Most Affordable Certified Nurse Anesthetist Programs 

To manage pain and assist with medical interventions and other urgent treatment choices, certified registered nurse anesthetists are employed in hospitals, clinics, and urgent care centers. In operation theatres, clinical environments, and private healthcare offices, these certified registered nurse anesthetists are in charge of providing anesthetics to patients. They frequently operate as the only practitioners of these services in remote areas. Let us know about ‘Most Affordable Certified Nurse Anesthetist Programs’.

Most Affordable Certified Nurse Anesthetist Programs 

Most Affordable Certified Nurse Anesthetist Programs:

In the medical field, certified nurse anesthetists are highly sought-after and can earn in  six figures in most places. Students who are considering a career in this quickly expanding and well-paying sector may find it helpful to locate the best cheap nurse anesthetist colleges. The 15 most affordable certified nurse anesthetist programs in the United States have been included below to help students in their search.

15 Most Affordable Programs for Certified Nurse Anesthetists:

Here is our ranking of the top 16 most affordable programs for certified nurse anesthetists.

South Carolina University, Master’s in Nursing Anesthesia (Charleston, South Carolina):

Fees: $12,244

In this practical nurse anesthesia program offered by the University of South Carolina, nurses begin working with patients in the first semester. To offer students addition teaching, the 27-month curriculum collaborates with Palmetto Health Richland and Greenville Hospital System. It is intended to give nurses entering the anesthesiology industry with the information and practical experience necessary. 

For students enrolling in this advanced nursing degree program, the institution is proud of its 92 percent employment record and 92 percent passing rate on certification exams. Established in 1901, The University of South Carolina has a longstanding reputation for academic distinction. The university is ranked 106th among the best national universities by News report and U.S. News, and 135th among best value schools.

Master’s in Nursing Anesthesia at Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania:

Fees: $13,625

Saint Vincent College, a distinguished heir to the Benedictine educational legacy, collaborates with Excela Health to offer a master’s degree in nursing anesthesia. Only 30 students each year are accepted into this fiercely competitive program, which welcomes applicants from all areas of nursing practice. Throughout this roughly 27.5-month program, students can benefit from close engagement with their lecturers’ thanks to the intimate class sizes. 

There are now 23 clinical locations in Pennsylvania that have been approved by this private college to host nurse residencies. Saint Vincent College boasts a solid reputation with important publications like U.S. News & World Report in addition to discipline and academic success. 

The University of Tennessee DNP in Nurse Anesthesia, Knoxville, Tennessee:

Fees: $21,538

The University of Tennessee Graduate Institution of Medicine is a reputable and reasonably priced school for nurse anesthetists that has strict admissions standards and only currently enrolls students in their doctorate in nurse anesthesia program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a BSN or MSN from a regionally accredited institution are requirements for applicants. Only applicants with a cumulative GPA of under 3.3 are required to take the GRE and achieve a minimum total score of 297 or above on the two advised sections. ICU expertise is also necessary. Adult critical care nursing experience must have lasted at least one year and been full-time. 

According to U.S. News and World Report, UT is the 100th best value school and the 115th best national institution. Out of 177 programs and institutions, the nurse anesthesia program at UT is ranked at number 51.

Lourdes University, Master’s in Nursing Anesthesia (Cincinnati, Ohio):

Fees: $22,000

Lourdes University, which is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis and is situated in Sylvania, Ohio, provides a broad liberal arts curriculum too. In the nurse anesthesia program, all of the students passed the certification exam on their first 2 attempts, according to data provided by Lourdes University. Additionally, the master’s program boasts a three-month employment rate of 100% after completion.

Lourdes University also provides nursing anesthesia rankings with U.S. rankings after graduation. Information and World Report. Out of 177 institutions with peer-reviewed rankings, Lourdes is ranked #81 for having the finest nursing anesthetic programs for academic excellence.

SUNY Downstate Medical Center, MSN in Nurse Anesthesia (Brooklyn):

Fees: $11,960

Minimum 2 years of recent experience in critical care are required for applicants to the SUNY Downstate Medical Center’s nurse anesthesia program, which only accepts students once a year. It takes 27 months of full-time graduate education to finish the nurse anesthesia master’s program at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. 

Students can take the certification exam and pursue their professional objectives in this profitable field after finishing the 61 credit hours and 550 cases needed by the university. The nurse anesthesia program at SUNY Downstate is ranked 100th out of over 177 colleges and programs examined by U.S. News and World Report.

MSN in Nurse Anesthesia from the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania’s Scranton):

Fees: $11,630

Several graduate programs at the University of Scranton are available for aspirant certified nurse anesthetists, and they can open the door to a lucrative career in the medical field. The University of Scranton offers two-degree programs for those seeking certification as a nurse anesthetist. 

Nurses who already possess a master’s degree in advanced practice in nursing have access to a certificate program, which calls for 51 credit hours of coursework, as opposed to the master’s degree track, which calls for 63 credits and the necessary 550 cases. The University of Scranton’s nursing anesthesia program is ranked #65 out of 177 institutions and programs by U.S. News & World Report.

Florida State University, MSN in Nurse Anesthesia (Panama City, Florida):

Fees: $11,538

The MSN in nurse anesthesia program at Florida State University is nationally recognized and lasts 28 months to complete. The curriculum emphasizes a range of surgical techniques and nurse anesthesia subjects. Within the first week, each student starts a one-on-one clinical practicum to put newly learned abilities to use right away. This course is very practical. Academically talented degree candidates seek out the program because of its almost 98% graduation NCE success record. This indicates that it is very difficult to get into the program. Additionally, U.S. News and World Report list Florida State University as one of the top universities in the country. FSU takes the top spot in our list thanks to its low tuition.

The University of Michigan, Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia (Flint, Michigan):

Fees: $15,476

The DNP program, which is provided through a collaboration between Hurley Medical Center and the University of Michigan-Flint, trains students to become registered nurse anesthetists qualified to provide high-quality anesthesia care. To help students build on the MSN foundation and obtain a more comprehensive grasp of their future position in the medical setting, practical exposure, and teaching – are blended throughout the first half of the course. 

With more than 25 clinical locations spread out across Michigan, the curriculum provides practical training in a range of healthcare environments, including urban, rural, and independent CRNA settings. 

Rank: #22 out of 177 comparable programs by U.S. News & World Report.

Clarkson College, Doctor of Nursing Practice – Nurse Anesthesia, (Omaha, Nebraska):

Fees: $14,496

This Omaha-based school makes sure that its students have plenty of face time with teachers by keeping class groups to a maximum of 15 students and providing hands-on treatment. With a 100% employment rate in the sector following graduation, Clarkson College trains ambitious certified nurse anesthetists for positions in the healthcare industry. 84 percent of students successfully finish the certification examination on their first attempt, and 100 percent do so on their second, according to figures provided by the university. This program’s skilled instruction and thorough methodology are demonstrated by the fact that both percentages. 

According to U.S. News and World Report, the Clarkson nurse anesthesia program is among the top 100 examined programs.

Barnes-Jewish College, MSN in Nurse Anesthesia (Saint Louis, Missouri):

Fees: $21,515

Barnes-Jewish College, a private college in St. Louis, Missouri, gives prospective nursing students in the region a variety of possibilities. One of the more recent additions to this list is the masters in nursing anesthesia program offered by the Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College, which received accreditation in October 2014. An anatomy course with a functional cadaver laboratory is part of the program, which lasts about 28 months to complete. A new DNP in nursing anesthesia will replace the MSN program, though, starting in January 2020. According to U.S. News and World Report, Barnes-Jewish College comes in at number 18. 

Newman University, MSN in Nurse Anesthesia (Wichita, Kansas):

Fees: $16,200

Newman University, a Catholic institution of higher learning in Wichita, Kansas, offers students of all religions a comprehensive educational opportunity. The two years required to earn the master’s degree in nurse anesthesia. Beginning in the second semester of the first year, the clinical experience continues up until the program’s conclusion and the passing of the necessary certification exam. 

According to the program’s website, graduates who passed the exam and the program have had 100% employment six months after they graduated over the past three years. Additionally, according to U.S. News and World Report, Newman’s nurse anesthesia program is ranked 43 out of 177 institutions and programs by its peers.

The University of Tennessee, MSN in Nurse Anesthesia (Chattanooga, Tennessee):

Fees: $21,538

The intensive 27-month UTC/Erlanger Nurse Anesthesia Program concludes with the necessary national certification exam. To offer a holistic approach to potential nurse anesthetists, the University of Tennessee Chattanooga School of Nursing has teamed with the North Mississippi Medical Center. The program provides smaller classrooms to enable ample one-on-one interaction with professors and instructors and boasts exceptional first-time pass rates. 

UT has received rankings from U.S. News and World Report in addition to demonstrating academic rigor. U.S. News’ evaluation of 177 programs places the nurse anesthesia program at number 51 overall. Additionally, the university is ranked #51 for best value schools and #65 for top regional universities in the South.

Arkansas State University, MSN in Nurse Anesthesia (Jonesboro, Arkansas):

Fees: $22,500

This advanced nursing program at Arkansas State University, along with the other degrees it offers, is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. This master’s degree program is intended to be finished in 28 months. To be completely prepared for the certification exam and the demands of a career in nurse anesthesia, students must complete 88 credit hours and a substantial amount of clinical practice. 

GRE test scores from the five years before the application deadline, along with transcripts and other supporting evidence, are necessary for admission to the program. Our list’s top-ranked cheap program is Arkansas State University’s nurse anesthesia program.

The University of Alabama, MSN in Nurse Anesthesia (Birmingham, Alabama):

Fees: $15,715

The bachelor of science in nursing courses at the University of Alabama in Birmingham is a well-liked option for students all around the country because of its inexpensive tuition and stellar reputation. With Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and of course the main campus in Birmingham, students have a choice of five regional campuses to complete their master’s degree in nursing anesthesia. 

In addition, admittance to this program requires the completion of courses in descriptive and inferential statistics, chemistry, parasitology, morphology, and anatomy. According to U.S. News & World Report, the school is ranked 65 out of roughly 177 colleges and universities that teach nurse anesthesia to its peers.

The University of North Carolina, MSN in Nurse Anesthesia (Charlotte, North Carolina):

Fees per semester: $9,667

The MSN in nurse anesthesia program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is listed by U.S. News and World Report and ranked 36th best program nationwide. UNC’s program consistently rates in the top 40 of the 177 programs that were examined. All students matriculating into nurse anesthesia must be enrolled in a program that has been accredited and leads to a Ph.D. degree as of 2022, according to the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA). UNC-Charlotte intends to convert the MSN in clinical nurse anesthesia program to a Ph.D. degree program as a result of this modification.


Certified nurse anesthetist programs play a prominent role in strengthening the health industry in the United States of America. Having affordable certified nurse anesthetist programs with the best facilities is one of the best things that can ever happen to this industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. How can one get admission to certified nurse anesthetist programs?

Getting into a certified nurse anesthetist program is not a complicated process. Every university offering this program has its admission criteria and one needs to refer to the same for getting admission. 

  1. Are there any other universities other than the ones mentioned above that offer certified nurse anesthetist programs?

Yes, numerous universities offer affordable certified nurse anesthetist programs such as – Westminster College, Virginia Commonwealth University, etc. 

Most Affordable Certified Nurse Anesthetist Programs 

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