Know About Values Analysis Of Marriott Mission Statement.

Marriott International is a multinational corporation based in the United States that owns, operates, franchises, and licenses accommodation facilities such as hotels, residences, and timeshares. The company’s headquarters are located in Bethesda, Maryland. J. Willard and Alice Marriott founded Marriott International in 1927, and it has been directed by their family leadership ever since. Their values are still ingrained in the company’s culture, and all the company is doing today. Marriott International owns 30 brands and more than seven thousand properties in approximately 130 countries and territories, giving their consumers additional ways to interact and explore the world. Marriott offers the most comprehensive portfolio in the market. Know more about values analysis of Marriott Mission Statement.

Know About Values Analysis Of Marriott Mission Statement.

Marriott’s success can be attributed in part to its mission statement, vision, and values, which outline its goals and obligations to its consumers, making it worthwhile to deconstruct and analyze. The mission of Marriott International is to make their customers’ lives better by providing and facilitating them with unrivaled holiday and leisure experiences. They aim at improving the lives of their customers by providing the best holiday experience ever. Marriott Mission operates with a vision of becoming the world’s leading provider and organizer of vacation experiences. Marriott highlights the importance of leading from the front in its vision statement. Through differentiated services for its customers, the company demonstrates its ambition to be a significant influencer in the industry. Marriott has five core values that make them different from the rest of the companies in the industry . Lets know about values analysis of Marriott Mission Statement.

Know About Values Analysis Of Marriott Mission Statement.

The mission statement of Marriott is to make their customers’ lives better by providing and facilitating the best holiday experiences. Their mission statement primarily focuses on the customers’ benefits by choosing Marriott as their preferred location. The mission statement is like a promise that the customers will accept nothing less than the best service. This mission statement has the following characteristics:

  • Marriott emphasizes that the company aims to improve the lives of its customers. Customers can choose from a variety of packages, each of which is complemented by exceptional services.
  • Everything at the Marriott is tailored to the needs of its customers. Customers that sign up for membership receive exceptional services.
  • Marriott provides more than just ways for customers to interact and see the world. The corporation also uses its global popularity as a benefit to help communities in a variety of ways.

The Vision Of Marriott Mission Statement

The Vision Statement of Marriott’s mission is to become the world’s best provider and facilitator of holiday experiences. Marriott’s vision statement makes it evident that the corporation intends to be at the top of the hospitality sector. Although there is no mention of competition in the vision statement, it does hint at Marriott being the most acceptable facilitator of holiday experiences which is also one of the reasons Marriott’s brand is associated with entertainment and tourism.

Because of Marriott’s worldwide approach, it can provide exclusive experiences to its customers and residents no matter where they are. This indicates that the service level is being maintained throughout the entire network.

The Core Values Of Marriott Mission International

Marriott’s underlying principles play a significant role in its success. The values that are essential to Marriott remain constant as they adapt and grow. 

The values of Marriott International are:

Prioritizing People:

Marriott International always prioritizes people. The founder of Marriott International gave this philosophy. Their philosophy of putting people first has earned them international acclaim and respect.

Providing the best service:

Marriott strives for excellence. The organization takes immense delight in providing exceptional service. Therefore, all their workers are required to uphold this standard. Marriott International is a necessary skill for survival since the organization strives to hire the best personnel available. 

  • Accepting and adapting to changes:
  • Marriott constantly adapts to the changes in the environment. Marriott has been a leader in the field of innovation for a very long. Marriott makes changes in its services according to the changes in the demands of the customers. All the employees in the company adapt to the changes and work accordingly.
  • Morality in Actions:

Morality is the most vital of all the fundamental values. All personnel is expected to carry out their responsibilities with the utmost honesty to flourish as a credible brand. They adhere to the highest ethical and legal standards possible. 

Empowering society:

All the employees in Marriott International are dedicated to the firm and society, and the environment. Therefore, every employee is required to make a positive contribution to society and help make the environment sustainable. 

By adhering to the goal of the company’s founders, Marriott International has maintained continuous prosperity on a global level for nearly a century. The company’s mission is to leave its mark in the service sector by providing the best accommodation facilities and vacation experiences. Marriott International aspires to be the world’s most popular travel company. 

Together with the company’s values and culture, their vision allowed Marriott International to achieve its current level of success. Marriott International started its journey to become the best provider of vacation experiences in the world. They proved their vision was correct by establishing a mission that prioritized customers. Providing high-quality services was one of the things that contributed to the company’s success. In addition to its competent, exceptional personnel, Marriott International’s global success can be attributed to its unique culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What makes Marriott International the best provider and organizer of holiday experiences?

Answer: Marriott International is the leading provider of vacation experiences as, unlike its competitors, Marriott has consistently invested in creative thinking processes that have enabled new and innovative guest experiences. A creative thinking lab has also been established at one of the company’s hotels to crowdsource consumer opinions and illustrate how new technology and innovation can improve the holiday experience. In addition, with the help of a renowned IT firm, the company also built an app that allows consumers to personalize their stay and helps them connect with service professionals.

 Q2) What is unique about the marketing strategy of Marriott International?

Answer: Marriott realized that one hotel brand would not be able to meet the expectations of all customers. As a result, Marriott employed a differentiation approach, with various brands catering to multiple consumers in the industry. Marriott operates hotel brands like JW Marriott and Bulgari, which are designed to meet the luxury needs of the customers. In contrast, the modestly priced Courtyard provides amenities and services focused on comprehensive quality while considering the customer’s affordability. 

Q3) How does Marriott International contribute to the environment?

Answer: They reduce their ecological consequences by managing their water and energy use sustainably, lowering carbon emissions, and promoting renewable energy. They are determined to incorporate leading environmental and sustainability practices into their supply chain. They collaborate only with the suppliers who share their values. By concentrating on sustainable, ethical, and local procurement, Marriott strives to minimize the adverse environmental impact of its commercial activities. Sustainability is ingrained in all the business strategies of Marriott International.

Know About Values Analysis Of Marriott Mission Statement.

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