CNA Salary in NY

Who are Certified Nursing  Assistants?

In nursing services, nurse assistants are unlicensed New York State-certified healthcare officials who are crucial to the healthcare team. For residents who need help with daily activities, they provide non-medical services and support. Under the direct supervision of licensed professional nurses, they contribute to the residents’ safe and efficient care. People who live in long-term care facilities often need psychosocial or rehabilitation services. These healthcare officials cater to these individuals. Depending on the needs of the patient and the unique nursing plans of care, a nurse aide’s responsibilities vary. A CNA is essential for any medical facility. Let us know CNA Salary in NY.

CNA Salary in NY

CNAs play a crucial role in the patient care process in healthcare because of their diverse responsibilities. Although the CNA job is perceived as a very novice or beginner-level job in the healthcare field, it can open doors to other healthcare careers. CNA might be a great position to kickstart your career because it can help you in many ways in preparing you for nursing or healthcare management work. Depending on where you live, the CNA requirements can vary, but in general, the basic process and responsibilities are the same. As a CNA, you will have to learn about your work and duty. You will have to learn more about how you can achieve this job role and how can you advance further in the medical career using your nursing assistant experience.

A profession in nursing or other healthcare fields can be advanced by taking on a CNA role, which is an excellent job opportunity in and of itself. To ensure they enjoy patient care and begin learning how to interact with patients, those interested in a healthcare career may begin their careers as CNAs. direct medical attention. A great way to determine whether you enjoy working with patients is to become a CNA. Other healthcare careers, such as health information management or health services coordination, might be a better fit if you decide it’s not for you. Working as a CNA can be an excellent way to get started if you’re interested in nursing or healthcare. Those who begin their careers as CNAs and genuinely enjoy working with patients will benefit from their work by gaining real-world experience and skills, which will help them advance in their nursing careers. Professionals who work as CNAs will gain experience treating patients and carrying out medical procedures. Even current CNAs can start pursuing their RN licensure and BSN degree while they are employed by online nursing programs. A rewarding nursing career, as well as eventual positions in nursing management and leadership, may result from this. Some CNAs may also discover that they enjoy their work in healthcare but do not enjoy it.


Salary for certified nurse assistants in New York differs as per your job experience. It is $20.10 per hour if you have less than one year of experience and $20.30 with an experience of 1-2 years. You can earn $21.37 if you have 2-3 years of experience in the field. The higher the experience, the more you will be paid. For instance, you can earn $21.37 and $21.92 if you have 3-5 and more than 6 years of experience, respectively. The salary amount mentioned is measured per hour. Further, if you have more than 10 years of experience then you are paid $24.15 per hour in New York. So your average salary as a certified nurse assistant is $20.93, per hour. And the highest paid amount can be $32.98 per hour. The better experience you have, the more you can earn in this field.


Nursing assistants have a wide range of responsibilities. Patients with immediate health care needs are assisted by a certified nursing assistant, who frequently works under the nurse’s supervision. For their CNAs, various hospitals and facilities will have different needs and obligations. But essentially, certified nursing assistants assist in carrying out important tasks that guarantee patients are taken care of and kept safe while they are in the hospital. For the care and satisfaction of patients, tasks like checking vital signs and keeping patients clean are crucial. Nurse assistants, nurse’s aid, and patient care assistants are other terms used to describe certified nurses. CNAs assist with the numerous physical and challenging tasks associated with patient care by working directly with patients and nurses. Their day-to-day duty ranges from the most basic duty like changing bedsheets to helping the doctor with minor medical assistance.

Some of their responsibilities include

  • Carrying patients and taking them from one ward to another as needed.
  • Getting all the required medical equipment and supplies. This also includes gloves, syringes, etc. 
  • Catering to patients’ needs like giving them food on time, bathing them, grooming them, and looking after them. This requires empathy and also basic medical knowledge.
  • You also need to feed the patients at times and ensure they intake proper liquid and vitamin-enriched food. You also need to monitor their food and liquid intake and supervise their overall health. Like checking their vitals and blood pressure. Keeping an eye on their heart rate and monitoring their overall health. You also have to carry out daily chores like changing the bedsheets, cleaning their room, and looking after their supplies.
  • Another major part of your duty as a CNA would be to answer your patient’s calls and listen to their grievances and coordinate them with the doctor in charge of the patient and case. You have to make reports of the patient’s improvement and document them to give to the doctor. 

If you work responsibly you might also get to assist the doctors with minor medical procedures and also carry out other safety tasks. In the absence of the doctor, you will also have to look after the wounds of patients and ensure that they are taken care of. You must ensure that the wounds don’t get infections so you must also advise your patient accordingly after consulting with the doctor.

CNA Salary in NY

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