Does YRC Freight Pay Weekly? | What Are It’s Payment Factors?

Yellow cooperation is an American transportation holding company commonly known as YRC freight or YRC worldwide. It is one of the biggest transportation companies in the US. YRC Freight is a good company to start small and gain experience if you are interested in transportation and Roadway business. Let’s learn about ‘Does YRC Freight Pay Weekly?’.

Does YRC Freight Pay Weekly?

Does YRC Freight Pay Weekly?

Yrc freight weekly pay is one of the many benefits that the company provides in salary. Unlike monthly and hourly wages not many jobs contain weekly salaries. However, the jobs that contain the company’s weekly salary structure or distribution for employees vary on several factors such as – part-time, full-time, places, and so on. 

To know more about distinct questions that arise as to how to start and apply for you, and what are the benefits, skills, and pay structure. read the article below.

YRC freight jobs: Descriptions, Payment factors, and structure

Yellow roadway corporations have distinct jobs which include – driving/on-road jobs, mechanics, docks, and office jobs, such as – IT, Sales, marketing, accounting, and financial jobs. To start your career in YRC gives quite some options to choose from according to qualifications and backgrounds.

Yellow cooperation payment for employees depends on distinct factors including – employment contracts, workplace locations, work positions, and so on. All these factors have impacts on the payment an employee earns, as different job positions have weekly pay but can also be paid monthly however, others cannot. 

Yellow roadways corporation usually only consists of full-time jobs as most office jobs and on-road jobs take days and weeks to complete. Yrc freight pays hourly, weekly, and bi-weekly, monthly depending on the position, location, and experience one has. Some of the common office jobs in YRC are – 

Assistant Manager

Assistant Managers are often the managers who work instead, or with General Managers on daily business operations. The assistant manager is required to operate, manage employees’ schedules, and make sure that newcomers understand and effectively complete their responsibilities. 

Assistant managers also manage and operate calls and emails consisting of complaints, queries, and feedback-related calls.

Avg. Salary: $40,000 to $70,000 per annum (incl. bonus & taxes).

General Manager

A general manager or GM is a high-end job, and it takes at least 3- 5 years of experience to become one. General managers are usually not hired, they are promoted inside the companies. 

A GM or general manager’s job is to monitor and operate departmental profits while managing and operating distinct operations. 

The Gm job is like an assistant manager but has some differences and more responsibilities such as – hiring and operating staff, launching prices for providing profit to the company, and managing budgets.

Avg. Salary: $45,000 to $ 110,000 per annum (incl. bonus & taxes).  

Chief Executive Officer

Like other companies, the chief executive or CEO is considered one of the highest-ranking jobs in YRC freight. The Chief executive job is an EO job that contains several responsibilities such as – building, managing an executive team, and executing strategies. 

The other jobs and salary structures consisting of mechanics and roads jobs with weekly and bi-weekly pay are – 


Mechanic is not in-office work, and this job is paid hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, or on a monthly basis depending on location and contract. 

The main responsibility of a mechanic is to fix cars, trucks, and other corporation vehicles. Sometimes mechanics are also expected to drop off and pick up vehicles from several spots.

Avg. Salary – $470 to $500 per week

Delivery and Pick-up Driver

Drivers are usually paid weekly, bi-weekly, or on an hourly basis. A driver’s basic requirement is to just drive the vehicle pick up and transport the goods fast and in good condition.

Avg. Salary – $800 to $ 1200 bi-weekly or $300 to $500 per week.

All these factors have impacts on the payment an employee earns, as different job positions have weekly pay, and several others get paid monthly. Weekly, biweekly, and monthly pay majorly depends on the kind of jobs and whether they are part-time or full-timMany other minor factors included companies, locations, contracts, and so on. 

For YRC Freight weekly and bi-weekly payment is done every Friday and Saturday, however, several times it depends on the contract between the employee and the company. Many state yrs provide salary details in their contract or offer letters.   

The weekly or bi-weekly payment is accomplished by the employees and is usually contract based and depends on the day of joining and does not have a common date or time like it is for monthly and hourly. 

Important note – Read the terms and services to know more about employees’ discounts, Financial Security, and other benefits. Terms & Services are applied to all kinds of benefits.


In conclusion, the distinct factors affect the payment and salary structure of YRC Freight. Different payment also depends on the types of jobs, and employment contracts whether they are part-time or full-time, and so on.    

Further in the article we also learned about YRC freight employment benefits, document requirements, and the hiring process to make it easier for interested employees to apply for the job.

Does YRC Freight Pay Weekly? | What Are It’s Payment Factors?

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