Is Networking a Good Career?

The fast pace of advancements and technology has made several students wonder whether the career choices they are making do have a promising future? What stream to choose to have a flourishing career ahead? Career choices are the most important decisions in one’s life. Thus it becomes necessary to know about all different aspects of the career stream one is planning to choose. For those looking forward to a career in networking or if you want to know Whether networking is a prospering career or not?

 Here is the complete guide.

Is Networking a Good Career?

What is networking or Computer Networking?

  • Networking is defined as the process of or way the various computers are connected.
  •  We all know we are living in an era of tech advancements. Computer systems, devices are connected to share information and data, and communicate. 
  • The connections established between devices may be wired connections or maybe non-wired connections. This field deals with the study of these connections and formations between devices within a network.
  • Performs and devises ways to maintain them.
  • Works to secure networks.

Various available Career positions 

Network Engineer

Design and manage

A network consists of several computers networked together. These network engineers design these networks and also manage them.

Install and configure

Several devices connected to a network are installed and configured by network engineers.

Perform troubleshooting processes

Several devices are connected by wired or non-wired. There might occur any problem with devices of connection. In case of any obstacle, network engineers perform troubleshooting steps and solve the problem.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Provide Technical Support

Technically connected things require support and assistance. These network engineers encounter real-time problems and provide Technical support.

 Lead Technical Assistance operations

Network engineers lead operations that assist in maintaining and managing computer systems connected to networks.

Salary Network Engineers can expect

A network Engineer can expect an average salary ranging from 5-10 Lakhs per annum.

Network Analyst

Asses the networks 

Several networks are connected to perform designated tasks.

These network analysts analyse and assess the network quality.

Perform documentation processes 

Networks analyse the network systems and keep a good documentation for the same.


A set of rules and policies are required to maintain a network and check if a particular network system can perform the required tasks. Network analysts are responsible for these policies making processes to ensure smooth and effective working of the network systems

Responsible for installation of required software

Network analysts check for the capability of network systems and install the required software or update them to make the network systems efficacious.

Work as a problem identifier

They analyse the functioning of network systems and identify the problem if any. A minor glitch in a network sometimes could be responsible for the failure of the entire network. These analysts detect and identify those problems.

Work as problem solvers

Network not only identify the problem but also devise appropriate methods to solve those problems as soon as responsible.

Salary range Network Analysts can expect

The average salary network technicians can expect ranges from 6-8 lakh per annum

Network Technician


Network technicians work to fix the problems and perform troubleshooting processes.

They work for the improvement of hardware and software devices

Many hardware and software devices are connected to a computer network system. These hardware and software devices require repairing and fixing. Network technicians look upon repairing these devices on network systems and hence ensure effective networks.

Responsible for upgrading the systems

Networks systems need to be upgraded from time to time according to the work requirements. Network technicians look after these processes of upgrading devices and network systems.

Responsible for providing Help Desk services

network technicians fix the problems and also look after upgrading and updating systems via providing help desk services,

Holds extensive knowledge 

Network technicians need to have thorough knowledge related to network systems and their fundamental aspects along with the knowledge of operating systems, Windows, Linux, Unix.

Salary range Network technicians can expect

the average salary network technicians can expect ranges from 5-8 lakh per annum

Network Solution Architect

Lead Design Processes in Network Systems

Network Solution architects lead the design processes. The architect the way the devices would be connected in a particular network to provide desirable outcomes.

Managers of Existing Network

Network solution architects are responsible for managing the networks that exist. All the devices connected and performing within a particular network are looked after by them.

Monitor the traffic over the network

They manage the network and look after the traffic over the network.

Responsible for designing cost-effective network design  

Network solution architects look upon all the aspects of communication over a network and design an effective network to perform the tasks efficiently as per organisational needs.

Salary range Network Solution architects can expect

The average salary network technicians can expect ranges from 11-13 lakh per annum. The highest-paying job in the Networking field

Responsible for writing codes and scripts

  • The process of analysing, monitoring or diagnosing problems in the network require programs.
  • The codes for these programs are written by Network programmers.

Responsible for configuring new technologies

Network programmers assess the APIs and look to integrate new technologies in the existing structure of a network.

Salary range Network Programmer can expect

The average salary network technicians can expect ranges from 8-7 lakh per annum. The highest-paying job in the Networking field.

Ways to get into the field of networking

After having a glimpse of various roles and opportunities in the field of computer networking now it’s time to know about the approach one needs to follow to get into this field.

There are two such ways.

Going for a degree in Computer networking

Several institutes offer graduation and post-graduation degrees in the field of computer networking, Network Security.

So one can plan to pursue such courses and specialise in them.

Going for certifications

Various certifications are available in networking like CCNA, CCNP is preferred by people who wish to build a career in networking.

Here are the top certifications available for a career in networking.


CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 
  • This certification is a prerequisite for advanced certifications.
  • It is about the process of installation, set up, configuration, troubleshooting and operating a routed and switched computer network.  
CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) 
  •  IT Professionals who have some experience in networking and are looking for more exposure and growth in this field can go for this certification.
CCIE: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
  • Those who have some expertise in designing and handling complex network systems can go for this certification 

Other than this there are also certifications like:

  • Wireshark WCNA Certification: The Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA) 
  • SolarWinds Certified Professional Certification
  • Juniper Certification like JNCIA, JNCIS, JNCIP, JNCIE

Why go for a career in Networking?

An enhancing field

The recent reports have estimated that opportunities will be created in networking that would create huge employability in the year 2020-2028.

A fastest-growing field

As the world is facing technologies like artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of things, Augmented reality, virtual reality, Cloud computing, Data security so are the opportunities being created in the field of networking.

One who is fascinated by networking technologies and wants to have a career in this field have a brighter future ahead.

Is Networking a Good Career?

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