How Long Is Orientation At Kohls?

If you’re starting a new job at this popular department store, you may wonder what to expect during the orientation process and how long it will take to complete the training. This article will provide an overview of Kohl’s orientation program. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect during your first few days at Kohl’s. Let us know about ‘How Long Is Orientation At Kohls?’.

How Long Is Orientation At Kohls?

How long is orientation at Kohls?

Generally, the orientation at Kohls is three to four hours long. But, the duration of orientation at Kohl’s can vary. It depends on the location and the store’s needs for the job role.

You will receive training on your specific job duties and responsibilities during orientation. You will also tour the store and meet your coworkers.

What to expect on orientation day?

Here are a few things you can expect on orientation day at Kohls:

  • Meeting your manager and coworkers: You will likely have the opportunity to meet your manager and other team members during orientation. It will be a good opportunity to get to know your coworkers and learn about the company culture.
  • Receiving on-field training: Orientation is a time to receive training on your job duties and responsibilities. The training may include learning about company policies and procedures and any specific training related to your role. The employers will train you about the register and solicit credit, as everyone at Kohl’s should know how to do these tasks. 
  • Hospitality Training: They will train you and make you job-ready. People working in a departmental store should know how to approach and handle a customer. Your will complete your hospitality training through videos and quizzes. 
  • Store Tour: You may be given a tour and introduced to different departments and areas. Touring the workplace can help you better understand the store’s layout and operations.
  • Completing paperwork: You may be asked to complete paperwork during orientation, such as tax forms or benefits enrollment documents. It is important to pay close attention and ask questions if you need clarification on anything. You should bring your original documents for I-9 verification. 
  • Asking questions: Orientation is a good time to ask any questions about the company or your specific role. Be bold, speak up, and ask for clarification if you are unsure.

By understanding what to expect during orientation at Kohl’s, you can better prepare for your first day on the job and be ready to succeed in your new role.

What should you bring to orientation?

There are a few things that you may want to bring to orientation at Kohls:

  • Identity proof: They will ask you to present identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, to confirm your identity.
  • Documentation for the I-9 verification: The documents that are acceptable as proof of identity and employment authorization are listed on the form. These documents may include a U.S. passport, a driver’s license, or a social security card, among others. It is important for employees to provide accurate and complete information on Form I-9 and to present original documents, as copies are not acceptable.
  • Bank documents: For setting up direct deposit with your bank routing number and account number.
  • A notebook: You should bring a notebook to take notes. Carrying a notebook can help you remember important information and keep track of any questions.

 Bring these items with you on the orientation day, and you will be ready to participate in the training process.

How to make the most of the orientation at Kohls?

Here are a few tips for making the most of orientation at Kohls:

  • Ask questions: Orientation is a good time to ask any questions about the company, your specific role, or anything else you need to clarify. Be bold, speak up, and ask for clarification if you are unsure.
  • Take notes: Taking notes can help you remember important information and keep track of any questions. Bring a notebook and pen or pencil to orientation and take notes during the training sessions. 
  • Be proactive: Take the initiative to learn during orientation. Being proactive may involve asking questions, participating in group activities, or taking on extra tasks or responsibilities.
  • Meet your coworkers: Orientation is a good time to meet them and build connections that might help you later at your workplace. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and get along with your co-workers.
  • Pay attention: Pay attention during orientation and take part in the training sessions. Paying attention will help you get the most out of the experience and be better prepared for your new role.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your orientation experience at Kohl’s and set yourself up for success in your new role.

What is the first day like at Kohls?

The first day at Kohl’s is the orientation which is 3 – 4 hours long. The recruits will be trained on the first day. The first day at Kohl’s can vary as it majorly depends on the position and location of the store. There are the specific policies and procedures of the store that might influence your first-day experience. According to, the company got a 3.7-star rating on a scale of 5 stars based on more than 25 thousand reviews.  


In conclusion, Kohl’s orientation length can vary depending on the specific position and location. But, it is a few hours to a full day and covers various topics, including company policies, job duties, and store procedures. By understanding what to expect during orientation, you can better prepare for your first few days at Kohl’s and be ready to hit the ground running in your new role.


1. What is Kohl’s known for?

Kohl’s is a department store chain. The retail chain stores are based in the United States. The company sells a wide range of products, including clothing, footwear, home goods, beauty products, and services such as credit and loyalty programs. Kohl’s has over 1,100 stores in 49 states and an online presence where customers can shop from the comfort of their homes.

2. Will Kohl’s hire me for a misdemeanor?

Kohl’s may consider hiring you with a misdemeanor on your record, depending on the offense’s nature and how long it occurred. The company may also have policies that disqualify applicants with certain criminal convictions, so it is best to be upfront and honest about your criminal history during the application process. There is a high chance that Kohl’s will consider hiring employees with a misdemeanor.

How Long Is Orientation At Kohls?

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