How Much Do The Guys Get Paid To Change Light Bulbs On Towers?

There’s an old talk about the salaries of workers who change the bulbs on top of the tower. There are two workers, and one of them gets paid $100 to do it, while the other gets paid $1000 to do it. The first guy thinks that’s unfair, and when he asks why his coworker gets paid more he earns that it’s because he has to climb to the top of the building every time they need to swap out bulbs on a tower. It’s been in discussion since then, but there are some interesting facts behind this seemingly frivolous salary difference. Let’s learn about ‘How Much Do The Guys Get Paid To Change Light Bulbs On Towers?’.

How Much Do The Guys Get Paid To Change Light Bulbs On Towers?

How Much Do The Guys Get Paid To Change Light Bulbs On Towers?

So, how much does the job of a tower bulb changer pay? It is estimated that a tower bulb changer earns an annual salary of $48,000, according to statistics. Many factors affect this salary, including experience, location, and others including living costs. But based on the average salary, it seems that replacing the bulbs on towers is a pretty good gig. 

The average salary for an electric tower worker is what?

An electric tower worker makes an average of $27.16 per hour. The starting salary for electric tower workers is from $16.47 to $41.98 per hour. The median wage is $31.37 per hour. Electric tower workers make an average of $56,690 per year.

When it comes to tower climbers, how much do they earn per climb?

Tower climbers earn an average of $30 per hour. That means that for a 12-hour shift, they would earn $360. Tower climbers are at risk every time they go to work, so even though it may seem overwhelming, it’s important to remember that. In addition to their hourly wage, most tower climbing people get a per-climb bonus. This bonus can start from $50 to $100, depending on the company.

A person’s pay is determined by experience or training. In terms of going up and down to the tower, it is concerned that you need to be safe.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

The death number of a climber who climbs on Tower on duty

Falls from communications towers are relatively rare, but they do happen. The statistics show that there are an average of 20 tower climbing fatalities each year. Equipment failure is rarely the cause of these accidents. Instead, human error is prevalent.

Salaries difference in tower bulbs changer and other ceiling light replacer

As a tower bulb changer, you can expect to earn $36,000 per year on average. Ceiling bulb changers earn an average salary of $27,000 per year. That is a difference of $9,000 per year. The guys who replace the bulbs on the tower are paid more because it is a more dangerous job. They have to climb to high heights and work with electricity.

Electricians make an average of $25.97 per hour. However, aspects that can affect this number, such as training and client reviews about their job with proof of work and location. Aside from the cost of living, there are various additional things to think about.

How tall is the average cell tower?: How Much Do The Guys Get Paid To Change Light Bulbs On Towers?

The average cell tower is about 500 feet tall. That’s nearly half a football field. The guys who change the bulbs on the top of the towers have a very important job. What is the pay for their work? 

Does a cell tower technician make a good living?

According to the Statistics, the average annual living for a cell tower technician in May 2019 was $54,530. The top 10% earned more than $85,580 a year, while the poorest 10% earned less than $31,140. The hourly median pay was $26.14. Most cell tower technicians are full-time employees, and some work more than 40 hours a week.

Height of other famous buildings: How Much Do The Guys Get Paid To Change Light Bulbs On Towers?

NYC’s tall building, the Empire State Building, has a height of 1,454 feet tall. Located 1,450 feet high, the Chicago Willis Tower is also tagged as the Sears Tower. NY’s Trump International Hotel & Tower tower is 1,453 feet above the ground. One World Trade Center measures 1361 feet high, the tallest building in NYC.

How do I get a bulb changer job for a tower?

The procedure of being a bulb changer is short. The following are some crucial actions you must take:

1. Determine the firm you wish to work for.

2. Locate the company’s contact information and contact them to tell your interest in the position.

3. Once you have contacted the firm, they will give you further information based on the company hiring stages.


Being a tower climber allows you to travel while making a livelihood. The income is good, the job is consistent, and the perks may be substantial. However, it is not a simple task. Climbers spend hours completing a climb. This time can be cut down with experience, though there is always a dangerous job when working at such heights. The average pay for tower climbers is around $27 an hour.

Frequently Asked Question:
  • 1. What would be the cost of replacing the tower bulbs?

Each bulb is carefully maintained and replaced. This includes having maintenance workers who can do it when necessary. Of course, those people get on top of the building, with the necessary equipment to change these bulbs, the pay depends upon the location, experience, tower height, and the time it takes to climb up and change the bulb at the top.

  • 2. What tools do they use to complete the job?

The guys who change the bulbs on the tower get paid a pretty penny. Each bulb costs about $100, so it’s a pretty big job. The guys who do this job are highly trained and very experienced. The guys normally work in pairs so that one person may hold the equipment while the other person changes the bulb. It’s a complex and difficult job.

How Much Do The Guys Get Paid To Change Light Bulbs On Towers?

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