How much do 12 year old models get paid?

At present-day, all companies need to promote their product to attract customers and make good value in their eyes. For the promotion of the product, they need adult and child models also because the companies are producing products not only for adults but also for kids. So the organization needs child artists or models to work as a representative of children’s products that are manufactured by them. Some child artists get paid for it while some are not. How to start a model career at 12? Procedure to become a child model, Can parents make money from their children’s model careers?  Do models get paid well? We are going to discuss all these things in this article so keep reading. Here we will see about How much do 12 year old models get paid?

A 12 year old models or child models get paid depend on the budget and clients. However, the average pay of a 12years old model in the US is $72,989 per annum or $35.09 per hour. While the top earners earn $145,500 per year or $12,125 per month and 75% of child models $97,500 per year. The 12 years old model can earn $5-$250+ per hour. But to become a model at 12 years old a child needs the permission of his/her parents and permits from the government.

How much do 12 year old models get paid?

How to start a model career at 12

Becoming a model at 12 is not so easy. A child needs to meet the requirements of the company or agencies then only he/she will be selected. If you want to start your model profession or as a child artist in the entertainment industry at 12 then you not only need the permission of your parents but also need permits from the government because you are under 18. But when you meet or contact the agencies they will guide you and your parents. The agency will tell you the documentation process to become an under-18 model.

Procedure to become a child model

Most parents think to make their children a model but they don’t know the right way. Sometimes they become victims of fraud agencies. If you have a baby and want to make him a model then the right procedure for parents is as follows:

  • First of all, you have to choose the best baby modeling agencies which provide good services.
  • You have to understand the risk and try to avoid it
  • You should have to put your baby first not the money
  • You have to know your child’s attitude or mood. If he/she is not comfortable then you have to postpone it. 

If you are 12 and to start your career as a model then there is also some strategy which you have to follow to prosperously grow your career. The procedure is as follows:

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • You have to take a photograph of good quality.
  • You have to attend all kinds of local talent searches and also have to try hard to win them.
  • You have also to attend the open casting calls.
  • You have also to learn how to make casting calls and modeling.
  • You have to contact good model agencies which provide good model careers and you can contact them through a call or via mail.

Can parents make money from their children’s model careers?

They can make money from child modeling but not for their livelihood because $72,898 is not enough for a family. Most parents save that money for the future of their child and some parents donate that money to a trust. You can also invest that money in the grooming of your child. It’s the best way for teaching children to focus and grow their careers and to teach the value of money. You can also teach them earning money is not stressful, it can also be fun. 

Do 12 year old models get paid well

Yes, the model gets paid well. It’s a good path to choose a career. Because the model career not only gives a good earning you can also have fun while earning. The adult model’s average earning is $125,457 per annum while it is $72,989 for the child model. So we can say the model gets paid well. But it may differ from agency to agency and entertainment industry to industry. It also depends on the types of modeling you are doing. Some industries give hourly payments while some give daily payments.


We can conclude that the average earning of a 12-year-old model is $72,989. It can be $5-250+ per hour but it varies from company to company. But to become a model at the age of 12 you need permission from your parents and a permit from the government also because it’s illegal to work for a child or a teenager who is under 18. 


1. Can 14 years old teenagers start their careers as models?

Ans. Yes, they can but with the permission of parents and the government.

2. Do models only get hourly payments?

Ans. No, some agencies and the entertainment industry also give payments per show basis.

3. Is modeling a good career for children?

Ans. Yes, modeling is a good career for children because it gives both good earnings and learning. 

How much do 12 year old models get paid?

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