Who Owns Jimmy Dean Sausage?

Tyson Foods manufactures sausage under the Jimmy Dean trademark. Jimmy Dean, a musician, and actor Who else produced the business, did so in 1969. Tyson Foods, one of the biggest meat manufacturers in the world, is the owner of Jimmy Dean sausage. As a publicly listed business, Tyson Foods is owned by its shareholders. While Tyson Foods may be the owner of Jimmy Dean sausage, the company does not operate the brand. That responsibility falls to another company, The Sara Lee Company. A food called Sara Lee Corporation is the owner of a variety of well-known trademarks, including Jimmy Dean sausage. Many sausages are available under the Jimmy Dean brand for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The business also produces Jimmy Dean D-lights, a line of lower-calorie sausages, and Jimmy Dean is included. Grain Free and Jimmy Dean Organic sausages. Keep reading to know “Who Owns Jimmy Dean Sausage?”

Who Owns Jimmy Dean’s Sausage?

Who Owns Jimmy Deans Sausage?

When it comes to answering the question of who owns Jimmy Dean sausage, there are a few different schools of thought. Some people believe that the company that produces the sausage, Tyson Foods, Inc., is the true owner of the brand. Some people claim since Jimmy Dean was such an instrumental character in the creation and success of the sausage, his estate should be considered a principal owner.

There is no clear response to who owns Jimmy Dean sausage. However, it is safe to say that both Tyson Foods and the Jimmy Dean estate have a substantial stake in the brand.

The History of Jimmy Dean Sausage

Jimmy Dean sausage is a brand of breakfast sausage made by Tyson Foods. The Jimmy Dean brand was founded in 1969 by Jimmy Dean, a country music, singer, and actor.

Tyson foods bought the Jimmy Dean sausage brand from Sara Lee in 2006. Tyson Foods also results in other breakfast meats under the Jimmy Dean brand, including bacon, Canadian bacon, ham, and turkey sausage.

The current owner of Jimmy Dean Sausage

The current owner of Jimmy Dean Sausage is Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods acquired the company in September 2014 from Hillshire Brands.

The brand was acquired by Sara Lee in 1984

In 1984, the Jimmy Dean brand was acquired by Sara Lee. Since then, the company has continued to produce high-quality sausage products. Today, Jimmy Dean sausage is available in a variety of flavors and sizes and can be found in grocery stores across the United States.

In 2015, the brand was sold to Hillshire Brands

In 2015, the brand was sold to Hillshire Brands. The company was then acquired by Tyson Foods in 2016. Today, Jimmy Dean sausage is made by Tyson Foods and sold in grocery stores across the United States.

Why the Change in Ownership?

In September 2015, Tyson Foods announced that it would be acquiring Jimmy Dean sausage from Hillshire Brands. It’s unknown why the ownership changed, but it might have something to do with how competitive the meat market is.

As the largest meat producer in the world, Tyson Foods has an advantage over its rivals. The company has been on an acquisition spree in recent years, and the purchase of Jimmy Dean sausage will only solidify its position in the market.

There are several reasons why Tyson Foods may have decided to purchase Jimmy Dean sausage:

First, Tyson Foods is looking to increase its market share in the meat industry. The purchase of Jimmy Dean sausage will help the company achieve this aim.

Second, Tyson Foods is looking to expand its portfolio of products. The addition of Jimmy Dean sausage will give the company a new product to offer consumers.

Third, Tyson Foods may be looking to tap into new markets with the purchase of Jimmy Dean sausage. For example, Hillshire Brands also owns Ball Park hot dogs, which gives Tyson Foods a new avenue to explore.

Fourth, and finally, Tyson Foods may be looking to improve its margins by acquiring Jimmy Dean sausage. The company has stated that it is looking to improve its bottom line, and acquiring Jimmy Dean sausage will help it achieve this goal.

The products that Jimmy Dean Sausage offers

Jimmy Dean Sausage offers a variety of pork and turkey sausages, as well as breakfast sandwiches, burritos, biscuits, and gravy. Jimmy Dean Sausage products are available in grocery stores nationwide.

Where to find Jimmy Dean Sausage?

The meat section of most supermarkets is where you can find Jimmy Dean sausage if you’re looking for it. Additionally, it is available online at both Amazon.com and the Jimmy Dean website.

New Owner Plans to Grow the Brand

The new owner of Jimmy Dean sausage plans to grow the brand by increasing its product line and increasing its marketing efforts. The company plans to introduce new products, like breakfast, sandwiches, and burritos, that will appeal to a larger variety of customers. To promote brand awareness to increase its advertising budget to increase sales.

A cooking technique for Jimmy Dean Sausage

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy breakfast option, Jimmy Dean sausage is a great choice. Here is a quick recipe guide for it:

1. Start by removing the sausage from its casing. You can do this only by slicing along the length of the sausage with a sharp knife.

2. Next, put the sausage in a pan that has been preheated to medium heat.

3. Cook the sausage for about 10 minutes, flipping it occasionally, until it’s browned all over.

4. Once it’s cooked, you can enjoy your Jimmy Dean sausage on its own or add it to your favorite breakfast dish!


For Jimmy Dean sausage consumers, this means that they can expect the same great taste and quality that they have come to know and love. The only difference is that the company will now be owned by a different parent company. There is no need to worry about modifications to the product. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite sausage!


Although the history of Jimmy Dean sausage is a bit unclear, it seems that the company has changed hands a few times. Today, It seems like Tyson Foods owns the brand. However, despite everything who owns Jimmy Dean sausage, one thing is for sure – it makes a delicious breakfast!

  • What was the cause of Jimmy Dean’s death?

The Porsche that actor James Dean, 24, is driving collides with a Ford Tudor sedan at a junction in Cholame at 5:45 PM on September 30, 1955, killing him.

  • How old is the sausage man Jimmy Dean?

Jimmy Dean, a myth in country music for the big hit “Big Bad John” about a working-class hero, and a successful businessman famed for his sausage brand passed away on Sunday. He was 81.

  • Why was Dean incarcerated?

Dean’s involvement in the Watergate affair led to after being found guilty of obstructing justice and four months in prison.

Who Owns Jimmy Dean Sausage?

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