Market Oriented Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

Market-Oriented Mission Statement

Suppose you need to find out whether the mission statement is good or not and Market Oriented, then the best way is to analyze the organizational goal. If these goals are measurable and attainable, then it reflects the goal-achieving capability of the company. In a market, customers are considered as a kingpin. The omission is a statement that focuses on buyer retention and satisfaction and not on the product. This assertion is framed to attract consumers and improve sales to achieve organizational goals. The meaning of the mission statement is to identify different marketing areas and collect the important information related to the buyer to create the commodity coding to the consumer’s needs. The main aim of any mission statement of the computer is to create it market-oriented. We will discuss Market Oriented Mission Statement and Vission Analysis here.

Market Oriented Mission Statement

  1. Explain the role of a mission statement in marketing?

Answer: A mission statement is a detailed summary of a company that consists of different details regarding the product formation and may have several variations depending upon length, content specification, and format. Various components are stated in the mission statement by the strategic management marketers for the product marketers and managers.

  1. Discuss the elements of the market-oriented mission statement?

Answer: The essential information is specified in the mission statement because it is visible to the public. Some components are stated below:

  • Customers: Customers are the kingpin of the corporation so that the mission document must focus on retaining the buyer retention and furnishing the information related to them also it was a specified what kind of customers are required by the Enterprise
  • Products or Services: The companies must specify the major product or services produced by that organization
  • Markets: To know the market there is a need to know the market area where the firm is going to survive the competitors, the following business policies, and the marketing area, where does the firm competes.
  • Technology: What kind of technology is used by the forms to produce the food whether it is a capital intensive company or labor-intensive company.
  • Concern for survival, growth, and profitability: 

Discussing the kind of organizational company commitments that the firms make to achieve their financial and economic goals?

  • Philosophy: The core values and beliefs systems aspirations and different theories and philosophies of the companies must be specified to develop better accountability.
  • Self-Concept: The strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the companies need to be mentioned in the mission statement of the company to understand the competitive advantage within the market segment.
  • Concern for Public Image: They must specify in the mission statement different concerns related to the public so that they will be able to create trust in your company.
  • Concern for Employees: Also the company must specify the attitude and the behavior towards the employees and the organization and introduction and orientation programs conducted for them. Companies can provide extra perks and extra benefits to motivate the employees and help the organization grow.
  • Target Market: Main focus is on the customers of a particular targeted area or target audience.
  • Contribution: which products are produced by the company and what is the contribution of that product.
  • Distinction: Specify the type of unique features and specifications of the commodity and how it is different from other products and why it should be purchased by the customers. All these must be mentioned in the mission statement of a company.
  1. How to understand and analyze a mission statement?

Answer: Analysis of the mission statement depends upon the values, characteristics, traits, importance, features, belief system, and several philosophies of the organization. It also reflects the organizational background and the culture. Also, it reflects the company’s ability to survive in the market and earn profits in the long term. Below points must be taken into consideration for analyzing the  mission statement:

  • Designing the Business Portfolio: The market-oriented statement is required in the company to frame the policy objectives and strategies required to prepare the business portfolio so that all the product is prepared by the company and collected at one place. The company’s strengths and weaknesses can be better stated in the best business portfolio that fits well in the organization. A mission statement is framed to do the swot analysis of companies’ policies and strategies to find out the profitability and financial soundness of the industry.

  • Setting Company Objectives and Goals: The mission statement of a company must include the objectives and the target set up for each level of management. Most of the managers and executives are assigned the roles and duties to achieve the organizational objectives and also supervise their subordinates to contribute their efforts for the same. For the development of the organization implementing different policies and techniques and allocation of resources, the goals are made which should be mentioned in the mission statement of an organization to give a clear insight about the organizational framework to the people.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Why do businesses need a mission statement?

Answer: There is a need to maintain a business or mission statement in the organization to provide clear pictures of the workings of the organization. Mainly mission statements are framed for a shorter period up to what duration  6 months to 1 year. These statements are made between 2 to 4 sentences, and also they might consist of around a hundred to 200 words. Ultimately try to frame a mission statement that may be constructed in such a path that inspires your team to achieve your financial objectives and as an internal document providing concise information about firms helping the people. The buyers require the mission announcements to know about the company’s policies, strategies, and frameworks.

  1. How do you write a good mission statement?


Tips for Creating an Effective Mission Statement

There are different tips and tricks to create an effective mission statement for the organization, which will attract a large number of customers and improve the organization’s growth. These are as follows:

  • The mission statement frame by the company should be simple and clear, and the length of the statement should be short so that the customers don’t get bored reading a long mission statement. In addition, specific things should be mentioned in the mission statement to provide concise information to the users of the mission statement.
  • Try to write most of the mission statement in a few sentences to mention only important information. Sharing too much information may not be fit for the company’s welfare.
  • The mission statement should not be written in an essay format but should be written in very small sentences in an easy and understandable format.
  • While writing this mission statement doesn’t consider for very long-term purposes, these must show only small and achievable goals.
  • Also, try to make the mission statement flexible so that required changes can be made from time to time depending upon the company’s changing circumstances.
  1. Explain the requirement of the mission statement in the company?

Answer: The actual meaning of the mission statement is  ” improvement and dispersion of knowledge.” it means that the organization must provide specific and concise knowledge about the internal and external working of the community to the buyer so that better relationships can be developed in the market. Most of the firms keep their mission statement as “incorporating assertive strategic trade” along with the quality commodities and services so that better value can be furnished to the buyer at competitive prices.” This way, a market-oriented mission statement can be framed for both workers and potential customers, which specifies information regarding the quality of commodities and employment and the prices for the same. This helps develop the best brand-building strategy and a mission statement that can work for the forms and Enterprises.

  1. Defining a Market-Oriented Mission?

Answer: It can be clearly stated that the main objective and the organization’s targets so that companies can frame a sound mission statement for the organization. Do mission statements provide the answers related to questions such as What is the company works around? Who are the buyers? What is the importance of the business? What activities are performed by the corporation? What are its responsibilities? These questions are answered carefully by most successful companies in their mission assertions to develop trust among their customers and increase their Goodwill in the market. All the organizational goals and the targets are stated in a mission statement, and also the purpose of the organization is defined properly. That is why the mission statement is called an invisible hand that directs the employees and organization towards their goals.


So framing a market-oriented mission statement needs proper knowledge related to the customer and a market-oriented strategy. The mission statement should be such which can attract more customers and help the company increase more profit. When the products and the services are provided according to the customer’s need, then the company will get the chance to have better survival in the market.

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Market Oriented Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

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