Tim Hortons Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

Tim Hortons Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

The TDL Group Corp. (‘Tim Hortons’) operates and licenses the coffee and bakeshop brand Tim Hortons in Canada, the US, and other selected countries. The offices of Tim Hortons are based in Oakville, Ontario. It’s Canada’s leading fast-service chain, delivering its customers and neighborhoods with high-quality goods and services through leadership, collaborations, and inventions. In its main and regional offices, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants in Canada, Tim Hortons (itself and its affiliates) employs quite 1,800 employees. We will discuss Tim Hortons Mission Statement & Vision Analysis.

With a menu that covers luxury coffee, hot and cold specialty beverages (including lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso shots), specialty teas and fruit smoothies, new food, Panini grilled and traditional salads, wraps, soups, frozen meals, and other culinary options, Tim Hortons appeals to a large type of customer preferences. Tim Hortons and Burger King’s two famous brands are separately operated by RBI, thus taking advantage of the world scale and exchanging best practices.

Tim Horton’s Vision

Tim Horton’s mission is to be the world’s fastest expanding chain, with the most effective people confidently serving Canada’s favorite coffee and making a positive difference in our communities.

Study of Tim Hortons Mission Statement

It’s these main characteristics:

  • Health Enhancement
  • Enhancing Societies

Just as the primary feature says, when it involves the character of the products that it provides, Tim Hortons doesn’t leave much to chance. Highly trained professionals are involved within the restaurant who appreciate the necessity to use only the recommended and freshest ingredients during preparations. These concerns fit with Tim Hortons’ declaration to administer importance to its customers’ nutrition and well-being. The curriculum seeks to inspire children to fulfill their potential and to realize greater opportunities in life.

Mission Statement of Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has more of it than great-tasting coffee. We work tirelessly to supply the best quality goods and services and aspire to be a pioneer in everything we do. It is so easy.

Vision Declaration of Tim Hortons

Our vision is to be the pioneer in excellence in all that we do.

Mission Statement of Tim Hortons

Vision: The vision of Tim Horton is “To be the standard pioneer of everything we do.” From their push to maximize customer loyalty to the standard control processes in situ for coffee and food in each franchised location, this is often seen in most areas of their everyday operation.

Mission Statement: “Our driving mission is to produce our guests and communities with superior quality goods and services through leadership, creativity, and collaborations.”

Values “It means more to serve our communities than to supply great coffee and baked products.” Their Children’s Foundation and other small sporting activities, for instance.

Product Business: Tim Hortons is an industry that’s focused on coffee. Particularly supported coffees and teas of a distinct nature. Also, offering meals together with baked items now. They market their goods and have take-home services at their sites. Its mission is to produce fresh coffee, snacks, and fast customer service. They use numerous promotional tactics to try and do publicity, and enormous billboards are posted at busy places.

Components of the Statement of Vision

  • Conciseness: Tim Hortons’ declaration of vision is brief and to the purpose. This suggests that the organization hasn’t employed lengthy dialects and dialogues to deliver its ad role to the media and related stakeholders. It should convey the organization’s meaning and its strategies to form the purchasers appreciate its corporate concept and business strategy. The mission statement should be brief and detailed.

  • Encompassing Clarification: Tim Horton’s vision declaration should be short but should be holistic in nature. This suggests that with the definition and data on what the organization needs and how it aims to accomplish its long-term targets strategically, the mission statement should be complete. The mission statement should be a comprehensive declaration outlining the key strengths that may enable it to accomplish its futuristic goals.


The leading publicly traded chain in Canada, Tim Hortons, celebrates its longevity due to its inhabitation in a very much narrower market relative to markets within the US, India, and China. Tim Hortons mustn’t exclusively depend upon one market to be the most effective of the bunch. There are solid prospects for them to become the world’s best during this day and age, across new developing markets with a robust chance of huge income. There are growing developments for coffee drinkers in China and India, two countries with an immense fondness for Western-style beverages and meals. Also, the rise of Tim Horton in those countries will play to their benefit. That’s the first reason why both China and India reap huge income from McDonald’s, the equivalent of Tim Hortons’ fast-service restaurant industry. Moving into collaborations also implies that businesses can spread the prices of loss, reducing their responsibility. Therefore, Tim Hortons’ collaboration with Kahala Corp could be a brilliant one, since it connects both Tim Hortons and Cold Stone Creamery design stores within the U.S. during this case, Tim Hortons includes a partner in Kahala Corp who has ample experience of the US market and the way it operates, with the advantage of sharing the risks of failure. Similarly, to deliver new and inventive Tim Hortons goods that customers can shop outside of Tim Hortons shops, Tim Hortons must make sure that they invest in additional collaborations with other businesses. This move will shift its market image, and that they will face increased competitive pressure from their rivals.

Support would be a difficult obstacle for Tim Hortons, even with the motivation to grow internationally. In other nations, financial contributions and cash are essential components required to grow their brand image; however, these investments may encourage to be highly risky. For that cause, their financial load and overall risk will be minimized by participating in collaborations. As their reputation would be connected to those businesses, it’s also important for Tim Hortons to search out highly respectable and ethical firms to be affiliated with.


With 76 percent of the market share, Tim Hortons leads the Canadian coffee chain market. It currently has 4,485 restaurants, including 3,588 in Canada, 859 within the U.S., and 38 within the Gulf Cooperation Council within the last three years (The Canadian News, 2013). Its price points are one of all the most effective bonuses Tim Hortons has. Along with his farmer in South America, Tim Hortons has formed an in-depth relationship and gets lower prices by buying large quantities of materials and achieving economies of scale. It’s rather more economical as compared to Starbucks beverages of identical size. It’s also created a well-recognized Canadian brand image that encourages national pride and has earned customer loyalty in Canada over the years by effectively offering outstanding quality, venue, price, and a spread of food and drinks by exceeding the demand of the customer.


An argument from a company is used to summarise whether a consumer would purchase a product or use a service called the worth proposition. This convinces a prospective buyer that the corporate merchandise or service has greater merit than any comparable goods. The worth equation is that the ratio, usually defined because of the quality and therefore the compromise required, is expressed by the worth between the advantages provided.

For many factors, Tim Hortons incorporates a marvelous value proposition. First of all, it sells a large range of products of a prime quality, and therefore the prices are competitive. Second, most restaurants in Tim Hortons are open 24 hours each day, and other people go there anytime they need an excellent cup of coffee for some moments or need an easy bite to eat when on the go. There are several options to order: over the counter, drive-thru, or via the mobile app, which saves plenty of your time for consumers. Also, the organization incorporates a deep corporate social duty to strive to convey back to the neighborhoods within which it works, to do to higher farmers’ lives, and to encourage large sporting events and activities. An example is that the Smile Cookie promotion this year helped raise a record everywhere in Canada of nearly $7.8 million. A campaign could be a charitable activity that provides to fund over 500 Canadian charities and community services.

The company’s philosophy and mission statements support both of those causes. The mission statement of Tim Hortons is “To provide superior quality products and services through leadership, innovation, and partnerships for our guests and communities.” His vision is “to be the leader of quality in everything we do.” Tim Hortons geared toward becoming the primary of everything: the community’s preferred, the pioneer inconsistency, value, service, and innovative ideas.

If it involves franchisees, they own quite 90 percent of the stores. And therefore, the mission of Tim Hortons in this field is to be capable of everybody. The business wants franchisees to thrive, and just the start of a fruitful partnership is that the admission price. New franchisees are carefully educated, and also the organization is there to assist if anyone has concerns. Overall, since consumers are the core elements of an organization, Tim Hortons listens to their views through direct comments and focus groups, even individuals who are faithful to other brands. Which will make sure the business is getting the correct direction, and it is also a gateway to larger profits.

Marketing Purpose-Based or Purpose-Driven

Tim Hortons has employed a campaign strategy for several years proven to be extremely effective for them. This method is thought of as marketing-supported intent. The purpose-based or purpose-driven advertisement may be a tactic employed by an organization that encourages them to speak with their target market.

You aim to create a positive bond along with your customers once you use purpose-driven marketing so they’ll interact with your brand more easily. You aim to make an intimate bond with your audience that may facilitate your confidence and confidence in exchange. They have done some things in Tim Hortons’ case to assist them in relating to their Canadian audience.

Executive Summary

Strategic marketing could be a more evolved and organized marketing system that deals with the precise concept of a target, a metric, and an outline of the demand. It incorporates advertising options and provides a centralized framework that helps advertisers to seize the demand completely. It’s directed at the optimum use of high-output resources. A business strategy extracts strategic marketing from it.

This illustrates what programs and procedures an organization employ and the way the execution is dispensed. Its primary aim is usually to spice up marketing and achieve full loyalty for consumers. It also facilitates business penetration and application creativity. Some individuals name strategic marketing as conventional marketing.

Strategy & Execution

Tim Hortons Inc., a powerhouse within the Canadian fast-service restaurant industry for 50 years, has many strategic decisions to create in 2014 to counter rising competition and evolving market preferences. It needs financial capital, logistical skills, market saturation, product creativity, and name awareness to compete with Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Dunkin ‘Donuts, the world’s biggest and best-known suppliers of aliment like coffee, doughnuts, and burgers, to produce a world presence. However, although the brand is synonymous with Canada, outside the boundaries of that country, it’s much less recognized.

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Tim Hortons Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

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