive it is to live in Boston the average salary in the Technological sector is $84,281 per year but this varies according to the position and the company but in the recent years Boston has seen a boom in its Tech sector.

Frequently asked question

Which is the best Tech company in Boston?

NVIDIA is considered to be the best tech company in Boston, Massachusetts with a rating of 95%, it is known for its hardware and software with it earning a revenue of $26.92 billion this year alone. The average salary of an employee is $173,302(base pay)

What is the biggest Tech company in the USA?

Apple Inc. is the biggest tech company in the USA generating a revenue of $274.51 and is followed by Samsung with a revenue of $200.52 billion in this year alone.

Is Boston a good place to work in the technology sector?

Yes, Boston is considered to be a good place for people wanting a job in the technology sector as it is considered to be an up-and-coming place for it with multiple companies opening their offices there.

Top Tech Companies In Boston

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