NRA Mission & Vision Statement Analysis – Know More

The NRA was constituted by William Conant Church and George Wood Wingate in 1871 to upskill the shooters. It is one of the most famous advocacy groups in Washington DC. It is essential to understand the NRA charge statement to understand the actuality of the National Rifle Association.

NRA Mission & Vision Statement Analysis - Know More

NRA (National Rifle Association)

NRA (National Rifle Association) was founded in 1871 after it received a charter from the New York State. Ambrose Burnside, the civil war general, became the first president of this association. It is an advocacy institution that defends the constitutional rights of American citizens, which says, “the right to bear arms to defend one’s nation” NRA acts as a safeguarding instrument to the American constitution. It defends the constitutional right and gives them the freedom to defend themselves and protect Americans by allowing them the holding arms.

NRA Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

NRA has a mission statement that defines the institution and its work impeccably. It says, “The heart of The NRA Foundation’s mission is preserving the core of our American values and traditions in our steadfast effort to Teach Freedom.” This statement can be set up on the functionary point of NRA. NRA’s vision statement dictates that it is prepared to fight for the freedom and rights of America and is ready to face any legalities in this process. It says, “to be proud defenders of history’s patriots and diligent protectors of the Second Amendment.” The second amendment of the American constitution ensures that the freedom to bear arms remains unthreatened under any circumstance for the citizens of America. Despite not being the original statement, it sums up the real purpose of the NRA, which is to be the proud protectors of the land. NRA also explains the sentimental value of the historical patriots. It says that for the respect of the patriots, the arms act is mandatory as it respects their brave sacrifice.  Keep reading to know about NRA Mission & Vision Statement Analysis. 


But its existence can be traced back to when it started encouraging shooting sports in America for kids in 1903. This was specifically established to encourage the youth to join the military and make them capable of defending themselves and the county. It happened after the observation made by soldiers post the American Civil War. They realized that many soldiers were not very good at shooting, and after this Ambrose Burnside, the union army general complained that out of 1000 shots fired by their man, only one hit the target. Which meant the soldiers were undertrained. And post-civil war, it was discovered, that the world was no longer a peaceful place. And the country had become paranoid with the fear of war breaking out at any given point in time.

Therefore, in 1871, the NRA was created to train people how to use guns. It encouraged people to start their rifle clubs and built a shooting range, where people could practice efficiently. Thanks to NRA, people now have guns in the US. However, back then the NRA’s prime focus was to train people on how to use them rather than defending the right to have them. Also, considering the period of world war, having trained shooters in the American military force seemed like a brilliant idea. In fact, in 1927, the US provided free ammunition and bullets for gun clubs.

NRA helped introduce some gun control laws in the US in the early 1930s. Irrespective of how NRA is perceived in the present time by people and how it has become so controversial, NRA used to be an extremely powerful instrument for the American arm forces and the government as well. But then, as some high-profile assassinations happened in 1960, the fear amongst people for guns increased, and the government too realized how easy and harmful it was for civilians to have guns easily.

Therefore, the gun control act was passed in 1968 considering the fear of people and the threat that easy access to weapons posed to everyone in America. Post this act National Rifle Association morphed into a whole new concept. It transformed from training individuals and defending the nation to an institution that rigorously opposed any law passed against guns and arms bearing. In the early 1970s, as per the data, NRA also got involved in political lobbying to loosen the gun control law in America. And it has been successful as well. If we look at the present times, NRA has more than 5 million members across the United States. It receives donations from gun manufacturers and relies on the income generated from these members. 

NRA Vision statement

The NRA vision statement talks about the proud defenders of the nation and it explains that guns are for protection and not simply for the attack. The National Rifle Association of America’s vision statement can be further divided into two components, one would be defenders of the country, and the other would be honoring the patriots of America and the Second Amendment.

NRA asks the members to protect the second amendment with immense devotion and pride. They see the second amendment as an exceptional law in the favor of the nation’s defense and civil rights. This provides the members a sense of purpose and therefore, they proudly embrace their participation in NRA despite its controversial status. 

Then comes the sentimental value that NRA attaches itself to. It talks about how it is essential to fight and protect the nation and civil rights as the patriots did. To honor the forefathers of America, it is crucial to understand and respect NRA’s vision for arms and gun bearing. 

Core Values

NRA’s core principles would be to ensure the protection of the second amendment, as mentioned above. But along with this, the organization also follows several values like “commitment, transparency, sacrifice, and honesty.”


In today’s time, to defend the second amendment, and raise their budget for the same they use many ways, like donations & charity for gun rights advocacy. The easy accessibility of donation arms to NRA also proves to be a major helpful method. 

The NRA is without a doubt a contentious organization. However, they have been able to draw in and keep a sizable following. Enhancing new and emerging organizations can be accomplished by analyzing how they are run.

The NRA exhorts its members to be proud of their convictions. Likewise, to participate in unique events The organization has mission and vision statements as well as a clear set of values. Finally, the group gives its members a strong sense of belonging.  

NRA Mission & Vision Statement Analysis – Know More

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