Does Buffalo Wild Wings pay weekly?

Buffalo Wild Wings is an American casual dining franchise with branches all over the world including India, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Panama. The company was founded in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio and currently has its headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia. The franchise is known all over the world for its buffalo-styled chicken wings and its specialty sauces. The company boasted of an employee base in excess of 44,000 as of 2016 with more than 1,200 locations as of November 2020. Here we will see about Does Buffalo Wild Wings pay weekly?

Does Buffalo Wild Wings pay weekly?

Does Buffalo Wild Wings pay weekly?

Buffalo Wild Wings advertises itself as a restaurant that promises to turn game-time into stories worth telling. The franchise is keen to be a space where friends can enjoy great food and a wide variety of drinks in a relaxed, casual setting.

Buffalo Wild Wings requires its employees to have the heart of a competitor. Sportsmanship is valued above everything else and that includes celebrating differences, being fair and acting as a team player in all situations. The staff are expected to hustle which means taking ownership in providing a winning guest experience. It also means anticipating and embracing change with zeal. 

 The company prides itself in actively engaging with the wider community and making sure people have memorable experiences while dining at Buffalo Wild Wings. Since 2013, the organization has raised and donated in excess of $22M to help children have access to sports so that they feel part of a team and a wider support circle. The total number of children helped through the Buffalo Wild Wings Foundation is estimated to be approximately one million. 

The vast majority of these funds are directed towards local communities in finding solutions for common problems in youth sports such as lack of equipment, uniforms and transportation. There is also an urgent need for coach training and the upgradation of facilities since most of the infrastructure which is present in these communities is derelict and not up to professional standards. Since 2013, the franchise has teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club of America to create All-Stars sports leagues across the country and has hosted an annual fundraiser called Team Up for Kids.

The company encourages the staff to have fun and that means enjoying the moment and creating an engaging, entertaining environment 

According to, employees in a wide variety of roles in Buffalo Wild Wings are get their pay bi weekly. These roles include but are not limited to cooks, servers, hospitality managers and cashiers. The establishment is very proud of having an employee centric work culture. The company scored an average of 60 on the work happiness score and 68 as an average of achievement while the score on flexibility was 67. 

It’s safe to say that Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the largest employers of students and graduates from universities across the continental United States.

Working at Buffalo Wild Wings

Current and former employees say that Buffalo Wild Wings is a fast-paced work environment which can be fun if the employee is energetic and is willing to work according to the instructions given by management. Most employees report that servers and bartenders can earn a substantial amount of tips especially during the football season when most of the branches report a huge volume of customers. The customers tend to order a lot of drinks and food during these games and end up tipping their servers and waiters quite well.

Employees have reported that Buffalo Wild Wings has a positive work environment with certain perks such as discounted meals. Some staff has mentioned that there is a lot of room for improvement in a number of areas such as career growth, role development, steady working hours, proper rotation of shifts, elimination of favoritism, increase in basic pay and willingness to rotate staff in different roles based on employee requests and demand.

While some employees praise their local BWW branches for being extremely flexible with shift schedules and the general rotation policy, other employees from branches across the continental United States report that the management seems to be rigid in its shift schedule and requests for flexibility in shifts especially in the weekend and nights were not looked at favorably.

Some staff are of the opinion that roles that have unfavorable shift schedules are not jobs for people with additional responsibilities such as children and other post-work responsibilities.

Some of the common benefits include health insurance, flexible schedule, monthly bonus, retirement plan, quarterly bonus, paid time off, dental insurance, employee discount, tuition reimbursement and vision insurance.

Average Buffalo Wild Wings hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.49 per hour for a Service Assistant to $16.54 per hour for a Fast-Food Attendant. 

What do Buffalo Wild Wings employees do?

Buffalo Wild Wings employees work in a huge variety of roles including hospitality team members, cooks, servers, hostesses, assistant managers, welcome and reception staff including various other roles.

Cashiers for example work an average of 6 to 8 hours per day while other roles report an average of 8 to 10 hours per day.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the hourly wage for employees at Buffalo Wild Wings?

A1. A hospitality team member gets paid $11.44 per hour on average. 

Q2. Is Buffalo Wild Wings a preferred employer for university students and graduates?

A2. Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular employer of choice for university students and freshers who are looking for part-time, seasonal, casual or full-time working hours. While demand can vary with the football season and can be low at certain times of the year, the servers are usually rewarded with tips and have an overall positive work environment.

Q3. Can employees at Buffalo Wild Wings make substantial earnings from tips?

A3. Buffalo Wild Wings employees report earning a substantial amount of tips especially during game days of the football season.


While opinions may differ over the popularity of Buffalo Wild Wings as an employer of choice for students and other sections of society especially in the continental United States, there is widespread agreement that the company is one of the easier establishments to work under, especially as a fresh graduate from university. The salaries are paid bi-weekly and the schedules are flexible and dependent on management policy.

Does Buffalo Wild Wings pay weekly?

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