How Much Do You Make As A Bookstore Owner?

Bookstore owners gain their revenue directly through the sale of their items. Books have become a major part of our lives and most people love to read books whether they are just story books or novels. Bookstores are set up so that people who love to read can come to one place and purchase the latest collection from their favorite writers and authors. In this article we shall see How Much Do You Make As A Bookstore Owner?

How Much Do You Make As A Bookstore Owner?

Bookstore owners are also known as bookstore managers and they may even take care of the store without hiring someone to do the managing job. A bookstore owner earns depending on the volume of books sold. This means that if a bookstore sells more books then the store would earn a huge profit. In the United States, an average bookstore owner can earn around $40,000 to $100,000 per year.

The collection of books should be attractive to book lovers because if a bookstore fails to keep the latest collection of top authors and writers then it would become difficult for the store to attract a crowd. Since the revenue earned by a bookstore owner is directly linked to the volume of sales then they can conduct marketing activities to gain more customers.

Is Bookstore Business A Profitable Business?

Many bookstore owners who have earned a reputation in the market would agree that the bookstore business could be profitable. Also, there is no denying the fact that businesses like selling books have become quite risky business these days. Nowadays, books are being made available digitally and which is why bookstore owners are attempting to leave their bookstore business as well.

However, most bookstore managers or owners have changed with the changing environment and have made their business available both offline and as well as online. Customers would not have to visit the store to buy a new book because they can now order online and get them delivered to their homes. Most people who love to read have chosen the ‘order online’ option because heavy discounts are offered and along with that the product is delivered right to their doorstep within a couple of days from ordering.

Responsibilities and Duties of A Bookstore Owner

A bookstore owner is also known as the bookstore manager because it is usually the owner who manages his bookstore. However, he may decide to hire a professional person to do the job in case he is unable to conduct the managing activities. Some of the basic responsibilities and duties of a bookstore owner include the following things:

  • Manage new inventory and check old inventory as well
  • Order new books and other related products
  • If books have got barcode scanners then they should have scanner guns
  • Maintaining proper order of books by keeping each book in its respective section
  • Keeping a count of the number of items left in stock

These are some of the basic responsibilities of a bookstore owner but it may include more activities as well. Large bookstores cannot be managed by a single person and this is why managers hire several staff members to do certain activities like maintaining shelves and other such kinds of things. However, it is important to keep things organized in a bookstore because there are different kinds of books and they cannot be jumbled up with other books which can frustrate the customers.


Books have always played a crucial role in our lives ever since they were created in the first place. The recent generation has evolved way too far where books are being converted into audio. Even stores that have been written for kids are now being converted into animated videos and audio so that they do not have to read. This is such a thing that most people would like to discuss because reading is 

considered to be one of the best habits that one can develop and the latest advancements in technology are just disrupting that.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. How profitable is it to start a bookstore business?

Ans: The profit depends on the total sale of the books. It would be justified to say that bookstore owners earn quite a decent profit from the bookselling business.

  1. Is it easy to open a bookstore business today?

Ans: It may not be difficult or easy to open a bookstore business today because there are already a lot of existing bookstores in the market today. However, with the evolution of e-commercial websites business of opening a bookstore could be a risk factor.

  1. How much money will it cost to open a bookstore?

Ans: Most bookstore owners would have to pay or make an investment of around $90,000 to $100,000 to start a bookstore. If the bookstore is planned to be a larger one then it could cost around $300,000 or more.

How Much Do You Make As A Bookstore Owner?

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