ESPN Mission and Vision Statement-And Value Analysis

ESPN Mission Statement, Vision & Value Analysis

In this article, we are going to see the ESPN Mission and Vision Statement and its Value Analysis


ESPN (Entertainment & Sports Programming Network) is an international sports channel. ESPN was founded in 1979. Bill Rasmussen founded it along with his son Scott Rasmussen & Ed Egan.

ESPN is owned by both The Walt Disney Company & Hearst Communications (jointly) and ESPN Inc. ESPN has been headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut. 

 ESPN is one of the most extensive sports networks around the world. So, these directly state that the company also has competitors.

As the company has been in the industry for more than three decades, competitors are the natural part of the road towards success. But, unfortunately, ESPN also has some competitors.

The top 10 competitors of ESPN are

NBC Sports

Employees: 944.

Revenue: $97.5million.

Fox Sports

Employees: 1,643.

Revenue: $2.7billion.


Employees: 3,750.

Revenue: $16billion.

TSN Sports

Employees: 650.

Revenue: $400.4million.

CBS Sports

Employees: 500.

Revenue: $30million.

Sky Sports

Employees: 746.

Revenue: $18.3million.

Eurosport International

Employees: 124.

Revenue: $34.2million.

SB Nation

Employees: 300.

Revenue: $21million.

Bleacher Report

Employees: 600.

Revenue: $146.6million.


Employees: 3,000.

Revenue: $1.5billion.

However, ESPN has more than 6,000 employees around the world. In addition, the revenue of ESPN networks is $10.4billion per year. But still, the company has been a tough competitor for other networks.

ESPN is one of the most known & successful sports networks. But, this is not possible without a mission, vision, or values. So, below given are the deep-dive details of ESPN’s mission, vision & value statements.

ESPN Mission

ESPN Mission statement – “We provide factual sports news to the global viewers.”

ESPN has been operating in more than 200 countries around the world. This is possible because of the mission that the company is striving for. The mission is something that pushes everyone to move forward & to keep conviction alive.

ESPN has a bunch of sister channels like ESPN+, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNews, ESPNU, ESPN on ABC, ESPN Classic, ESPN College Extra, ESPN Deportes, etc. These channels are reaching worldwide to help viewers to get the latest news as early as possible.

ESPN Mission also states that it wants to serve or provide sports news to every fan. There are a large variety of sports available all over the world. And also each & every sport has a vast range of viewers. So, companies know these facts & also strive as hard as possible to cover small to big news available about sports.

As of now, the company has reached over 200 countries & indirectly, they are reaching vast viewers around the world through their networks.    

ESPN Vision

The company itself didn’t state any vision statement, but through its striving & dedication, users can conclude the following vision statement.

ESPN Vision statement – “We will provide the viewers a valuable TV sports experience.

Companies always strive to provide the available news into valuable news by transforming it into a quality visual experience. Presenting the news is itself a beautiful art & ESPN is master in it.

ESPN is very dedicated to providing the news with a quality experience. It is very much important because viewers are so eager to get the news appreciably. Providing various kinds of sports is not a small thing because each & every piece of information should be correct.

ESPN believes serving false news intentionally or unintentionally is very much wrong. Because it is a matter of trust that viewers have in the sports network.

There are hundreds of sports available in world-level sports competitions. And providing each & every news in various languages is a challenging part of the sports networks. Because ESPN has reached hundreds of countries & each country uses different kinds of languages. Serving news with accuracy along with quality audio & video experience is the vision of the company.

ESPN Value

ESPN has values such as – “Care & respect for employees & viewers, diversity, teamwork, creativity, quality, integrity, audience growth, building shareholder value & pursuing new ideas.”

ESPN respectfully follows its values because they believe it is the biggest stepping stone for them.

Companies say people are the most valuable resource for them. Because whatever they do, they do it for the people. The struggle of ESPN is directly based on viewers’ or people’s happiness. So, the networks also value these.

ESPN cares & respects each of the employees because whatever the success that company achieved, employees stayed as the backbone in each & every difficulty.

As ESPN reaches more than 200 countries, the company has constantly been embracing diversity to reach all over the world sports lovers. These also remained one of the biggest challenges for the network.

Other than all of these, the company is passionately dedicated to teamwork, quality, creativity, pursuing new ideas, audience growth, integrity, etc. These all are also the values of the ESPN network.


As ESPN network is not in the industry, the growth of the network has constantly been increasing from years to years. This is because it has constantly been establishing branches over various countries.

Everyone & every person around the world is well aware of the ESPN network. This is the biggest success for the company. And in the future, it will reach many more cities, states & countries by following its mission, vision & values.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ESPN’s mission statement?

Answer: ESPN’s Mission statement is “we have a mission of providing sports news to the fans anywhere & anytime.” And the company is also following its mission with conviction.

2. What does ESPN stand for?

Answer: In 1979, ESPN began as “Entertainment & Sports Programming.” But, it was too long to pronounce or to write. In 1985, it changed to ESPN, Inc.

ESPN Mission and Vision Statement-And Value Analysis

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