Dollar General Mission and Vision Statement- Analysis


Dollar General Corporation is a retail organization that exists to give customers, employees, shareholders, and their host community a better shopping experience. They give individuals simple access to basic supplies and care for their daily needs by making them available,t a reasonable price in a store. This organization came into existence in 1939 birth out of the creative minds of Cal Turner and his Father, J.L Turner, in Scottsville. Their story began as a quest for survival but became a solution to the needs of those around them. They have revealed that J.l Turner was a school dropout who toured the world to understand his means of survival properly. His young son journeyed with him, acquiring business skills as they traveled. Finally, after several attempts on wholesale business, he succeeded in 1939. He opened the first store known as J.L Turner and Son Wholesales and later switched to retailing. Having seen that the company recorded success, they changed their name to Dollar General Corporation in 1968. Today’s topic- Dollar General Mission and Vision Statement.

Dollar General has witnessed various levels of growth that have made it well recognized as a low-cost retail organization in the United States. This growth has led to different store locations in the United States and across the world. As much as they serve their community, they also contribute to reducing unemployment in the United States. Dollar General makes available quality products manufactured by American Manufacturers to the commoner. When opened the first store of Dollar General in 1955 in Scottville, Kentucky, its concept was straightforward, that will sell no product for over $1. They have maintained this simple objective and ensured that customers get products without worry at an affordable price at a location close to them. To this end, the organization has a total of 11,500 stores in the United States. In 2007, Kohlberg Kravis Robert purchased the company as it continued to grow in popularity because of its simple objective. Their vision and mission statement is interesting because it takes cognizance of the four categories of people it interacts with regularly. In this article, we would be closely looking at their vision and mission statement and the points it seeks to drive home in customers’ minds.


As we examine Dollar General Vision Statement, we must understand what a vision means and why most organizations come into operations with an idea. A picture is something an organization desires to see, be and achieve. When an organization comes into existence, it doesn’t just come out of the blues, with no plan of where it’s headed, no aim or purpose, and no projections of what it seeks to achieve in the coming years. Any organization like that would not succeed. Every organization has a vision, and Dollar General it’s not an exception. It is also worthy of note that the founder usually conceives an idea of an organization. You may be asking, why is vision that important in the success of an organization. Well, it’s not far-fetched; you can only become what you see. Can’t reach anything you can’t envision. Vision provides a platform for growth and long-term success, it helps this organization look for means to become better in their products and services. It helps them fix their minds on when they are going and makes them see more. Every organization must have a vision. You closely can’t be tied to a purpose and capable of promoting growth daily.

Dollar General Vision Statement reads, “ For Customers.. Price, Quality, and Great Price, For Employees.. Respect and Opportunity: For Shareholders.. A Superior return, For Communities.. A Better Life”. The beauty of their vision statement is that it takes cognizance that their growth as an organization ties to how best they regularly treat the various categories of people. This understanding keeps them at their best at all times. So let’s take them one after the other: 

  1. For Customers – Price, Quality, and Great Price: It is fantastic to offer quality products to customers. But what happens when they cannot afford to buy them at the price you are selling? The commodities will be left lying on the shelves in your store. Dollar General understands that other store locations sell these products at several prices, so they decide to stand out by selling at low-cost prices. They give quality at a great price. And this keeps customers coming back for more.
  2. For Employees – Respect and Opportunity: As stated earlier, Dollar General Corporation makes several job opportunities available for employees through their various locations. They also provide a great work environment for them where everyone is respected and treated equally. They understand that if employees give equal career opportunities, they will render the best of service to customers, promoting sales and generating profit.
  3. For Shareholders A Superior return: An international Organization like Dollar General understands that if shareholders get a great return on investment, they will want to invest more, prioritizing their interest.
  4. For Communities – A Better Life: There is nothing as valuable as giving back to your community. For example, dollar General has store locations in various communities in the United States. These store locations are within 5 miles of where Americans live. They make it easy for commodities to live better and participate in several community services to promote sales through their things.


The mission of every organization reflects the reason for its existence. It shoulders the physical reality of the vision. It reveals the objectives and goals kept in place to make the dream a reality. A mission helps an organization’s vision find expression; it comprises the social goals of an organization. For example, the dollar General Mission statement reads “ Serving Others.” This statement explains why their vision captures the four categories of people they relate to. Since they don’t exist for themselves, they decide to make adequate provisions to serve others. Dollar General believes so much in simplicity which is why they offer a convenient shopping experience to customers and give the best of opportunity to employees thereby creating a better life for everyone. 


  • What slogan is attached to Dollar General Advertising?

Dollar General Corporation advertises with Save Time, Save Money, every day.

  • What model makes Dollar General stand out in the retail business?

The model that makes Dollar General stand out is the convenience they offer while shopping, the quality products customers get access to, and the low prices they sell.

  • What is the Dollar General Mission Statement?

It is simply ‘Serving Others”.

Dollar General Mission and Vision Statement- Analysis

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