How Much Does A QVC Model Get Paid?

QVC’s goal is to make people believe that shopping should be fun and interesting rather than a chore. The shopping network understood that explaining a product in person would be much more effective than merely displaying it on a shelf. In this article, we will see about ‘How Much Does A QVC Model Get Paid?’.

How Much Does A QVC Model Get Paid?

How Much Does A QVC Model Get Paid?

Regardless of whether you have ever purchased something from QVC, you are undoubtedly already familiar with the host and demonstration model. There will be imitation living rooms and kitchens set up. A woman will frequently promote new cosmetics, attire, vacuum cleaners, kitchen wares, or candles. There are essentially unlimited items for shopping. The average yearly salary for QVC models in the US is $72,790.

The average salary of the QVC model: 

According to Motivation Job, the QVC models earn $72,171 annually. The monthly salary of models is $6,041. 

ZipRecruiter reported, that in the United States, a QVC model makes an average salary of $72,790 per year.

This pay comes out to be about $35 per hour. This amounts to $6,065 a month or $1,399 per week.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

The range of annual salaries is from $12,500 and $243,500.

The majority of QVC models’ salaries presently range between $34,000 (25th percentile) and $72,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) getting $141,500 yearly across the United States. 

Salaries of the QVC models according to cities of America:

The annual salary of models in Atkinson: In Atkinson, Nebraska, the annual salary of QVC models is $94 977 and the monthly salary is $7 914. 

The annual salary of models in New York: The QVC models earn about $ $82,100 a year in New York. Their monthly pay is equal to $6,841.

The annual salary of models in Cambridge: The QVC models in Cambridge, Massachusetts make $84,081 per year. The monthly wage is $7,006. This means that they earn $1,616 a week, and $40.42 per hour. 

The annual salary of models in Texas: In Texas, Frankston, QVC models get a $93,300 annual salary. This amounts to $7,775 per month and $1,794 per week. 

The annual salary of models in California: The QVC models of Sunnyvale, California, get pay of $89,621 per year and $7,468 per month. 

Sunnyvale, California surpasses the national average by $16,831 (23.1%).

Atkinson, Nebraska beats the national average by $72,790 (30.5%).

The figures mentioned above are taken from ZipRecruiter 2022 report on salaries. 

Some famous QVC models:

Lisa Robertson: Lisa Robertson, who has worked for QVC for 20 years, is well-known for her ability to sell products to viewers. In Lisa Robertson’s role at QVC, the average salary for an experienced professional is close to $100,000. Because of her popularity, it is assumed that she earned more than this.

Courtney Cason: In QVC, she mostly hosted programs on fashion and beauty, created social media content, and engaged with viewers. She not only hosted but also represented QVC at numerous multimedia shows. She was frequently referred to as the new QVC diva queen. Ten years into her employment at QVC, Courtney decided to leave QVC.

Jacque Gonzales: Jacque Gonzales was a well-known face on QVC, but she’s now on a quest to learn new things. There is no doubt that Jacque has amassed millions of riches from her lengthy profession, even though her pay has not yet been made public.

Salaries of other QVC employees: 

At QVC, the anticipated median pay is $118,238 ($56 per hour), while the estimated average annual salary, including base pay and bonuses, is estimated to be $123,195, or $59 per hour.

The position with the highest pay is Director of Sales with a $213,142 annual salary. While CS Reps make $30,000 per year. The Product Manager earns approximately $118,283.

The average salary at QVC in different departments:

Finance Department: The average salary pays to employees working in Finance department is $85,546.

Design Department: Workers in the Design department earn an average of $116,054.

Sales Department: Sales department pays an average salary of $175,376.

Customer support Department: Customer support is paid an average of $80,870 at QVC.

Over $118,238 is earned by half of QVC’s workforce. About 54% of employees in QVC believe that they are paid fairly and 64% are satisfied by bonuses given by the company. 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘How Much Does A QVC Model Get Paid?’, QVC is the American number one shopping television network. On the website, you can watch a demonstration video of the product being used by a host by clicking on an image of it. Instead of a static page with static merchandise, QVC’s blend of live video demos and the ticking clock produces an exciting experience. In general, the factors like skill, popularity, and experience affect the salaries of models. In the TV industry, it also depends on the size of the network and location. 

Frequently asked questions:
  • How Do I Become a model for QVC?

In America, QVC has become one of the most well-liked television networks and shopping channels. QVC uses modeling and talent agencies to locate new talent. The channel does not hire its models directly.

  • What is the median pay of the host at QVC?

A career as a QVC host can be fascinating and offer a wide range of possibilities. Approximately $47,026 is the average pay for a QVC host, and $74,690 is the average pay for a QVC on-air host.

How Much Does A QVC Model Get Paid?

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