Does Foot Locker Pay Weekly? | When Will They Get Paid?

With a portfolio of brands that includes Champs Sports, Foot Locker, atmos, Kids Foot Locker, WSS, and Sidestep, the American sportswear and shoe retailer Foot Locker Retail, Inc. is at the forefront of the world’s celebration of shoes and youth culture. By kindling a common love for self-expression and delivering unrivalled experiences at the heart of the worldwide community of sneakers, the firm aims to motivate and encourage younger generation throughout the world. The business also operates websites and mobile apps. It has roughly 2,800 retail locations spread across 28 nations in North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. The corporate headquarters of Foot Locker, Inc. are in New York. Let us see Does foot locker pay weekly in this article.

Does footlocker pay weekly?

Does foot locker pay weekly?

Regardless of age, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender orientation, previous or present military service, genetic information, race, colour, sex, creed, national origin, or any other factor protected by relevant federal, state, or municipal legislation, the company assess all job applications.

Employees at Foot Locker receive bi-weekly pay, on Friday specifically. Both part-time and full-time associates receive commission on every sale they make. Managers are eligible for bonuses but are not compensated for routine sales.

Work Title Index Average

  • Recruiter- $47,752                                                           
  • Software engineer -$93,278
  • Retail store manager   – $50,780
  • Retail manager – $45,442
  • Brand marketing manager   – $103,920
  • Retail general manager – $60,966
  • Staff accountant – $50,500

These are the average salary of the employees depending on the positions for their job.

Entry-level positions are available at Foot Locker for those with little to no experience. College students and those who want to earn extra money in their leisure time might apply for these positions. Although full-time entry-level positions are also available, most entry-level positions have part-time hours. Starting pay for these positions is from $8 to $9 per hour, just above the federal minimum wage. The exact starting pay will vary depending on where in the nation you reside. As you advance in education and experience, your pay will also marginally increase.

The typical hourly wage for a Foot Locker Sales Clerk in New York is $12.38, which is in line with the national average. At Foot Locker, Inc., the highest reported hourly wage is now $19.90. Naturally, individual compensation will differ based on the position, division, and location as well as the unique abilities and qualifications of each employee.

Highest paid salary

Currently, $121k / year is the highest reported compensation for a Foot Locker, Inc. employee.      

Employee’s payment in different cities

New York -The typical hourly wage for a Foot Locker Sales Assistant is $12.38, which is in line with the national average.   

California- From about $9.53 per hour for a retail sales assistant to $38.11 per hr for a district manager, Foot Locker’s average hourly pay ranges. From roughly $15,000 annually for a sales coach to $51,635 annually for a store manager, Foot Locker salaries range on average. 

Texas- the average hourly wage for a Foot Locker Store Sales Assistant is about $18.22, which is 39% higher than the national average.   

Colorado -The hourly wages at Foot Locker typically vary from $12.60 for a retail sales assistant to $14.31 for an assistant manager.     


Workdays were simply determined by the number of customers entering the store, and they were paid $9.50 per hour plus 1% commission on each sale.     

Some drawbacks of biweekly payments include

Because they are paid less frequently than weekly payments, you must be careful when making budget plans because you must cover two weeks’ worth of expenses. In comparison to semi-monthly payments, the total amount due is smaller with biweekly payments.

With mid and monthly payment schedules, there is consistency and it is simple to deduct taxes, which makes it easier to compute one’s pay check precisely.

Benefits of biweekly payments include 

  • stability, as you receive your payments on the same day each week when. As opposed to semi-monthly payments, which have two set dates but fluctuate in terms of when you will receive your money.
  • Planning is easy with this sort of payment because you will receive a larger pay check than with weekly instalments and you can control your costs with ease if you are consistent.
  • Biweekly payments have higher paydays. Compared to semi-monthly pay-outs, there are 26 instead of 24 pay checks. Therefore, you typically receive two pay checks every month, but every two months, you will receive three.

Satisfaction with pay among employees

Benefits do not begin until three months have passed. There ought to be incentives to stick with the business. There is no justification for paying a part-time employee who has worked there for years and is proficient in all tasks the same amount as someone who is just starting out and has no idea what they are doing. Likewise, show your staff that you value them.

They pay for all the completed work. They removed the only incentive for us to sell, the commission, and then get upset when we do not move as quickly while still receiving basic wage and the managers get to stand and look good.

so overall the payment is decent and employees just love the work environment.


All levels of employees receive biweekly pay. New hires are required to set up a bank transfer with the company. For the week concluding on Thursday, payments are received on Friday mornings. Due to the monthly payment schedule, one should arrange their budget appropriately to maximize the benefits. By sharing a love of adventures and self-expression in the global sneaker community, Footlocker aims to motivate and encourage young people through sneakers. You get to pick up a lot of fresh knowledge and get more connected with the clients and the company. 

The company’s long-term success depends on the training and working conditions it provides its staff. This offers employees the chance and motivation to further their careers so that even if they leave, the knowledge, abilities, and experiences they have gained can be used elsewhere. Footlocker is the ideal place to be, whether you work there full- or part-time, are young or elderly, experienced or not.

Does Foot Locker Pay Weekly? | When Will They Get Paid?

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