Salaries For Account Manager -Know More About It

In this research, the accounts manager’s salary has been discussed as the account manager has the key role for any industry or organization to manage the financial resources record and its transaction maintenance. The accounts manager has different accounting functions that help to evaluate the accounting process. Besides that, the accounting manager’s salary is based on the different facts and figures of the organization. It will vary in the country, and organization also, it will depend upon the educational qualification of the candidate as well their work experience in that field. The salary range also involves incentives or bonuses in some organizations due to their policies and the pay range allotted. The education and experience matter for the salary structure of accounts manager because the knowledge and practical implementation help for better work. Let us know about “Salaries For Account Manager”

Salaries For Account Manager

The accounts manager’s salary varies from country to country due to its state of development and requirement as the company also matters in salary structure. The well-reputed and multinational companies provide a high range of packages to the accounts manager whereas the SMEs provide a limited package due to low budget. The educational qualification also creates a difference in salary range as the bachelor fresher receives a low salary for accounts manager compared to the master’s degree holder for the same post and company. The salary range is between 25,000 to 72,000 and it varies from country to country. Similarly, the work experience also affects the accounts manager package due to the experienced candidate’s company offers a high range of packages as the candidate has enough knowledge and understanding to manage the work. 

Requirements And Responsibilities Of Account Manager

The major responsibility of the accounts manager is to maintain accounting for revenue and assets, accounts payable, and receivables. The improvement in the process of accounting is through analyzing the rules and policies of accounting. The practice enables the account manager to support the financial activity and analyze the accounting process. As CPA certification is required for the accounts manager to perform well in estimating the budget. Rather than the average monthly salary also some benefits include for accounts managers such as transport, housing allowances, and other benefits. As it varies from company to company and country to country based on the required education or relevant experience of the candidate.

Account Manager Salary Based On The Years Of Experience

The experience level matter for the payout of accounts managers as the prior experience plays a major role in their work pattern and practical knowledge. The more years of experience in the same field gain more knowledge and increase the salary structure. Companies want to hire experienced candidates for less training and proper work. The experience peoples have practical knowledge thus, they have not required training for it that’s the reason it reduces costs for the company. Accounts managers have less than two years of experience allow 28,000 INR per month. Based on the experience the salary range varies such as 0-2 years, 2-5 years, 5-10 years, and more than that. 

Account Manager Salary Based On Education

As education is the base point thus the level of salary for accounts managers varies for persons with the same experience but different education levels. Besides that, higher education indicates a higher salary but the understanding of degree value with the income to compare with the salaries of accounts managers. The certification and diploma degree provide a 35,000 per month salary for an accounts manager. The bachelor’s degree provides 25% more than that and in the master’s degree, it has increased to 42% as the education requires an initial investment to increase the salary the education requires a completed degree, not in the study period. Once the education has been completed the value of the person has increased due to adding on a degree. Thus, many persons acquire a master’s degree to hike their salary as changing jobs creates a hike of 10% salary. 

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Accounts Manager Salary Based On Different Places Or Companies

As the country matters for the range of salary due to the economic condition and its development growth. The country’s GDP and its economic condition is the basis for the salary range of accounts manager. Economically weak and underdeveloped or developing does not provide that amount of payout compared to the developed countries. As the developed countries have economically strong thus it provides a handsome amount for the accounts also the salary range differ from company to company as the MNCs provides higher salary compared to SMEs. The accounts manager’s salary also varies in different states as the economic condition and rate of development matter for the salary growth and range. As, it can be noticed that currency deviation in different countries also differ in the salary range, in India there is low salary compare to UK and USA because of its economic condition.


This research concludes that the average account manager’s salary range is between 3 to 15 lakh per annum. Thus, it has varied in countries, companies, education, and work experience, the major requirement and responsibility of an accounts manager has discussed. Understanding the accounts manager’s salary based on their experience in this particular field evaluates the different aspects of fresher and experienced candidates for the accounts manager post. As the company or organization has required less time to provide the training to the experienced candidates also, they work appropriately due to practical experienced. Based on the education salary also vary as per the basis of bachelor degree it is quite tough to get a job as an accounts manager also, the payout is quite low. A master’s degree or PhD in accounts or finance provides a handsome package. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary for an accounts manager?

The salary range for an accounts manager is between 3 to 15 lakh per annum.

What are the factors affecting the salary range for an accounts manager?

The factors that affect the pay structure of accounts manager includes the country’s economic condition, company policies, work experience and education.

Is the accounts manager’s salary varying in different countries or states?

Yes, the accounts manager’s salary is different in different countries due to the deviation of economic condition and rate of GDP.

Is the difference in education level with the same experience, vary the salary range?

Yes, as per the research with the same experience candidates if the education levels differ then the salary range is different for them.

Is the role of experience and education matter with the accounts manager’s salary?

Yes, the education levels and experience both matter for the salary hike as it has increased the range due to more knowledge and experience in the practical field.

Salaries For Account Manager -Know More About It

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