Levi’s Mission Statement-Vision & Value Analysis

A ship without a destination will rock in the sea for a while and then wither away with tides. A man without a goal will live his life in vain, with nowhere to claim. Similarly, a company without a mission will dissolve into oblivion like a waning moon. The answer to the following questions determines whether an individual or an organization is substantial or not.Let us know about that the Levi’s mission statement-vision & value analysis.

Levi’s Mission Statement-Vision & Value Analysis
  • What is your objective?
  • What values do you hold?
  • What are your future aspirations?

Even a slight slack when answering these interrogations indicates a lack of self-belief. A brand without clarity about its ambition would become another name in the list that never makes it to the top. Fades out with time, wiped out from the memory. 

In current times, with so many alternatives available for every single item, it is becoming even more difficult for brands to create a niche. But, that isn’t the case with Levi’s. A name that resonates with the presence of blue denim. But to stay relevant in an age where ‘what you do’ and ‘what you want to become’ starts defining your purchase, Levi’s has certainly had to step up. Along with its history and heritage, it has also prioritized the issues of today. 

Being an apparel brand, it has a connection with varied kinds of people. With that diversity in appeal, a brand that has survived the turns of time must surely have a mission, vision, and core values that integrate the opinions of many and that too craftily. Let us delve deep into understanding how Levi’s through its mission, vision, and values has managed to leave a lasting impression that is to stay for years to come. 

Levi’s Mission Statement

The mission of a corporation that has been in the business for more than 160 years and managed to be a leading name needs to reflect the wisdom it has gained over the decades that passed. Levi’s mission statement surely does that job. Levi’s mission statement states that Levi Strauss & Company aims to sustain responsible commercial success as a global marketing company of branded casual apparel. It then goes on to focus on the need to balance the objectives of superior profitability and ROI, leadership market positions, and exemplary or superior products and services. 

It reaffirms its promise to ensure that the business will be carried well within the boundaries of ethics and adorn the role of leader in fulfilling the responsibilities it has towards the society and especially the vulnerable communities. It assures that there will be a maximization of safety and productivity in the workplace. A commitment to fair treatment, teamwork, open communication, personal accountability, and various opportunities for growth and development. 

The learnings from a centenary have revealed two factors that have the biggest impacts. These factors, however involved in the cycle of production of the company, are still out of their governance. One is the cotton field and the other the effects it has after the products leave the store. But, the corporation is still trying to direct these processes to limit the adverse effects it generates. Such goals are being achieved by working on cultivating a better version of existing Cotton. For the other issue, the company is sharing advice to renovate the laundry habits of its customers. 

This mission focuses on making its global reach more concrete, improving the features of its products, and empowering the masses that trust in the corporation. A brand becomes a household name because of the marketing strategy known as ‘word of mouth’. This could only become possible when a company invests in its customer more than what it gains from them. This facilitates the foundation of trust on which Levi’s has survived and will flourish in the future as well. It has done an excellent job at incorporating the issues of today that will also affect the future generation, prioritizing sustainability above all.

Levi’s Vision

The vision of a brand defines what it is trying to do. A legacy can only be carried forward if your future goals are as significant as the accolades of the past. The vision statement tells the customers about what the corporation wants to focus on in the upcoming days. It indicates principles that the brand will focus on in achieving the plans of tomorrow. 

Levis’ vision states – We are the embodiment of the energy and events of our times, inspiring people with a pioneering spirit. The statement itself reinstates the fact that Levi’s is the leader in the sector it operates. Being at the top of the game can sometimes lead to the belief that there is nothing more to do. But, from the vision of Levi’s it gets clear that they do not believe so. They, in fact, know that there is so much to do, there is so much to learn. As a pioneer, it wants to concentrate on decreasing the distances between theory and practicality. Ensuring that all the decisions taken for the betterment are implemented and give rise to fruitful actions. 

Although the overall look of it will change, Levi’s and Co still keep the values that it inherited at its core. A perfect blend of traditional values and a futuristic approach. 

Levi’s core values

The core values of a company indicate what principles govern the course of action taken by the corporation. Retaining certain parameters to which a company holds itself accountable symbolizes the understanding without morals there is only chaos. These values often shape the decisions taken by the management. These are central ideas that determine various facets right from the conduct of employees, to how the issues are dealt with. Thus, choosing the crux that not only mirrors the intentions but also directs the impact that a brand wants to have is crucial.

The values of Levi’s Strauss & Co. are

  • Empathy
  • Originality
  • Integrity
  • Courage

Levi’s has managed to create a perfect balance with the core themes that it has chosen. Giving equal importance to the aspect of understanding and authenticity in the creation. While also ensuring that there is unity in the workforce, with an impeccable display of courage when taking the charge to bring a change. Letting the cycle of change direct the flow of progress. The cohesion of all these values places Levi’s in a guiding position. A model for every similar brand to look up to and learn from. Commitments should shine through every facet possible of an enterprise, and it does so in the case of Levi’s and Co.

Such values hold human essence at a greater place than the margins of profits. It focuses on working to create a just world. Uplifting the vulnerable section of society. Levi’s has perfected the skill of curating an ethical base for all the actions to be taken and decisions to be made. Thus, manifesting its goals into its soul.


Since its creation, Levi’s has managed to keep their words and actions in tune. The exhibition of its intention is noticed by the percentage of women in its workforce, i.e., 58%. Along with that, it also has a multicultural and diversified employee base. To conclude, Levi’s is a brand that has maintained the expectations of many, with its reliance on values that are inherently based on giving more than gaining. 

Levi’s Mission Statement-Vision & Value Analysis

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