Cisco Mission Statement, Vision & Values

The American global digital communications technology conglomerate firm Cisco Systems, Inc., also known as Cisco, has its corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. CISCO stands for Computer Information System Company. Cisco Systems is an IT and networking company with a focus on switches, routers, cybersecurity, & IoT. Its logo can be seen on virtually every conference or office phone. Let us know about ‘Cisco Mission Statement, Vision & Values’.

Cisco Mission Statement, Vision & Values

Cisco Mission Statement, Vision & Values:

The Cisco vision statement is to transform how we work, live, play, & learn. The mission of Cisco is to influence the development of the Internet by providing our customers, workers, investors, & ecosystem partners with unrivaled value & opportunity.  Its values include “Inspiring leaders, fostering change, and inclusivity, ” among Cisco’s fundamental principles. Cisco has a rich culture & a renowned population due to its ability to collaborate with everyone & bring out the best in them.

About Cisco:

Known as CSCO, Cisco Systems is a renowned networking & technology firm. The company, which was founded in 1984, facilitates networks & relationships in business, philanthropy, education, & creativity.

After a year of operation, Stanford granted the company a license for its proprietary software. In 1985, Cisco offered a network interface device for Digital Equipment computers. It was the first item the business had ever sold on its own. Cisco’s robust software, hardware, and service offerings have aided in the development of dependable internet-based networking solutions. People may easily access information anytime, wherever, thanks to these networks. Cisco provides a wide range of cutting-edge services in addition to these products & technical assistance. Cisco generates $51.56 billion in revenue.

What is Cisco’s Vision Statement?

“Changing the way we work, live, play, and learn” is Cisco’s mission statement. The remark suggests that Cisco is aware of its ability to impact people & communities in effective ways. The following is what the statement clarifies:

  • Being an agent of change
  • Global Scope

To fulfill the first requirement of our vision statement, Cisco continues to be a place that only hires smart, capable individuals. Additionally, it encourages and provides individuals with a chance to create systems that offer possibilities and hope. Cisco makes it careful to present itself as a dynamic and globally dominant company in what it does best while satisfying this requirement.

What is Cisco’s Mission Statement?

The mission statement of Cisco shows that the top networking and technology business is aware of its capacity to have an impact on people’s lives and communities. The main parts of the statement are as follows.

Analysis of Mission Statements

Welcome the Future

According to its mission statement, Cisco System’s main objective is to influence how people connect and collaborate in the future. Since Cisco’s founding, its technical teams have emerged as industry leaders in the creation of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technology. The corporation now employs approximately 71,000 people all across the world.

The business keeps up its legacy of creating cutting-edge, market-leading solutions and products. Switching and routing are the main areas of growth for this international networking and technology company. Additionally, it concentrates on creating cutting-edge technologies like wireless technology, storage area networking, IP telephony, optical networking, and security.

For organizations and individuals in need of technological breakthroughs, the corporation has acted as a change agent. Cisco supports people in getting their networks ready for cloud-managed Catalyst by encouraging them to embrace the future of work. One straightforward method for setting up, managing, and running your Nexus network is Cisco Network Cloud.

Expanding Global Impact

The first element of Cisco’s mission statement is satisfied by the second part. The business is still looking for smart and tech-savvy individuals. Additionally, the networking and IT organization develop its talent by providing opportunities for them to invest in a system that delivers options. The corporation makes careful to position itself as a globally dominating, inventive, and dynamic organization within the tech industry to satisfy this desire.

The most recent Cisco solutions, such as SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), demonstrate the company’s dedication to supplying products of the highest caliber and dependability. Safe access everywhere has been revolutionized by SASE. It is a flexible, integrated strategy that combines networking and security in the cloud to safeguard and connect consumers using devices.

Security Assurance

According to the company’s mission statement, a secure network is an integral aspect of the future. Cisco places a high focus on network security because of this. The business guarantees the consistency, security, and safety of the network you use.

What are Cisco’s Values?

Cisco makes a lot of effort to foster a culture that values inclusiveness, diversity, and full-spectrum collaboration. The business upholds these as its basic beliefs and is committed to developing new methods and bringing people together for the good of all. The firm’s values direct it and require it to take a stance against concepts and practices that jeopardize the workforce’s security, equality, and dignity both at work and in the neighborhood where they reside.

The principles are a component of Cisco’s “Our People Deal” and act as a plan to guarantee that everyone receives the respect and rights they are due. Cisco’s expectations for workers are outlined in our People Deal. The agreement encourages workers to put out their best effort to build a diverse and inviting atmosphere based on trust and respect for one another. Promoting an atmosphere where the organization’s integrity guides and defines actions is the goal. It fosters an environment where people feel free to express their thoughts and take responsibility for their actions.

The aim of Cisco’s CSR is “Powering an Inclusive Future for All”

Cisco has always had a preference for contributing to society. The business wants to enable a more inclusive future for all. Cisco’s corporate responsibility objective supports its mission to build a diverse workplace that benefits its employees, local communities, and, most importantly, the environment.

The Following are the Main Elements of Cisco’s Corporate Responsibility Objective:

Globally Creating Positive Results

The objective of having a worldwide influence on communities demonstrates Cisco’s commitment to fostering change and addressing the most pressing issues facing the world. By 2025, the IT company hopes to have an impact on more than 1 billion people worldwide. Numerous chances are made available to people thanks to the company’s partnerships and initiatives like Cisco Networking Academy.

Helping the Environment to Last

One of Cisco’s corporate responsibility objectives is to create a sustainable environment for all people. The top networking and IT corporation make efforts to cut waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The science-based goal of Cisco is to reduce GHG emissions throughout product consumption, operations, and the supply chain.


The business’s excellent strategy was the reason it had such rapid growth. Cisco purchases new businesses that offer cutting-edge technologies, people, business strategies, and other attributes. Before incorporating them into its original business model, Cisco makes sure the brand fits into its overall strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Is it challenging to work at Cisco?

Yes, finding a job with Cisco Systems is not difficult. As a result, they employ highly qualified people with particular technological skills. Obtaining a technology-related job at Cisco Systems is no simple task since the company has a rigorous application and interview process.

  • What is the purpose of the Cisco Corporation?

Cisco creates, produces, and markets networking tools, computer software, telecommunications gear, and other high-tech services and goods.

Cisco Mission Statement, Vision & Values

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