Kmart Mission and Vision Statement- Analysis

Kmart Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Every mission and vision is made on the basis of the analysis done by the company of the market the product they sell. Everything that they do has its value and consequences starting from day one. For example, if you keep the tagline or mission of a food store something which does not connect to the emotions it will be a flop and the food chain might also suffer losses because of this. Alongside this, the way you portray your store also depends on the way people portray them, and for this marketing, content, and management experts sit to make the store’s tagline which will be their image. Here, we’ll know about Kmart Mission and Vision Statement analysis.

Kmart is a department store that was incorporated by S. S. Kresge Corporation in 1899 and the opening of the first store was done in 1962 and after a few years, it was renamed as Kmart Corporation in 1977 and is an American company. The corporation has its headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States and it reached its peak in 1994 where more than 2400 stores were operated by them out of which 2323 were discounted stores that provided items of daily needs like clothes, decoratives, food items, footwear, and others. Kmart Australia still continues to dominate the markets of Australia and New Zealand and has more than 350 stores spread throughout and is a reliable source for the people living over there. 

Mission statement:- 

We are committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services, products, and solutions that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships.

Situation Analysis:-

The statement has its own sentimental values since it was established at the starting when it was the only store to provide merchandise at lower prices. In 1962 due to the opening of Walmart and Target somewhere the company was forgotten and its best marketing strategy of the Blue Ocean was also a failure and had to be shut down after 30 years because of customer scarcity. In 2009 they again started the Blue Ocean but with the mindset that it would only be accessible for an hour on Saturdays. 

Statement Analysis:- 

The store never gave up even after going bankrupt in 2011 they brought themselves back by appealing to the market they wanted to target which is the middle and lower-middle-class who wanted to get good products at cheaper rates. In recent years, it has climbed the ladders and became the third-largest discounted store and is now also growing. 

The store says that their mission theoretically means the values, set of principles, or the agenda followed by the company to grow and build their customer base. Kmart used the simple mission which literally was the exact representation of what they wanted to do. They were always targeted to provide goods and items of necessities to the people who couldn’t afford them and wanted to get the best items in the limited source they had. 

They also claimed that if a customer starts buying from them they would feel content and not feel that they wasted the money on something cheap. When they say their products are cheap because they crack deals with the company or manufacturer who made a bit more of the product than required, they mean that they would provide goods that are of the quality that would make the customers build trust over the company and make them feel that they are someone to rely on even at the time of crisis. They work on customer service and make it better each day so that a bond is made between the company and the store and they need you to trust them with the goods they provide.

They also provide alternatives to certain items at the best price and do not compromise on the goods and this gives a solution to the people who are worrying about their living especially at this time of the pandemic. They have a good return policy which is easy and quick to make the customers stay with them even more than before. They give all these discounts as well these customer services because they work on building a biased customer base which will always be there to support them at their worst times also. The mission statement has also urged the people to connect emotionally with them because they feel that the company thinks about them and also treats them as a part of their own big family.

Vision Statement:- To provide families with everyday products at the lowest prices.

The theoretical meaning was the word vision is something that you want to achieve over the course of years and most of the time it is something that is for a long time. The company has always aimed to provide good daily use things to everyone that can’t afford them and continues to do so. They aim at providing all the people everything at a lower price and make a customer base for them and not only work for the rich. 

They feel everyone deserves to access these amenities. Their vision for over some years from now is to provide anyone of any age group, category, or economic class everything they want and can afford so that no one has to bury their basic wishes. They say that this is something that would take some time but they want to achieve it. Their vision can be fulfilled by their dedication, happy and safe environment, good management, and no operational errors. Today they have over 1500 stores in the United States and they would like to continue opening them in different areas as well but they say that they would take it slow so that they can operate the already opened stores and not degrade their quality due to quantity. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • Can we work here?
  • The answer is yes. The work environment is good and the employees, as well as the employers, are easy to contact. They also give good pay along with other benefits. Alongside this, it is safe to work here and the colleagues are cooperative and most of the time you get another family to stay with. 
  • Do they have a uniform for work?
  • No, they don’t have a specific uniform but they do provide you with navy blue or royal blue t-shirts which you wear if you want to. You can also wear collared dark-coloured shirts with black pants or slacks and non-skid shoes to avoid any work injury. They are also open to dyed hairs, piercings, and tattoos as long as it doesn’t hurt the sentiments of some customers or employees. 
Kmart Mission and Vision Statement- Analysis

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