How Long Is Orientation At Lidl?

Orientations can be informational but also intimidating. It can be difficult to adjust to a new environment without knowing what to expect out of it, therefore it is always better to be prepared and have an idea of what you are in for. This article will specifically deal with the orientation programme held at Lidl Asia.

How Long Is Orientation At Lidl?

How Long is the Orientation at Lidl?

A one-day-long event is held every month for all the new joiners to help them with their onboarding. It involves various activities. New joiners are also given an introduction about the company, their role and what will be the expectations about them and any such relevant information. 

What is Lidle?

It is a German supermarket chain which is growing by standing out in the global marketplace. It has fewer aisles and only approximately 20,000 square feet of space, but it provides steep savings. As a result, it offers fewer options within a given product category and about 90% of its products are house brands. But according to experts, the recipe works because consumers understand that no-name products are of the highest quality and considerably superior to generics, and they believe they are saving a significant amount of money. They import a wide range of diverse foods from all around the world. The chain offers a regularly changing selection of goods, including toys, apparel, gym equipment, and outdoor furniture.

What does Onboarding mean and Include? 

Onboarding refers to the systematic integration of new employees within the system of the company. It encapsulates the process from the decision to hire to the end of the probationary period and conversion into permanent employment. This further involves the component of social integration, information dissemination along with professional preparation of the individual. At Lidl, several events take place during the onboarding, it comprises your first day, department overview and orientation and primary new employee orientation.

What would your first day at Lidl look like?

The first day is reserved for fulfilling the technical aspects. The new employee is usually asked to complete their paperwork, sign certain contracts and complete formalities such as taking photographs for their Staff ID. 

The employees are also handed out their MPF forms, IT equipment, staff ID, username and password. The working hours would be from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM including a one-hour lunch break between 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. All the persons working below the Assistant Manager are also required to swipe in their time cards for marking their attendance. 

Things to do as New Joiner at Lidl:

The first task is to update your information on MyLidl. Their HR software, called MyLidl, enables you to organize your schedule, including your requests for yearly leave, and to update your personal data.

Go to Personal Information at

To complete your emergency contact information, go to Addresses. Then check that they have the correct information in the Bank Accounts section. 

After that, select Private Contact Details and enter your own mobile number. Check the box to allow them to update you via your phone number in the event of a business emergency.

It is imperative that you should also keep your documents and activate your concur account.

You can create business trip requests and submit business trip expenses electronically using their web platform, SAP Concur. 

Utilize your Lidl PC to first access the platform. The Corporate Travel Management staff organizes all facets of business travel, including reservations for flights, lodging, and ground transportation, in addition to handling travel expense claims. On their intranet, you may find information about their corporate travel policy, business travel visa requirements, preferred hotel list for Lidl Asia, and Concur user manual.

What are the various Benefits that you will enjoy working at Lidl?

  • Salary – In the first month the salary would be paid by the 7th of that month and afterwards it will be paid on every last week of the month. 
  • Medical Coverage– Your medical coverage would also include insurance, yearly eye and body exams, and clinic services. HR Operations would probably reach out with a second email with specifics of your medical plan. 
  • Leaves– The organization allows for specific leaves, such as bereavement leave and maternity or paternity leaves, among others. Their Leave Policy Guideline has more information on unique leave rights. Lidl has also introduced its new program of flexible working hours which helps others better manage their personal lives and commitment. 
  • Events- All coworkers can participate in a variety of events, including beach clean-ups, MoonTrekker, carnival celebrations, and Get Redressed Month.
  • Training Programmes– They also offer a training sponsorship programme that one can utilize to learn German, hone their Excel abilities, or put money toward their advanced degrees in order to assist professional development outside of work.
  • Lunch Meals – Lidl and NOSH have teamed up to make it easier for you to eat well every day at work. For delivery to the office the following week, you can order your lunch via the intranet one week in advance.
  • Coffee Services– Lidl has coffee machines installed in all of its pantries which can be accessed by all employees to help them get through their days efficiently. 

What are the chances of a pay rise and promotion in Lidle?

Firstly, it depends on what type of employment you’re enrolled in. It can be more difficult to be promoted to a management job than just being promoted within the department. However, the pay is increased yearly. 

A lot of sources say one can enhance their chances towards promotion by seeking new responsibilities and going above and beyond what is expected of them but the chances still remain slim to none. 

These comprise all the questions and queries regarding orientation and the subsequent process that one needs to take care of before applying to Lidl as well as being a newcomer. While the orientation may be one day long these include some of the other technical aspects that prolong well after the orientation. 

How Long Is Orientation At Lidl?

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