Who owns Burger King?- With its history

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In this article, we will see the answer to your question ‘Who Owns Burger King?’.

In this current generation, we are all fond of fast food and burgers are one of those items that cannot be unordered. Burger King Corporation is an American company and it started way back in 1954 by James W. McLamore and David Edgerton in Miami. 

Just four years later the two owners of the company sold their first franchise and Burger King Corporation soon became a national chain. Now, Burger King Corporation is the second-largest fast-food chain in the United States, just after McDonald’s. The parent company of Burger King Corporation is Restaurants Brands International. 

By the early 21st Century, Burger King Corporation claimed to have more than 13,000 stores in more than 100 countries. As per their website, more than 11 million guests visit their franchise or restaurants every day around the world. The reason for doing this is, the customers believe that the corporation is known for serving high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. 

Another reason why Burger King Corporation is the second-largest fast-food chain in the United States is because of their customer behavior and service. The customer service in Burger King is very much appreciated from all over the world. Let us see how one can become a part of Burger King Corporation.

Past of Owners Burger King 

The company was started back in 1954 but with a different name which was Insta-Burger King. The owner of Insta-Burger King was Keith J. Cramer and his stepfather Matthew Burns. Slowly, after purchasing the required machines and equipment which were called ‘Insta’ machines, the two father-and-son opened up their first stores which were known as the Insta-Broiler. Later, Insta-Broiler was highly successful in cooking burgers for the customers. This duo ran the entire company for eight long years until they sold it to Pillsbury Company in 1967. 

 Pillsbury made several changes after acquiring the company. The most significant change that was made by Pillsbury was in 1978 when they hired McDonald’s executive Donald N. Smith to revamp the company. But, the overall result was not good as it damaged the profit margin and the financial performance as well. With such a poor management system, the company continued for several years even when it was acquired by Grand Metropolitan and its successor Diageo in 1989. Later, in 2000 with no hope for a good profit margin, Diageo decided to put up the company for sale. 

In the 21st Century, the company was purchased by a group of investment firms, and these firms were led by TPG Capital. They solved the existing problem of the company and by 2006 the company became highly successful. The strategy that the firm used were advertisements, new ad campaigns, revamped menu strategy, lists of programs to revamp individual stores, and a new restaurant concept which was called the BK Whopper Bar. With such a great success rate still, the company faced some financial loss during 2007-2010, and its competitor McDonald’s grew rapidly. TPG then sold the company to 3G Capital of Brazil for $3.26 billion. 

It was a huge duty for 3G Capital to close the gap with the competitors in the market. After 3G Capital completed the deal they removed all the stocks from the New York Stock Exchange that ended a four-year public company. Later, Burger King was also merged with Canadian’s famous doughnut and coffee chain Tim Hortons due to the controversy in the USA over tax inversions. As of now, Restaurant Brands International is the parent company of Burger King. 

Job Placements For Candidates In a Burger King Franchise 

Burger King opens up a lot of positions for suitable candidates every year. As per some reports from 2020, Burger King Corporation is an industry leader with 34,248 employees working for their franchises from all around the country. 

To offer such placements for a large group needs lots of vacancies in a particular restaurant. After getting selected the candidate may get placed in any of these positions if they are suitable and there is a vacancy. 

  • Team Member 
  • Maintenance or Service Technician
  • Cashier
  • Assistant Manager 
  • Overnight Supervisor
  • Shift Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant 
  • Restaurant General Manager 
  • Interns
  • Tax Analyst
  • Management Trainee
  • Legal Assistant 
  • Product Development Manager 
  • Sales Manager and 
  • Brand Activation 

Applicants filling out the form need not worry about the failure of the placement as Burger King Corporation opens up so many positions one would surely get through in any one of them. 

Burger King Job Placements Roles (Overview)

Below are the roles and responsibilities are given for some of the departments:-

Team Member of Burger King Corporation

  • This department is needed to provide the best guest service and customer support. 
  • Team members need to work very closely with the General Restaurant Manager and other members to maintain operational standards and other procedures. 
  • A team member should make sure that the kitchen area, food counters, food preparation areas, and utensils are clean. 
  • They need to maintain healthy, clean, and safe standards in the work areas. 
  • They need to communicate positively and effectively with the customers, peers, and all the other managers in the franchise. 

Assistant Manager of Burger King Corporation

  • The Assistant Manager needs to support other managers to operate the daily needs in the restaurant. 
  • They should motivate and direct the team members to the right decision. 
  • Governs and trains all the team members and Shift Coordinators. 
  • They should be available to work on evenings, weekends and holidays as well. 

Restaurant General Manager of Burger King Corporation

  • The General Manager should supervise all the preparations and the sale of products for greater customer satisfaction and profit. 
  • He or she should provide training and feedback to Team Members, Interns, Shift Coordinators, and others working under him. 
  • The General Manager also needs to look after the recruitment, selecting, hiring and retaining process in the franchise. 
  • The Restaurant General Manager should lead the restaurant management team and control the financial department as well. 

Shift Coordinator of Burger King Corporation

  • The Shift Coordinator is the one responsible for the restaurant operations during the assigned shifts. 
  • The Shift Coordinator should set an example for the Team Members or Interns by working hard to implement shift plans. 
  • They need to report any violations immediately to the higher authorities to take immediate action. 
  • They may need to perform other essential functions and duties that are listed in the restaurant. 

Burger King Cashier of Burger King Corporation

  • Burger King Cashiers need to greet customers well, handle financial issues, collect cash and call up for any shortage of stocks. 
  • Rarely, Burger King Cashiers assist in food preparation. 
  • They need to answer customers about anything related to menu items and educate the workers with the restaurant policies and customer services. 
  • Burger King Cashier should put all the financial details in the company’s database. 
  • They are also responsible for operating the company’s cash register which means payments received from guests either in cash or in credit cards or any other modes of payment. 
  • Usually, they need to perform the task of transferring restaurant equipment and food supplies between stock and storage areas. 

How much salary does any Burger King employee get?

Burger King Corporation pays its employees on an hourly basis. Yes, employees are granted performance-based incentives also at the end of the week. According to Payscale, Burger King employees are paid an average salary of $39k annually. As per the job positions, the hourly rate and the annual salary of each employee greatly depend. 

The hourly rate chart for all the positions in any Burger King franchise is given in the chart below:-

Roles Hourly Rate 
Team Member $9.48
Restaurant General Manager $13.17
Crew Member $9.64
Shift Manager $11.91
Assistant Manager $12.66
Restaurant Staff$11.39
Restaurant Manager $14.73
Assistant Store Manager $9.63
Retail Sales Associate $14.84
Customer Service Associate and Cashier $9.67
Customer Service Representative $8.94
Guest Service Agent $13.29
Maintenance Person$18.42
Service Technician$18.19
Building Maintenance $13.94
Locator $12.01

Yes, the qualifications and the eligibility criteria for all these different roles in Burger King Corporation are not the same. The qualifications greatly depend on the roles in the department. The more you know about the technical world the better it is for you, as technicians are well paid from Burger King Corporation. 


Burger King Corporation has highly improved over the years starting from their maintenance to the price tag of its famous ‘Whooper’. That is one of the reasons why customers from all over the country love visiting the nearest Burger King restaurant. Full customer satisfaction is what you get from any Burger King restaurant. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Why is Burger King famous around the world?

Answer- Burger King is the second-largest fast-food hamburger chain in the world. Burger King is famous for its ‘Whopper’, which is not only made up of unique ingredients but comes with a pocket-friendly price tag as well. 

  1. Which part of America is Burger King most famous?

Answer- Florida is the state in the United States of America with the most number of Burger King restaurants. According to ScrapeHero, as of July 2019, there were more than 7,000 Burger King built across the country. Florida was the state with the highest number of franchise restaurants with a total of 571. 

  1. Which burger is best at Burger King?

Answer- The Hamburger is the most ordered burger from Burger King and that is what made it the best burger. 

  1. What is the best food to order at Burger King?

Answer- Here are a list of the best food to order at Burger King

  • Whopper #1
  • French Fries #2
  • Whopper Jr. #3
  • Bacon King #4
  • Garlic and Bacon King #5
  • Chicken Nuggets (10 pc) #6
  • Onion Rings #7
  • Impossible Whopper #8
Who owns Burger King?- With its history

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