JetBlue: Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis

This article will provide you with a complete understanding of JetBlue: Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis and fulfilment when it comes to service.

JetBlue: Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis

JetBlue: Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis: Who is JetBlue? 

JetBlue Airways may be a well-renowned low-priced airline in America. The seventh largest airline is thought of for its top-notch services in North America. Established in 1999, the airline was formally named “New Air” and shortly attained a name as an extremely reliable travel company within the airline industry. 

  • Name: JetBlue CEO: Robin Hayes 
  • Year: 1999 
  • Headquarter location: island City, New York 
  • Worker count: 22,000 
  • Type: Travel company Ticker 
  • Symbol: JBLU 

The client-centric model of this company contributed to the astronomical growth. Individuals select JetBlue because it offers quite simple flying services compared to alternative domestic airlines. Aboard amusement and comprehensive customer service plans. 

The intensive network and airline experience build JetBlue a victory travel company. The airline company accounts for 5.5 % of the market share within the US. 

JetBlue generated annual revenue of$2.637 billion from operations. 

Jet Blue Mission Statement

“To inspire humanity – each in the air and on the ground. We tend to are committed to giving back in significant ways within the communities we serve and to inspire others to try and do the same.” 

Individuals are at the guts of the company, and this company is all regarding clients first. JetBlue likes to nurture a healthy relationship with its customers and considers its customer base its primary lifeline for a winning business. 

The factors influencing the mission statement are 

Outstanding Services

 Airlines offer services at par with the customers’ comfort traveling and are designed consistent with that. The daily operation of this company shows however diligently it follows its mission statement. It’s the inspiration for the complete business. It provides perfect client expertise regularly. The mission statements conjointly show the organization’s future as valuable in its relevant industry. 

To Inspire Humanity 

This company believes in giving back in whichever method possible. Whether or not providing services to its customers, developing a healthy relationship with them, or conveyance a healthy competitive atmosphere to its competitors, it exhibits sheer inspiration to others. The way it conducts its business with customer comfort because of the catchword and raising the bars is bound to inspire a lot.

Rising Travel Standards

 JetBlue keeps on improvising and improving its service standards at a competitive fare with each step. It conjointly ensures that the corporate policies are at par with the atmosphere’s safety. A healthy environment as a proverb of its services has created travel higher and even safer for customers. Thus, this facet raised the bar of the travel standards within the trade as a whole. 

JetBlue’s Mission Statement Analysis 

Perfect Client Expertise 

JetBlue considers its customers its biggest quality and strength. That’s why it ensures prioritizing and establishing comprehensive and long relationships with clients. This part of the mission statement of JetBlue is the primary cornerstone that shows the company’s commitment to providing dependable and incomparable customer services and expertise. The statement propels the very best quality in airline services. JetBlue uses this component as a navigation tool to demonstrate its dedication and objectives to supply reliable services to customers. 

Distinguished In-Flight Services

JetBlue has decades of experience in providing exceptional services. It ensures to allow back to customers in some ways and encourages competitors to try and do the same. For twenty-two years, the company has been exhibiting productivity most professionally to cater to customers’ needs. The mission statement emphasizes however the corporate aims to impress every consumer through its incomparable services. For instance, JetBlue incorporates nice in-flight expertise all told the planes, reminiscent of mint conditions, entertainment, and knee space. 

Exalting Humanity And Also The Atmosphere 

The corporate’s participation in varied social programs shows that it’s quite a travel company. This feature of JetBlue’s mission statement shows how it values and takes care of its clients. The company integrates this facet into its daily operations. The environmental concerns demonstrate the company’s sense of social responsibility. The enormous airline firm serves the community and ensures individuals get a secure and higher atmosphere. Providing a healthy environment is one of all JetBlue’s primary goals. It impacts people’s lives by making certain a safe and cozy travel experience. This part of the mission statement fosters improved business practices. The environment and services of JetBlue build it the sole airline firm to win “the best domestic business category and economy class award in 2018. 

JetBlue’s Vision Statement 

“To offer the most effective rates for its purchasers for every destination.” 

The vision statement captures 2 things. 

The primary is to supply a competitive rate whereas the second is to provide flight services to each destination. 

Jetblue’s competitive rates and its ability to fly to any or all destinations have ensured the organization becomes very popular. For several years JetBlue has become one of the most affordable airline carriers worldwide. 

The factors predominating the company’s vision statement are

Competent Flight Rates

The corporate with success recognized the untapped market that lies upon travelers who cannot afford flight rates. By creating flight fares cheaper, JetBlue has welcome one and all. JetBlue contains a big selection of flight fares that cover the majority of customers, from luxury travelers to those who otherwise would ne’er afford air travel. Increasing the market may be a success achieved by the company’s vision. 

Most Destinations Doable 

JetBlue aims to hide domestic and international destinations in a reasonable shell. The airline has gained quality over the years because of its vision. Consistent with the company’s vision, they’ll attempt to cover as several destinations as possible at a competent flight fare. It includes both native and international destinations. Its aspiration to fly to each destination at an occasional value is an exceptional purpose of its vision statement. JetBlue has gained the name of being one of the most affordable flights which will take you anywhere. Thus, they’re a widely known alternative for several travellers, each in and out of the country. 

JetBlue’s Vision Statement Analysis 

The vision statement lays stress on creating traveling accessible and cost-effective. Essential elements within the vision statement are; 

Competitive Evaluation 

Flight pricing is the most important facet of JetBlue’s vision statement. The statement indicates that the corporate values its customers’ cash and is aware that not everyone will afford to pass by air. The phrase “competitive rates” within the statement emphasizes affordability. The corporate aims to form travel by air a reality for everybody via its efficient evaluation structure for fares. JetBlue offers a good variety of fares that match customers’ budgets. The most effective half is that these fares cowl international and native destinations.

Customer-Oriented Services 

“Customers for all destinations” in the statement indicates that JetBlue services don’t seem to be restricted to merely a specific category of customers. Hence, the company sets itself apart by providing reasonable in-flight experiences to any or all customers despite the destination. With JetBlue’s competitive rates, individuals will visit all destinations. 

JetBlue Core Values

 The core worth of JetBlue are the propulsion of the corporate that keeps. They’re deeply embedded within the culture and daily operations of the airline company. The values confirm the airline’s priorities, support its vision and mission statement and facilitate produce a progressive operating culture for all employees. Every value helps JetBlue progress toward its mission and vision. These values have attained the airline a spot among the foremost competitive services in the US. 

The core values of JetBlue are a mixture of those components; 

  • 1. Integrity
  • 2. Caring 
  • 3. Safety 
  • 4. Diversity 
  • 5. Inclusivity 
  • 6. Fun 
  • 7. Passion 

Since the initial stage of its establishment, JetBlue has followed these core values as a strict rule, leading to current large company growth. It provides safety and care to its customers at the slightest degree of cost, and also the work culture reflects a geographical point of integrity, inclusivity, and diversity. 

However, the eagerness and fun behind the functioning of the airline company is one more reason for its success. These values have driven the airline to its path vision, mission, and success. Within the current times, JetBlue is marked in concert with the foremost competent airline firms and is currently the sixth-largest domestic airline in the nation. 

JetBlue: Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis

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