Starbucks Mission and Vision Statement- Value Analysis

Starbucks Mission & Vision Statement Analysis


Starbucks is a well-known American coffeehouse chain all across the world. Starbuck’s headquarters is in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks is more than just coffee, as it describes itself. It aims to create an experience for a customer where each interaction between the customer and Starbucks is peculiar and special. There is a connection, a certain bond that the customer creates after every visit to Starbucks. Here, Starbucks Mission and Vision Statement.

Keeping the integrity of the special bond intact, Starbucks works towards maintaining that bond. It does so through impeccable customer service and delivering fine-quality coffee. Starbucks wants to enhance the experience and make the world a bit better, every day. 

Starbucks opened its first store in 1971. Even after so many years, the vision and mission remain the same. And to fulfill the vision, Starbucks works as hard as it did at the start. Howard Schultz visited the Starbucks coffeehouse as a customer in 1981 and was very impressed with the freshly brewed coffee. After Schultz visited Italy, he envisioned bringing the Italian coffeehouse culture to the US. In 1987, Schultz bought the Starbucks store and the rest is history. 

Starbucks then became a place for coffee, warmth, conversations, connections, and bonds. 

Mission Statement and Analysis

The mission statement of Starbucks Coffee is – “to inspire and nurture the human spirit- one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” 

The mission statement highlights the motive of Starbucks. Starbucks inspires and nurtures each individual’s life that it touches. Starbucks takes care of its employees as well as the customers. Everyone at Starbucks is like a family which has the warmth of a strong bond between them. Starbucks pays attention to each individual. This trait could be seen in the way they write each customer’s name on their beverages. This personalization of customer services makes the customers feel special and wanted.

The many benefits given to the employees also signify this deep bond. The nature of the employees is friendly and interactive; the aura of the store is subtle and cozy with light music playing in the background. This approach of Starbucks paves way for meaningful relationships and customer experiences. The customers look forward to having a good experience and the employees look forward to a welcoming environment where their skills can be developed. 

The thrust on “One person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time” also signifies the care that Starbucks puts in everything. There is no hurry or desperation to only make a profit. Rather the approach of Starbucks is gradual and well-thought. Starbucks wants to make strong relationships with the customers as well as the community they are in. It takes care of its neighborhood, other stores, the community as well as the environment. 

Environmental Mission Statement

In addition to the welfare of the customers and the employees, Starbucks is also aware of its responsibility towards the environment. That is why it inculcates environment-sensitive practices in its business. Key principles of Starbuck’s environment policy are-

  1. Starbucks aims to comprehend environmental issues and also create awareness amongst its partners and employees. 
  2. Creating awareness is not the only thing important, devising solution is imperative. Starbucks makes it a point to deliver solutions to bring change. 
  3. One of the reforming changes that Starbucks brought forth is the use and sale of environmentally friendly materials and products. 
  4. Starbucks is aware that taking financial responsibility is important for the future of the environment. 
  5. Starbucks imbibes and expands responsibility towards nature as a corporate value. This vision is shared by the employees and investors at Starbucks as well. 
  6. For every project, data is tabulated to give an idea about the progress or deficiency, if any, in the policies of Starbucks. 

Vision Statement and Analysis

The vision statement of Starbucks is “to establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow.” 

The vision statement encapsulates how Starbucks is trying to achieve new heights, every day. The “premier purveyor of finest coffee” implies the leadership quality that Starbucks has. Starbucks wants to be the best in the coffee-serving field and leaves no stone unturned to achieve this. The coffee beans are of premium quality. The customer service is impressive. Starbucks wants to leave its footprints all around the globe. Starbucks aims to expand its business even further. The sky knows no limit when it comes to Starbucks aiming for growth. We can see so many Starbucks stores opening worldwide. 

But it is noteworthy, that despite the high ambition, Starbucks keeps its core values and principles intact. Progress should not be at the cost of principles. The friendly environment, high business ethics, quality of products, and the overall experience of the customers is a sign of Starbucks abiding by its strong values. 

Core Values

Starbucks and its employees have certain core values which they abide by. The core values reflect the strong business ethics and customer-employee bond that Starbucks holds to be sacred. The Core Values are- 

  1. Starbucks aims to create an environment of respect and dignity where everyone- from the employees to the customers is treated with civility and encouraged to be a better version of themselves- every day. 
  2. Starbucks also believes in inclusivity and diversity. This diversity is reflected in the business that is done at Starbucks. From having diversity in the Starbucks menu to hiring people from all ages and cultures, Starbucks ‘ inclusive attitude is seen in every little thing. 
  3. Starbucks believes in the excellence of quality and service. This strive for excellence could be tasted in every sip of the coffee that the customer orders. 
  4. The focus of Starbucks is on the satisfaction of the customers. Everything that the employees at Starbucks do is for the betterment of the customers. 
  5. While caring for the employees and customers, Starbucks doesn’t fail to care for the environment as well. They believe in sustainability and want to contribute positively to the community that they interact with and in which they inhabit. The products are produced responsibly. 
  6. Starbucks aims to acquire profitability by expanding the brand but at the same time not compromising on the customer’s expectations.


There are some basic principles that Starbucks swears by. Those are-

  1. Providing a quality cup of coffee to everyone. From sourcing to manufacturing, to brewing, everything is taken care of with great precision. Even the workers who work coffee plantations are given their dues on time. 
  2. Treating every employee as a family. Each person is treated with kindness and respect. 
  3. Forming a connection, a bond with the customers. The bond is more than merely serving coffee. 
  4. The stores provide an escape to the customers as well as the employees from the worries of the outside world. Starbucks provides a haven to feel good and enjoy life. 
  5. Each store of Starbucks forms a team, a family. Each store gets happy at the success of their neighboring stores. They all form a tight-knit community.
  6. Starbucks takes care of its shareholders too. Each employee makes sure they meet the required targets so the shareholders are not left disappointed.  


Starbucks is not only limited to coffee. It understands the need of the customers and works accordingly. Starbucks is aware of the importance of a warm and cozy place to meet and greet. Starbucks has become an epitome of such an expectation of having a welcoming atmosphere for customers to share ideas, have conversations over a cup of hotly brewed coffee. 

The services offered at Starbucks are genuine. It wants to create an entire experience for customers around coffee. But people who are not fond of coffee will also not be disappointed, when at Starbucks. Starbucks also offers teas of different flavors, chilled beverages, shakes, pastries, and other delicacies as well.  The music played at the store gives off a cherry on the cake vibe. 

Starbucks has become a part of the daily life of customers, especially coffee lovers. 


Starbucks provides various job opportunities for people pursuing in varied fields. If you want to doll out delicious handcrafted coffee to the customers and make their day better, then this is the right stop for you. Starbucks also encourages the employees to build a connection with each other as well as the customers and the community for developing a sense of belonging. 

The various career opportunities in retail are- 

  1. Baristas- They are at the forefront of customer service. Their roles include creating delicious beverages. They work together to create a positive outlook in the customers’ lives and welcome them warmly into the store. The green apron that they wear instills a faith of the customers in them and their services.
  2. Shift Supervisors- They make sure that everything in the store is in order. They are leaders and overlook the functioning of the store and keep a check on other employees whether they are delivering their services efficiently or not. 
  3. Shift Managers- This role could only be seen in Massachusetts. They create plans for the betterment of the store and ensure that there is the smooth functioning of all aspects of the store. 
  4. Assistant Store Managers- they ensure that the weekly and monthly targets of Starbucks are achieved. They look after several operations of the store with their management skills. 
  5. Store Managers- They are the leaders in the true sense. They have to overlook all the minute details from business strategies to their implementation, to overlooking the employees and guiding them. They also interact with customers and investment partners to create an environment that is suitable for growth. 
  6. District Managers- They have the responsibility of all the stores that are there in the District Manager’s assigned districts. They have to chart out plans and strategies to improve the sales. They have to have the leadership skills to connect with everyone and guide them for the better. 

Job opportunities are also present in the corporate sector at Starbucks. These include jobs in Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Support, Supply Chain, etc. These jobs require prior work experience and a proper resume. 

Starbucks also provides internship opportunities for college students who want to get first-hand experience in several fields. They get opportunities to collaborate with the technology and support teams. This job opportunity provides them a fertile ground to enhance their potential. 

Hiring Age

The minimum age the candidate has to be to get hired is 16 years for entry-level positions. For a Managerial position, the minimum age is 18 years. Although in Montana, the minimum age requirement is 14 years. 


  • Starbucks provides affordable accommodation for disabled employees.
  • They also assist in the college education of employees to make them more aware. 
  • There are certain discounts on food and beverages.
  • Health coverage is also given to the employees for their well-being.
  • Employees get paid time off. 
  • A stocks and Savings plan is also in place to help the employees invest better. 
  • Employees who have become parents also get the provision of parental leave. 
  • Employees get the commuter benefit for easy travel. 
  • Employee Assistance Program is also given to the employees to assist them in times of need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of candidate is preferred to get hired at Starbucks?

A friendly person has conversation skills and has a passion for coffee and retail is preferred by Starbucks.

  1. How should one prepare for the interview at Starbucks?

Just research about the company, its core values, principles, mission, and its vision statement. Also, other questions will be general and will test your personality and customer dealing skills.

  1. What is the starting pay range at Starbucks?

The hourly pay of store workers is $14-$18.

  1. Is the application process at Starbucks difficult?

No. The application and hiring process is simple if you meet the required criteria. The applicant needs to feel the online application form. If selected, the applicant will be called for an interview. 


Starbucks is a renowned coffeehouse all over the world. It has an ambitious mission and vision statements which it continuously works towards. Starbucks has its core values and principles clearly defined. It expects everyone to abide by those principles. 

Starbucks aims to create a customer experience that is not just limited to serving coffee. It aims to create a bond and commits to achieve it. 

There are several job opportunities at Starbucks. The environment at work is warm and friendly and growth-positive. 

Starbucks Mission and Vision Statement- Value Analysis

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