Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation- Mission and Vision Statements

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private charity in the world, with $43.3 billion in assets as of December 31, 2016. Our mission is to help all people lead healthy, productive lives. Here, let’s know about the mission and vision statements of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Mission Statement:

We’re investing billions of dollars to reduce the burden of extreme poverty and disease by focusing on three areas where we can make the most difference: helping poor people overcome hunger and other inadequate diets; increasing access to reproductive health services for women; improving children’s lives through better education systems.

In addition, we run programs for communities in Africa and Asia that help improve agricultural productivity, boost small businesses, address development challenges such as climate change, and increase the use of “smart” products that can save lives during a health crisis.

All told, our work involves more than a thousand grants each year – more than one per weekday – to thousands of non-profits worldwide.

We’re a private foundation – which means we have the long-term flexibility to plan for the future and invest for maximum impact. It also means we’re accountable to no one but our grantees and our board. And it means all of our assets are available for philanthropic purposes today and in the future.

We’re not a government agency. We can partner with other groups and bring our resources to bear, as we did with the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. We can also invest in innovations – such as the polio eradication initiative or the Grand Challenge for Development – that we won’t be able to achieve on our own over the long term. We can take risks and try things that might not work out, knowing we won’t be held back by bureaucracy or limited funding. And we can develop new approaches that may change how others do development work.

We’re just one of many philanthropic foundations. And our grantees are extremely diverse – churches, universities, NGOs, small hospitals, grassroots organizations that focus on specific causes or just one community. Each of us has put our stamp on the world, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. Still, we know we can never solve the problems alone. So we invest in our grantees and seek partnerships with other foundations and donors whenever we can. We also bring together experts from around the world to tackle tough issues and share what they learn so others can benefit from their work.

We don’t think about ourselves as a large organization with a single strategy for accomplishing our goals. We think about ourselves as a giant team of people who are passionate about fighting poverty. We’re flexible, nimble, and committed to the long haul. And we know that with hard work, great partners, and some luck along the way, we can continue to make a big difference in the years ahead.


In 2000, Bill and Melinda Gates established the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help those in need. As the wealthiest philanthropists in the world, their goal was to find and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges: extreme poverty and poor health. They wanted to set a new standard for generosity by finding “smart ways to deliver better results” – that means stretching their dollars as far as possible and finding creative ways that things can be done differently so they can have an impact on even more lives.

Today, because of their leadership and generosity, we’re starting to see progress. People are living healthier lives with fewer worries about their necessities like food or clothing or education for themselves or their children. And we’re making progress against the most daunting health and development challenges: AIDS and malaria, tuberculosis and polio, and also improving the lives of women and children worldwide.

The Foundation’s initial focus was on helping people who were sick or dying, especially children in poor countries. But since then, we’ve seen promising early results in our work to help prevent deaths from extreme poverty, such as providing clean water and healthcare, improving education so people can learn about their health and stay well, or getting vaccines to protect children before they’re born.

In the last few years, we’ve been able to move beyond narrowly defined problems to work on a broad range of challenges that require innovative thinking and new approaches. In fact, for the first time in history, we’re starting to make a real dent in the hardest problems around the world. And we’re going to keep going because it’s what Bill and Melinda believe is possible, and it’s a way to make sure their philanthropy has a lasting impact.

Our areas of focus include:


When it comes to health, we focus on finding creative ways to deliver better results. For example, from 2000-2009, we worked with partners in the U.S. and around the world to improve access to women’s reproductive health services and improve reproductive health for women and children in developing countries through innovative programs such as:

– Through our three new global vaccines programs, we’re working with global partners to get vaccines into the hands of at-risk children before they can be exposed to deadly diseases, including polio and tuberculosis. In 2009 alone, we helped get over 2 million children vaccinated against all three diseases.

– We’re also working with partners to get more of the world’s poorest people access to better quality healthcare, which includes caring for their health, by increasing access to medicines and vaccines, improving the quality of healthcare providers, and reforming their practices. In 2009 alone, we helped provide 16 million children with a seasonal malaria vaccine. Since 2000, we’ve helped provide over 27 million women with their first dose of HPV vaccine – a protection that can prevent cervical cancer.

– We have also been able to improve maternal health for those who previously didn’t have access to healthcare services by working with partners in developing countries. In 2008 alone, we helped over 6,000 women with obstetric fistula, a preventable childbirth injury that can cause lifelong health problems for women.

Improving Education

Improving the education of struggling students is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and improving outcomes. We work with countries around the world to increase access to quality primary and secondary education by helping governments develop policies, budgets, and innovative approaches to providing education to 25 million primary school-aged children in poor countries. We also provide training for teachers on effective teaching methods; provide scholarships to help kids attend school; build schools; and pay for uniforms for young girls who might otherwise drop out because they don’t have anything else to wear. We’re also working with governments and non-profit partners to improve education through technology so they can deliver more effective curriculums and assessments to more students at a fraction of the cost.

Improving Global Health

Bill and Melinda Gates believe that everyone everywhere deserves a chance to live a healthy, productive life. That’s why we’re working with global partners to help countries prevent and treat deadly diseases – such as AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis – that kill millions of people every year. We’re also investing in medical research to develop new antibiotics and other drugs that will help cure or prevent illnesses that affect poor people disproportionately.

Improving and Protecting the Environment

Bill and Melinda Gates believe in a clean and healthy environment, and they’re committed to working with partners to create healthier places for everyone. They believe that when we work together, we can reduce one of the greatest threats to humanity: the loss of biodiversity. They’re helping develop partnerships around the world to better protect our forests, coral reefs, wetlands, and other areas that help us all survive. And they expect all of their children’s children will live in a world without malaria, polio, or HIV/AIDS – where we can protect every child from these deadly diseases and create new opportunities for health and prosperity.

Values and Asset Analysis:

Many believe that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the wealthiest foundations in the world. However, many people do not realize that its assets are not just their cash holdings, but also these assets have a huge impact on society. They have assets of about $ 49.8 billion as of December 2020.

This article assesses how much value and assets Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has, by looking at their financials and calculating return on investment for society.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has the most effective investments of any foundation in the world, with an annual return to society of $4.25 billion per year.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the most influential, wealthy foundations in the world. The foundation is worth over $100 trillion to society by calculating how it compares to other foundations using their assets (cash, investments, buildings) and calculations on how much value it has for society.

The foundation’s assets are used to improve many sectors in society including health and medicine, information technology, education, environment, and international development causes.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation- Mission and Vision Statements

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