Sabra Hummus Owner – What Products Do They Manufacture?

For those who do not know about sabra hummus, it is a dip that is made by blending chickpeas, sesame seeds, and a bit of garlic. The paste of roasted sesame seeds is known as Tahini, which is one of the ingredients in this delicious dip. This hummus is one of the best-known in the world. Now here comes the word “Sabra.” Sabra is the brand name that is so popular, and it basically manufactures dips. The company belongs to the United States, and the dips have the essence of Middle Eastern taste. You can try different flavors of hummus that are produced by Sabra. Every hummus is customized to a certain taste. Some include caramelized onions, while others include jalapenos, lemons, olives, roasted garlic, or the old standby, hummus. All Sabra products are basically popular in the U.S. and Canada, and they are vegan. Let us know ‘Sabra Hummus Owner’.

Sabra Hummus Owner

Sabra Hummus Owner

As we have discussed earlier, Sabra hummus is a US-based company, and the parent organizations that own it are Pepsico and Strauss Group. Talking about the spreading industry, Sabra leads in this regard all over the U.S. The company was founded in 1986 in Queens, New York. Zohar Norman and Yehuda Pearl founded the company, Sabra. Zohan Norman belongs to Israel, and he used to work as a cab driver, so what he did was, along with his partner (Yanko), try to start and establish a business of trading spreads in the U.S. Yanko’s family already deals in salads (sealed and refrigerated) and in spreads too. The brand under which Norman started was Tzabar, which is owned by his partner in Israel. In 2005, 51% of the shares of Sabra were owned by Strauss. At that time, Sabra was not a very popular brand. But with the partnership with Pepsico in 2008, the share was reduced to 50% for both firms. This gave an immense boost to the brand name. And it soon began to lead the dips and spread markets across the United States.

What products do they manufacture?

First things first Sabra is basically popular for its production of hummus, which is popular across the U.S. and Canada. It also produces different flavors of guacamole.

Sabra has expanded its business from hummus to salad packaging with its collaboration with Fifth Season, claiming that it is providing nutritional salad that is packed with delicious hummus, and the packaging will remain crisp in the refrigerator for weeks if kept in an ambient environment.

What are the beliefs and ideas with which Sabra produces its products?

Any company that enters the market, needs a specific idea that is unique and will help it thrive in the long run. So for a flourishing company like Sabra, here are some points that help it stand apart from the rest.

Sustainability is all we desire
  • The current world is facing a lot of challenges, and development with sustainability is among the topmost matters of concern.
  • Sabra claims that its products are sustainably efficient. The aim is not only to earn revenue but also to take care of the well-being of the people and to nurture them.
Healthy food is the demand of the future
  • Chickpeas are one of the key ingredients in Sabra hummus; they are leguminous pulses that not only nourish the human body but also provide nutrition to the soil and help it increase its fertility.
  • These leguminous plants have root nodules in which rhizobium bacteria exist, and this bacteria fixes atmospheric nitrogen and provides nutrients to the soil.
  • Hence this is the reason why farmers sow chickpeas or other leguminous plants in a crop rotation pattern in which they give rest to the soil from those exhaustive crops, which take up all the nutrients from the soil. In this way, the soil will have some time to replenish itself, and this leguminous plant makes the process even easier and faster.
The biggest challenge could be integrity
  • The company says that its purpose is not being fulfilled because the goal of sustainability is everlasting and they need to research and work on it tirelessly. 
  • For this process, an individual or a company cannot do something efficiently, but it is possible with the active and integrated support of other organizations to meet a common and meaningful goal.
We are finding what the world needs?
  • The first step in starting any business is determining what product or service you can offer to society that will benefit them.
  • Sarah claims that it has launched its product with a vision to improve the nutritional status of the people they are making it for and encourage people to adopt a better vegan lifestyle.
  • Their dips are also sold along with salads, so eating salad is no longer boring and tastes less bad, according to them. They have invested in something that people can approach and depend on, and on the other hand, the product also provides health benefits to individuals.

Controversy faced by the company “Sabra”

Well, the business of Sabra has not been as successful as it used to be. People began to consume it on a large scale as its popularity grew, and studies have shown that there were traces of foodborne illness due to the product. The study observed the consequences of its mass consumption over a decade and came to this conclusion.

The Food and Drug Administration organized a recent study in March 2021 in which they discovered that the classic Hummus is contaminated with the fungus Salmonella, and the sample was collected from a retail store. Following this incident, more studies were conducted on this hummus, and they discovered flaws in their manufacturing practices. A letter of warning was issued against the company, in response to which the company has recalled

This event has proved a major setback for the company as it has to shut down its plant in Virginia, which has caused a significant loss in revenue generation.

 Although the shutdown was temporary, the impact that has been suffered by the company is eternal. According to the data, the company has suffered a loss of 32.4% in its sales since this event, and the loss continues to drop. However, Straws Group has claimed that the company will revive soon, by the end of 2022. All the losses that have been suffered by the company were due to the fungi Salmonella and Listeria. Let’s discuss some of the points that could save Ra’s Hummus from being criticized for producing inferior-quality products.

Quality control should be the prime goal
  • Nothing should be as superior as the quality of your product. Keeping in mind that the processed food will be consumed by the end users, you should not focus on the quantity produced but rather direct your attention towards the quality that you are providing to the market.
  • You can install some mechanisms that detect any foreign objects that could potentially deteriorate the quality of your product.
  • You should also take care of the basic sanitary practices of the human laborers, or the workers; they must wear gloves, a mask, and a cap in order to prevent any item that could degrade the quality.
Take care of your infrastructure
  • Your machine has an upper limit to which it can provide you optimum results, but after a certain period of time it will wear out because it needs servicing; hence, if you overuse your machine in order to save on the cost of servicing, you will pay the price later.
  • If you continue to push your machines to their limits, they will produce products of inferior quality, which will affect your goodwill in the market.
Training programmes for employees
  • Because it is humans who control all of the automated machines and oversee all of the production practices.
  • You must ensure that the employees hired to perform these sophisticated tasks have expertise in the same.
  • They should be given food safety and proper handling training so that they are aware of the protocols and must abide by the rules.
Adapt to the surrounding
  • You cannot succeed if you follow your own orthodox methods for decades and decades. 
  • You need to acclimatize to the current situation in order to keep up with the pace at which the world is moving.
  • If you want to be a competitor in the world, then you need to find innovative techniques that are different from others and that will help you stand apart from the crowd.
Cleanliness is important
  • In the food industry, cleanliness should be prioritised because if the food that is going to be processed is kept in vulnerable conditions.
  • It may become contaminated, resulting in a significant loss for the company.
Serving people should never be compromised
  • The companies’ pride goal is sustainability and bringing a revolution to the field of processing industries, which are flourishing at a rapid rate but are becoming the source of many health concerns among young people nowadays. 
  • The event in which the fungi Salmonella and Listeria were found in some retail samples of sabra hummus is one such example in which quality has been compromised in the name of profit.
  • The fact is, it will take years for you to build a brand, but if you cannot meet some desired standards and compromise with the quality, then it will take days to shatter that name. Hands it’s always been said quality should always come before quantity.

How changing the packaging could affect the brand?

Sabra has been in controversies in which it has changed its packaging. People around the country are one dream why did they even bother to change the packaging when the new look is almost the same as before? Let’s know how the new packaging is different from the old.

There has been an upgrade in the logo of the product, and they have also restarted its upper packaging. More focus has been put on the ingredients that have been used in the product; the red rims around the circumference of the packaging are the same as before, and the signature style of partial visibility of the product inside is also the same.

The logo just above the word “Sabra ” was “Sun,” which has been changed into a “chickpea,” and sun rays were changed to depict seeds of sesame. These are some small yet very effective changes that have been brought up by the company.

Do people yet think about what prompted the company to make such minor changes? First things first, bringing about a drastic change in the appearance of a product can confuse people, and this could lead to a reduction in sales. On the other hand, the company is now emphasizing the ingredients that they have been putting into their dip, which are basically chickpeas, sesame seeds, and ginger.

The motive behind keeping the packaging partially visible is to show people how fresh their ingredients are and to live them by the viscous texture of the dip so people are derived by the appearance of the product and can buy it without giving a second thought about what is actually lying inside.


If we come off this article then we can conclude that Sabra has seen ups and downs in its journey of being the most popular brand of commerce across the US and Canada but somehow they have managed its image and are flushing at a good rate today. Their focus is directed towards the quality so the brand name flourishes on its own. People don’t give a second thought about buying any alternative when the pioneers serve best among all. Sabra has brought a revolutionary change among the unhealthy lifestyle of people across the US. It also teaches a lesson to all the food industries out there which are selling their products at the expense of our health losses. It is serving our taste desires along with the nutritional requirements of our body hands. This is the tactic adopted by the company to become among the top most deep and spread manufacturing firms today.

Sabra Hummus Owner – What Products Do They Manufacture?

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