Who Owns UPS?- Full History

Who Owns UPS

UPS provides amazing services to its consumers efficiently. The more acquainted yourself with necessary information about the company, the more knowledgeable you become. United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American multinational company that specializes in delivering packages across the globe. Headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia, it is perhaps one of the largest courier companies in the world mainly known for its shipping services. With its dark brown buses and fleets of aircraft, consumers get their packages delivered to any destination of their choice. This article enlightens you on what the company is, and the various shareholders (individuals and institutions) of this multinational corporation. Here, we’ll discuss Who Owns UPS?

What is UPS?

Founded in 1907 by James Casey and Claude Ryan, United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American multinational corporation that specializes in shipping and courier services. It is arguably the largest company in the world by revenue according to the Fortune 500 list. It is mainly known for its shipping services as well as its retail store which makes its shipment process efficient for consumers and the company. Besides, it offers shipment services by air and also delivers packages to postal boxes through one of its subsidiaries, UPS SurePost. As of July 2021, the company’s value is worth US$184.95 billion with a single share priced at $212. It owns several subsidiaries including UPS Logistics, UPS Professional Solutions, UPS i-parcel, UPS Mail Innovations, and more. Its CEO is Carol Tomé.

UPS Shareholders

UPS has some investors that has8 made the company’s value increase over time. These investors include private individuals and institutions. Here is the list of these investors and the amount they hold in this corporation.

Private Shareholders

  1. Myron A. Gray

Myron Gray served as the president of UPS operations for the United States. He joined the company in 1978 where he started as a package handler. During that time, he served in that position at the Tennessee District while being a student. He attended the University of Memphis where he holds a bachelor’s degree the University of Memphis. Other prestigious institutions he attended include the Yale School of Business and INSEAD where he completed an advanced management program. In 1995, he became the vice president and also served as COO at the Southeast Texas District. He performed a similar role in the Rocky Mountain District as well. In 2002, he got promoted as president that enabled him to control the Southwest region.  Two years later, he was able to control the North Central region as well. 

At UPS, Gray served in different positions such as human resources, industrial engineering, business development, and operations. During his role as the president of U.S operations, he was responsible for the delivery of packages and other logistic services in the country. He took charge of strategic transformations that improved the company’s delivery system. Some of these services include expansion of the company’s logistics services, employment of technological tools in UPS operations, and improving the fleet’s delivery operations. Through the SEC filing form in March 2018, it was revealed that Gray holds 120,648 shares of the company.

  1. Alan Gershehorn

Alan Gershehorn served as the Vice President and the Chief Commercial Officer for UPS. He joined the company as a package handler in 1979 in Houston, Texas. Born in 1958, he holds a degree in finance from the University of Houston in 1982. While working at the company, Gershehorn held various positions (both U.S and worldwide) in fields such as business operations, retail, engineering, advertisements, logistics, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and more.

Also, he has served in international positions such as Chief Sales, Marketing, and Strategy Officer. Here, he controlled affairs relating to gross sales, advertisement, income administration, digital commerce, product growth, buyer relationship, and company technique. As the Vice President and CCO of United Parcel Service, he controlled and directed the affairs of the company in areas like merger and acquisition, public affairs, advertising, global gross sales, customer relationship, product growth and development, electronic commerce, revenue generation, and management, and many more. Besides, he managed and directed the operations of one of the company’s subsidiaries, Coyote Logistics, which deals with transport activities. Thanks to the SEC filing form, it was revealed that Gershehorn holds 120,202 shares of the multinational corporation in March 2018. He resigned in June 2018 to explore other business-related opportunities. 

  1. David P. Abney

David P. Abney is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. He became the CEO in 2014. Meanwhile, he didn’t hold the chairmanship position until 2016. Abbey worked as a part-time package handler while he was a student but has held various positions at the company. In 2007, Abbey served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) where he directed the affairs of the company. Besides, he served in international positions that influenced the company’s international logistics operations. Here, he was able to expand the logistics operations on an international scale and also oversaw various international acquisitions. Some of these acquisitions include the Fritz Companies, Lynx Express, Stolica, and more. Thanks to SEC’s filing form, it was revealed that Abbey holds 322,824 shares of the company in January 2021. 

Institutional Shareholders

Financial institutions are the largest shareholders of the company. Their stakes when pooled together amount to 69.67% of the company’s outstanding shares. These shareholders include:

  1. The Vanguard Group Inc.

The Vanguard Group holds the largest shares of the company. Its mutual fund holders are not exempted from the holdings. According to CNN Business, the institution holds over 58 million shares of UPS which is approximately $12 billion (USD). It has an 8.23% stake within the company as well. Four out of the ten highest mutual fund holders are Vanguard Group. They include Vanguard Total Stock Market Index, Vanguard 500 Index Fund, Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund, and Vanguard Institutional Index Fund. Altogether, they own over 45 million shares of UPS. 

  1. BlackRock Fund Advisors

BlackRock is another institutional investor of the company. With a recorded asset of $6.84 trillion, it is the world’s largest investment management company. It specializes in the sales of investment funds such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, and more. According to CNN Business, BlackRock holds over 32 million shares which are approximately worth $7 billion. The firm has a 4.70% stake within the company. 

  1. State Street Global Advisors

State Street Global Advisors is one of the sponsors of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). With a recorded asset of $3.59 trillion in June 2019, it is the world’s fourth-largest asset management institution. It specializes in managing investment strategies for different entities including governmental agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations, and more. According to CNN, the firm holds about 29 million of the company’s shares which are approximately worth $6 billion (USD). Besides, it has a 4.10% stake in the company.

  1. T. Rowe Price Associate, Inc

T. Rowe is an American investment management firm that has a recorded asset of $1.6 trillion (USD) in 2020. It offers financial and advisory services to individuals, organizations, and other financial institutions. As of 2020, the firm generated $6.2 billion. According to CNN, the firm owns over 16 million shares of UPS which is about $3 billion in value. It has a 2.23% stake in the firm.

  1. Fidelity Management & Research

Fidelity Management and Research (FMR) is an American multinational investment corporation. Established in 1946, it is one of the largest asset management institutions in the world. As of June 2020, it has a recorded asset of $4.9 trillion (USD). FMR offers a variety of financial services including wealth management, investment advice, retirement plans or services, cryptocurrency, asset custody, insurance, and more. It holds about 15 million shares which are about $3 billion in value. It has a 2.21% stake in the corporate firm.

  1. ClearBridge Investment LLC

ClearBridge Investment is one of the company’s shareholders. Headquartered in New York City, ClearBridge investment is a large asset management institution. As of 2021, it has a recorded asset of $158.1 billion under management. ClearBridge provides numerous services to its clients such as offering funds, giving investment advice, managing assets, conducting research, and more. It has its offices in different corners of the world including London, Sydney, San Francisco, Baltimore, and Wilmington.  The corporation holds about 10 million of UPS’s outstanding shares which are about $2.2 billion (USD) in value. It has a 1.46% stake in the company.

  1. Geode Capital Management LLC

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Geode Capital is another prime investor of UPS’s shares. With a recorded asset of $720 billion (USD), this firm was originally set up to run equity strategies. It focuses on financial activities such as managing assets for clients, investing in public equity and other investment markets, and others. Some of its clients include corporations, non-profit foundations, investment companies, governmental entities, and more. At UPS, Geode Capital owns about 10 million of its outstanding shares which are monetarily worth $2.1 billion (USD). It has a stake of 1.46% within the company. 

Other institutional investors of UPS include Northern Trust Investment, Inc, Wellington Management Co. LLP, Managed Account Advisors LLC, and more.

Who Owns UPS?- Full History

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