Who Owns Nintendo?- Full History

Who Owns Nintendo?

Nintendo is a huge name in the gaming world. The Japanese multinational electronic company is owned by Hiroshi Yamauchi. Hiroshi Yamauchi was born on 7th November 1927 and was the third president of Nintendo. Today’s topic- Who Owns Nintendo?

Due to his unfortunate death back in the year 2013 because of pneumonia, there had been a lot of changes. It was because of Yamauchi that Nintendo became active in their works. Nintendo was the only company that became the first multibillion-dollar video game publisher. 

Hiroshi was a well-known and intelligent businessman who knew the future of gaming technology. The Nintendo company belonged to Hiroshi’s grandfather which was a playing-card company. One might think that Nintendo is one of the newcomers in the market but they are wrong.

The current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nintendo is Shuntaro Furukawa. The company has its headquarters based in Japan, Kyoto. The company has been in the market for a long time and has been known to be in effect since the late 1800. 

The company still has the capacity to attract youngsters for their latest innovations in technology and gaming. Nintendo has brought many gaming products into the market which made an enormous reputation. The current owner of Nintendo of America is wholly owned by its parent company which is Nintendo Co.

Nintendo games might be expensive but they do not compromise their quality. However, the games are expensive only because customers purchasing Nintendo can play exclusive games from Nintendo itself. 

Nintendo has completed more than 130 years in the technology market. The company had been known as a toy manufacturing company at that point in time. Nintendo has created franchises that are still quite popular in the market. 

Mario is one of the franchises that is known worldwide and along with that Pokemon has been the most notable works of Nintendo. The company boasts about its sale of video games globally. It has been found that Nintendo sold more than 5.1 billion video games including 800 million hardware worldwide. 

Steps To Become A Worker At Nintendo 

  • Candidates interested in working at Nintendo on software and data-specific opportunities should be graduated. 
  • If you are interested in the above-mentioned fields then you should have a bachelor’s degree in research, computer science, or any other related technical field. 
  • Apply according to your interest and preferences even if you are a resident of the US.
  • Get a call back from the employer for your further selection process. 
  • Make sure you prepare yourself for the job before you want to apply for it. 

Nintendo of America has various job posts offered for interested candidates. The jobs for engineers would be in higher demand as their workload is heavier. On the other hand, the salaries are pretty decent working as an engineer for Nintendo in the US.

Some job vacancies are available on several jobs searching websites where eligible and interested candidates can apply for them. Employees might require learning about the Japanese language more if they do not have an idea about the language. 

Nintendo Owner Net Worth & Salary

Hiroshi Yamauchi made a fortune out of his innovative gaming ideas. According to the year 2007, his net worth was estimated to be approximately US$ 8.4 billion. The amount was huge and in the year 2019, his net worth was calculated to be around US$ 9.5 billion. 

Nintendo created a huge customer base and this is one of the reasons why it created so much goodwill. The company launched new products and they specially advertised them. Their product was launched on special days at a specific time event. 

The company invited common people to try out their latest products. Nintendo also offers free goodies, T-shirts, and other such kinds of items to their customers while launching a new product. This was only the worth of Hiroshi Yamauchi whereas the worth of the company had rocketed high enough to cross the billionth mark.

Hiroshi Yamauchi was the President and also the chairman of the company from the year 1949-2002. His mindset as a businessman made him enough fortune and at the time of his death, he was the largest shareholder at Nintendo. 

Nintendo uses various advertising strategies to reach out to their customers. Their product quality has made them what they are today. Nintendo used traditional methods for reaching out to their customers such as using televisions, newspapers, billboards, and other such kinds of things. 

The company focused more on their quality of products and automatically customers began to like them. It is because of the satisfied customers that Nintendo grew so large under Yamauchi. Yamauchi’s contribution to society was huge and immeasurable. 

Nintendo had a huge impact on the world as they were the ones who had revolutionized how people had spent their free time. They were also the ones who made children socialize with their friends. Nintendo not only helped change the minds of the common people but large companies at that point in time like Microsoft and Sony became what they are currently. 

What Does The Owner Of Nintendo Do?

The owners of any company will work on the management part of a company. Similarly, the job of Yamauchi was to manage and maintain his employees in his company. When Yamauchi was made the President of Nintendo, employees working at that time did not take him seriously. 

It was his grandfather’s company and this is why Yamauchi was taken lightly by his employees at that point in time. Yamauchi’s grandfather’s health condition was decreasing and this was why Yamauchi was convinced by his grandfather to take his place in the company. 

Yamauchi’s management skills were lacking at that point of time back in 1949 but he made an efficient comeback throughout the years. Before launching any new products it had to be first checked by the owner and then the product reached the market. 

How Much Does an Employee At Nintendo Make?

Nintendo offers jobs to higher posts like the job of an engineer and other such kinds of posts. The salary per year of those posts is pretty decent. An employee at Nintendo can approximately earn around $52,323 per year in the United States of America.

However, different jobs will offer you different amounts of salaries. For example, software and other types of engineers of the company might be paid much higher than an average worker. Software engineers make the highest working for Nintendo in the US.

Nintendo is one of the largest gaming companies in the world and one might dream about working in their company. Interested candidates can apply for their interesting job post because working for Nintendo might not be as tough as you might think. 

Nintendo offers a great working environment for their employees to work. People feel that Nintendo makes great products and it has got a high impact on their work lives. Employees feel motivated to work and thus they tend to stick to the organization for a longer time.


Nintendo offers an exciting working environment for their employees so that they feel motivated to work. It was only because of Hiroshi Yamauchi that the Nintendo company had its goodwill. Yamauchi had clear thoughts about his vision and now his company is one of the most successful companies in the world. 

If anyone is thinking about working for Nintendo then it is a great choice. Nintendo pays decent salaries to their employees but before getting through one has to prepare for the post that they want to work for. 

In the US, online job searching websites have come up with job vacancies so that interested candidates can apply for them. Make sure that you have the required education so that you can meet the criteria of the company. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What qualifications are required to get a job as a software engineer in Nintendo?

Ans: To get a job as a software engineer in Nintendo of America one must have a bachelor’s degree in research, computer science. They can also have a degree in any other related technical field. 

  1. Who is the current owner of Nintendo?

Ans: Shuntaro Furukawa is the current President of Nintendo. Shuntaro is a Japanese businessman and is the sixth President of Nintendo. 

  1. Is getting work at Nintendo difficult?

Ans: Getting work at Nintendo might not be as tough as you might think but one should possess the required skills, degrees, and knowledge for getting a job at Nintendo. 

  1. Is the working culture good at Nintendo?

Ans: Yes, the working culture is great at Nintendo of America. Employees feel that the working conditions are the best and anyone can work with a high impact on their work/life balance.

  1. Do Nintendo employees get well paid?

Ans: On average a Nintendo employee will make around $52,323 per year in the US. Different job posts will offer different salaries. 

  1. Which are the highest-paying posts in Nintendo?

Ans: Some of the highest paying posts in Nintendo are as the following:

  • Software Engineer – $109,368/year
  • Senior Software Engineer – $136,958/year
  • Product Tester- $14/hour
  1. Who is the creator of Nintendo?

Ans: Fusajiro Yamauchi is the creator of Nintendo.

  1. Is there a connection between Disney and Nintendo?

Ans: There is no connection between Disney and Nintendo. Both these companies are independent but these companies have a lot of similarities for protecting their values of properties.  

Who Owns Nintendo?- Full History

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