Who owns Genesis? Genesis History

Genis Motor is the name which means beginning (Romanized: Jenesiseu), is the luxury vehicle division of the South Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group. It was officially announced as a standalone marque in November 2015. See Who owns Genesis?

Who owns Genesis?

The Genesis and Hyundai relationship can be a little tricky for those unfamiliar with the history and connection of the two brands. Hyundai thought of this idea of a high-end luxury brand vehicle in 2003, but actually, the first genesis model was lined up in 2007. 

Who owns Genesis?

2013 saw the launch of second-generation Genesis. However, the most crucial launching took place post two years in 2015, brands like Audi, BMW came together to launch Genesis as their brand entity.

What makes it best?

Though relatively new, every new genesis model is made with high precision to deliver unmatched levels of reliability and set new standards of sophistication. The logo of Genesis has become a symbol of luxury worldwide. It draws designs from top-notch brands like Bentley and Lamborghini.

The cost of luxurious vehicles of Genesis is crafted so that they can be easily afforded. It is the only brand that follows IIHS’s top safety picks on every car they manufacture. 

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Brand Overview

The vehicle manufacturer targets consumers looking for a high-end luxury vehicle, but not by selling them at an outrageous price. Usually, the price range of Genesis models, such as GV80, GV90, is 50,000 USD. This is much less than the price range of other luxury brands.

Genesis has become famous for its high-quality, high-performing luxury vehicles. This brand of rear or all-wheel drive offers a lot of value for the money invested by the customers.

The larger G80 and G90 sedans are still pretty new to entering the big leagues. But, they offer good value.

Major Milestones

The year 2020 was an excellent year for Genesis. As per the Vehicle Dependability Study, the brand was positioned no.1 in long-term quality.

This brand was recognized for a good design award and was in the North American Car of the Year Award 2020.

The brand is on a significant rise. This brand has continued to redefine the car industry ever since its first launch.

Vehicle Lineup

Genesis offers a fleet of luxury vehicles in their range of models. The current model or Genesis are as follows:-

  • G70
  • G80
  • G90
  • GV70
  • GV90 and more…

These models have an array of impressive specifications and designs. In addition to these models mentioned above, in 2018, Genesis registered for GT70, GT80, and GT90 trademarks. This was done for the preparation of three grand tourer models.

Evolution of Genesis

The brand Genesis has evolved a lot since its first launch. Below mentioned is a brief timeline of Genesis Motors from its major launch in the year 2015 to 2021.

2015 Genesis G90

This was first launched in South Korea on Dec 9, 2015. The vehicle was declared open for purchase in 2015 at the North American auto show. This large sedan offered seating for five and came with two engines, namely V6 and V8. This model of G90 came filled with various luxurious features that other rivals would not have provided under the same budget, as G90 did.

The 5.0 ultimate top-of-the-range trim came with a five-liter engine with 420 horsepower. It came with rear or all-wheel drive. In addition, the 3.3 t premium trim level came with a 3.3-liter V6 engine that printed out 365 horsepower.

2016 Genesis G80

This midsize luxury sedan gave tough competition to the Audi A6, Mercedes Benz E Class, and BMW 5 series. The vehicle was declared open to the world in the year 2016 at North American international auto show. This launch was further followed by the 2016 Busan motor show. This vehicle came with a choice of three engines namely 3.3 liters, 3.8 liters V6 or a 5 liter VA. 

The Genesis G80 sports a 3.3-liter V6 engine producing 370 horsepower. It also had amazing features such as staggered wheels. This model too was unveiled to the world at the 2016 Busan motor show.

2017 Genesis G70

This vehicle was shown to the world for the first time on Sep 15, 2017, at a global event. It is Genesis’s third model and was designed to compete with other executive and entry-level luxury sedans. This G70 model was awarded with the title of 2019 North American Car of the year. The design was made by a German auto designer named Peter Schreyer. He as an automobile designer was also responsible for designing another related model of the same brands. The top of the range G70 was equipped with a V6 responsive engine producing an impressive 360 horsepower in 384 pound-feet of torque. The engine was made into an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2018 Genesis Essentia

The Genesis Essentia was launched and opened to the world in the year 2018 at New York international auto show. Alike many of its contemporaries in sports cars and supercar markets, the essential too came with a no. of performance and luxury features. It came with athletic elegance that included a 2-ton exterior, carbon fiber monocot, digital connectivity, butterfly doors, and 50 inches roofline. It didn’t specify cruising range, driven wheels, or basic power trait specs.

2019 Genesis G90

At the 2019 Los Angeles auto show, Genesis launched the G90. This model of Genesis G90 came to be known as the carmaker’s flagship luxury Sedan. This was not exactly a new model developed but was just a facelift of its predecessor. However, it featured a completely redefined brand new design language. In almost every aspect including an appearance to features, the G90 gave tough competition to models such as Mercedes-Benz S Class and BMW 7 series. The updated model of G90 continued with the 2019 model. It worked with 3.2 liters twin-turbocharged engine delivering a horsepower of 365 and 376 pound-feet of torque. 

2020 Genesis GV80

In January 2020, Genesis launched the GV80 as the first SUV for the brand. The designing of this model was a team effort of Genesis design teams located specifically in Korea, Europe, and the United States. This one relies either on turbo charge 2.5 liters or a twin turbocharge of 3.5 liters V6. The drive is optional on the former and standard on the latter. It also comes with an automatic gearbox.

2020 Genesis G80

On March 30, 2020, Genis launched the second generation of G80, This one was revealed online. This model starts with a turbocharge of an inline-four engine good for 300 horsepower and 311 pound-feet of torque. It operates in two ways i.e for markets within the US, it uses a turbocharge of a 3.5 liter V6. This further generates 375 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque. Outside America, in 2.2 turbocharge, it gives 207 horsepower. The interior is both huge and luxurious. It includes both a 14-inch entertainment screen in the middle of the dashboard and other great features. The inclusion of entertainment space allows more space at the dashboard and allows for a panoramic view.

2021 Genesis GV70

Genesis launched the GV70 on March 8, 2020. This model of Genesis SUV is the 5th model and second SUV in the Genesis lineup. The exterior design of the GV70 sports comes in a great and attractive package.This entire exterior package represents a sporty and vibrant image. It comes with a robust blackout bezel accompanied by a three-dimensional pattern of dark mesh design, exclusive bumper design, large circular exhaust tips, color diffuser, and exclusive wheels. GV70 will be offered in the US with a 2.5-liter turbocharged cylinder engine and an optional 3.5-litres twin-turbocharged V6 power play.

2021 Genesis X

The Genesis X concept was introduced in Los Angeles on 30th March 2021 and from there it traveled to the rest of the world. This ultra new model launched by Genesis represented the concept of sustainable luxury in an EV-based high-performance GT coupe concept.

Why is Genesis the most misunderstood luxury car?

Despite all the great features this brand offers through its vehicles, it remains a misunderstood luxury brand in many areas. For example, in the year 2018, though the brand launched essentially, the sales went down to a great extent.

This clarification of misunderstanding the brand does not fade away only by reading and learning about the brand. But, the realization of how good the features are only when you drive this brand automobile. With some cars, once they have enough revenue generated, few models do not even care what they are manufacturing. However, this case doesn’t exist when it comes to the brand name Genesis. 

Each model has been packed with numerous great features, and the best part is that all of them come on an affordable budget.


Genesis is a brand that was launched with the sole purpose of providing luxury cars on an affordable budget to the people. It aimed to give people the same or even better luxury features who do not make the top 3% bracket.


Q)Does my genesis car come aided with a roadside assistance program?

A)Yes, you need to press the corresponding service button on the rearview mirror, and a Genesis agent will help you with the repairs.

Q) Do Genesis have auto-braking features?

A)Yes, but with 2019 and later models.

Who owns Genesis? Genesis History

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