APMM, What It Is? Salary? How To Become One?

APMM (is the acronym for Associate Product Marketing Manager) is the new buzz in today’s marketing industry. Since APMM is the new bee in the sphere of a career in marketing is concerned, most of the folks have not even heard the name of APMM.

APMM, What It Is? Salary? How To Become One?

Calm down, we have got this covered. We are going to take you from the scratch of APMM to the end of it. By merely addressing three basic questions about APMM which are, what is APMM? How much does APMM make for a living? And lastly, how can one become an APMM? APMM would not be an alien concept anymore. So, slack behind and binge into the article.

What is APMM?

Let us now address the elephant in the room. What is all the fuss about APMM? 

As broached above, APMM stands for Associate Product Marketing Manager. 

The back story of APMM is a little straightforward than usual. In 2003, the Associate Product Marketing Manager program was initiated by Marissa Mayer who also at the parallel time she commenced the Associate Product Manager (APM) program in Google. Since then this particular program of Associate Product Marketing Manager has become one of the prominent career programs offered by Google to the young aspirants who are keen to have an excelling career in the marketing arena of Google.

More about the Program

The golden merit of the Associate Product Marketing Manager program is that it enables even a non-coder to start his career as a product marketing manager. Not knowing the whereabouts of technology should not be the reason to hold back one’s career provided he has acquired the other skills required to become an Associate Product Marketing Manager of Google. 

Once your application is being selected by the panel members of google, you will be admitted to the Associate Product Marketing Manager program. There you will get immense opportunity to think out-of-the-box solutions and grow beyond boundaries as a Product Marketing Manager. You will be thrown into a war-like situation of marketing and the task is to come out with a winning trophy with bare minimum resources. You have to own your squeeze out as much as opportunities as you can as you won’t get spoon-feeding at Google. 

Salient Features

  • Two of the basic role assigned to every Associate Product Marketing Manager are marketing of a brand, a particular product segment, or growth of the same. 
  • The program starts from the home country of the candidate and expands to the entire globe. The associate Product Marketing Manager program is not restricted to geographical boundaries. Candidates have the option to skip to another role if they desire. Presently, the APMM program has members from 25 plus countries. 
  • Another salient feature is the boot camp. Boot camp is the session organized by none other than Google itself for its APMM candidates so that they get an atmosphere where they can learn, bond, and share their thoughts. One of the best parts of the APMM program is the community it provides. APMMs meet instant mentors – from their managers to former APMMs, to their fellow Googlers. Plus, they become part of a network of their peers in their program.

Benefits of APMM Program

  • Associate Product Marketing Manager Program provides a golden opportunity for the non-coder segment who aim to have a career in Product or Marketing Manager in a prestigious and renowned organization like Google, Facebook, KPMG, etc. 
  • Associate Product Marketing Manager Program provides two rotations of job, the first rotation takes place after completing a tenure of 18 months, followed by the second which happens after successful completion of 12 months as an Associate Product Marketing Manager. 
  • Another perk of the APMM program is international trips throughout the program period. The sole purpose of such trips is to make the candidates aware of their business market not in their home country but also in the global market. This aids in procuring a deep analysis of conducting the business overseas. 
  • Last but not the list, the benefit that every individual signed up in the Associate Product Marketing Manager Program carries for a lifetime is Networking. During the program, candidates come across Prominent Personalities, Mentors, Leaders, etc. whose wisdom has a strong hand in shaping ones’ future. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • The first and foremost responsibility is of marketing the product offered by Google. The marketing job may vary from product to product, time to time and employer to employer, etc.
  • Not only do you have to be prepared for any sort of marketing role but also to pave the way so that some unusual and unwonted marketing problems can find their way out.
  • Use various qualitative and quantitative measures at the disposal of an APMM to make google understand better its various stakeholders (like Suppliers, customers, publishers).
  • Since every initiative taken is eventually to earn profit out of the same. One of the crucial jobs of an Associate Product Marketing Manager is to precisely calculate the return that Google can expect from a particular product or a service. In others, APMM should evaluate the Return on Investment (ROI) of every single project before shelling out financial resources. 
  • The profile of the Product Marketing Manager is not conclusive but repetitive. Every single day of their job duration they have to furnish strategies for products, brands, or services that not only provide an edge to Google over its competitors but also are unique and innovative at the same time.  
  • However, depending on which location you are being posted has a slight impact on the work you carry out. Starting from Mountain View, New York, San Francisco, or any other Google office there is a change of customers, laws, competitors, and many more, hence which requires Product Managers to alter the Strategies suitable for a given scenario.  

How much does an Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM) earn?

Since Associate Product Marketing Manager as a career has gained huge momentum in past few years, its demand is rising steeply. Companies like Google, Facebook, KPMG, etc. are ready to offer quite a handsome salary package to acquire the best practical knowledge that the market has to offer, which ultimately leads to a high pay scale. 

As mentioned on its official website, Google is committed to paying on an average $ 58000 to an Associate Product Marketing Manager followed by an additional pay average of approximately $ 6200. 

Besides, the Associate Product Marketing Manager also enjoys benefits like stock bonuses, profit sharing, commission sharing, and cash bonuses. However, in the United States, an Associate Product Marketing Manager earns 8% less than the average salary offered by Google. 

An American APMM makes around $ 53000 per annum as compared to a Google employed APMM who manage to get $ 58000. The lack of salary parity can be due to differences in location, company, employers, experience to name a few. The salary of a newbie Associate Product Marketing Manager starts from $ 40000 and can go as high as $ 70000 based on the experience of an individual and the organization. 

How to become an Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM)?

After acquiring in-depth knowledge about Associate Product Marketing Manager, it’s time for the last and the most searched FAQ (Frequently Asked Question), which is how can one become an Associate Product Marketing Manager?

First thing first, one false notion of having a specific degree to apply for an APMM position should be put down. Applicants applying for the APMM program have degrees varying from physics to sociology to computer science. All that need is you to be a graduate. 

Procedure for Applying

Organizations including Google hire throughout the year. As and when the vacancy arises they post on the Career segment of their official site. By checking the career option on the website regularly you will eventually find the vacancy.

You can start applying to the post of Associate Product Marketing Manager in your home country or in the country whose business language is well versed by you. Once you have sent in your resume for the APMM post it will be scrutinized by the recruiter who will ultimately look at whether you are suitable as per the work requirement or not.

 It will be followed by a phone screen and a 3-4 round of interviews. Candidates in a few scenarios may be required to accomplish the task assigned to them. Based on the performance of the candidate throughout the interview process. 

In the United States, most of the recruitment is carried for undergraduates by their respective universities. Students looking for an internship or full-time job are advised to apply to APMM program via their College or University as the case may be.


Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM) Program is indeed one of the pristine options to adopt it as a career. Not only does this Program lay out a path for a non-technical savvy individual to have a flawless future in Product Marketing but other linked benefits like networking with esteemed Personalities, international trips to expand one’s understanding of the business followed my boot camp and mentor sessions. All-embracing, this program of Associate Product Marketing Manager is worth investing a fraction of one’s life.

APMM, What It Is? Salary? How To Become One?

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