Do Airport Security Guards Make Good Income?

The Airport Security Guard is also known as a Transport Security Officer who works under the Transportation Security Administration(TSA). They are the people who work in the security department of the airport and they are not the same as the other security guards. He/she has the whole burden of both the passenger and the airport’s safety and security. They are the people who protect the aircraft from being attacked and hijacked. How to get a job as an airport security guard? Duties and responsibilities of this security officer, remuneration of an airport security guard, Do these guards receive compensation? We are going to know all the answers to these questions in this article so please keep reading and Let us know more detail about ‘Do Airport Security Guards Make Good Income?’.

Do Airport Security Guards Make Good Income?

Do Airport Security Guards Make Good Income?

The airport security guard has all the responsibility for the safety and security of the aircraft, airport, passengers, and also for the country. In the US it is a prestigious job with a good income. The salary may vary from person to person because of education, skills, and experience so we can say the salary of each airport guard is not the same. The salary of the Airport Security Guard is between $54,326 to $78,496 per year. Their average salary is $63,832 per annum. Among them, 57% of guards earn $62,381 to $67,664 while the top 86% earn $78,496 per year.

How to get a job as Airport Security Guard?

As we all know that every job is not is. They all need effort, experience, and qualification. If someone wants to serve and protect both the country and their people by taking risks in his life then he/she goes through the Airport Security Guard job. It is the best job for him/her. It also needs qualification and sometimes a license is also required. The education and the qualification required for an Airport Security Guard are as follows:

  • This job mandates a high school diploma or GED as a fundamental qualification.
  • The person must be a U.S. citizen otherwise he will not qualify for this job.
  • The age of the person must be 18 years otherwise he/she will be disqualified for this job.
  • The person should also have to qualify for the screening process such as drugs and alcohol screenings.
  • It also needed to pass various checks like airport security checks and basic background checks.
  • In some cases, the guard may need a security guard license and if the license is not required then he has to go through extensive employer training.

Duties and Responsibilities of this Security Officer: Do Airport Security Guards Make Good Income?

As security guards at the Airport, they have all the responsibilities in their heads regarding the safety and security of the aircraft, airport, and passengers also. They have to save the country from terrorism and attack. Other than this they have a lot of duties and commitments towards their country and people and those are written below:

  • They have to overlook all the safety and security functions inside the airport and on the airfield runway.
  • Their priority is to make the passenger’s journey safe and secure.
  • They have to guard the daily ongoing operation both inside the airport and on the airport runway.
  • They have to screen the passenger and search their baggage at the time of their boarding. 
  • Scanning and verifying every vehicle which enters the aerodrome.
  • They have to be ready to lead in every circumstance and save the passengers from it.
  • Write a written incident letter to the Superior officer when any encroachment happens in the airport and the airfield runway.

Remuneration of Airport Security Guard

This airport security guard job is very tough because if they make any mistake then they can put the entire country, Airport, and also the passenger’s life in danger. For their responsibility and services towards the passengers in the airport, the U.S. government pays a good salary to them. The salary of the airport security guard is as follows:

  • The salary the guard received on behalf of their work is between $54,326 to $78,496.
  • While their basic earnings are $63,832 per annum.
  • The 57% of the guards earn between $62,381 to $67,664 while the top 87% of guards earn $78,496.

Do these guards receive compensation-:

Along with the salary the airport security guard also receives compensation or bonus and it also varies from person to person and place to place in the U.S. The average compensation is 2% of the airport security guard’s salary which is $1,073. There are also some places that give more than 2% compensation and those are:- San Francisco(19%), Seattle(11%), Washington(8%), Chicago(6%), and Dallas(3%). So we can say the compensation and the salary of an airport security guard are also affected by the place where they are posted.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Do Airport Security Guards Make Good Income?’, It concluded that the average salary of an airport security guard is $63,842 per annum with a compensation of $1073. While the actual salary they get is between $54,326 to $78,496. 

But to be an airport security officer is not easy, it needs so much effort, experience, and also some qualifications. The airport security guard also has to play various roles in the airport. They have to lead in circumstances to save the aircraft, airport, and passengers. Their priority is to make the passengers feel safe while they are traveling as compared to their work. Their salary is nothing because they put their life at risk for the safety and security of the country.


1. If someone is not a U.S citizen then can he apply for this job?

Ans. No, only a U.S. citizen is eligible for this job.

2. Is the airport security guard’s duty the same as an Army officer’s? 

Ans. No, both the officer’s duty is different but their purpose is the same i.e to save the country.

3. Can a 19yrs old person join the Transportation Security Administration(TSA)?

Ans. Yes, the minimum age limit for TSA is 18yrs so a 19yrs old person can join easily.

Do Airport Security Guards Make Good Income?

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