American Airlines Mission and Vision Statements- Values Analysis

American Airlines Mission and Vision Statements

The first flight of American Airlines flew in 1926. Doug Parker is the current CEO and Chairman of the company. American Airlines leads the industry in terms of economy, carried passengers, served destinations, the number of flights taken, and other conditions. It gives tough competition to its competitors through its strategic goals mainly guided by its mission statement, vision, and values. American Airlines operates over 5 continents and 55 countries with more than 50lakh passengers daily. Its deep knowledge of the aviation marketing approaches has helped it to grow from an unpopular union-established company to a top airline over 30 years. Here, let’s know about American Airlines Mission and Vision Statements.

The company has been continuously keeping its mission and vision statements in line with the changing business area. It is one of the reasons for the growth of the company.

American Airlines Mission Statement, Vision, And Values

The company respects the terms mission and vision. The mission statement mentions the strategic actions to be taken to execute the vision statement, while the vision statement provides a path to develop the company. These two statements establish a powerful culture for the company and shape the bright future for the company.

American Airlines Mission Statement

Its mission statement states that the company commits to the provision of the best air travel service across a wide range of destinations.


The customers are the main users of the company’s services. The mission statement shows that the airlines know about the competition and its strategic objectives. Expansion is a must for its growth in the aviation market.

The mission statement represents the dedication of the company to meet and get better of the expectations of a company, especially an airline, by providing excellent services and experiences to the customers.

The three main components of this mission statement are:

  • Unmatched services

In the mission statement, the company concentrates on its customer services. The major airlines are doing their best to get a secure position in the competitive aviation industry within America and beyond. Thus, America is not different than them. Even American Airlines have stepped into the competition. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the company continued to serve the customers by providing the services digitally to provide them with utmost convenience. They use a transformation matrix to have minimum failure and better customer service.

  • Enhancing lives

Customers across the globe must feel special, rewarded, and feel that they are a part of American Airlines. For that, the company gives its best in providing different services and packages to its valuable customers. The company shows that it prioritizes its customers above everything else. The company makes constant efforts to be known as a customer-oriented company. A loyalty plan was established by American Airlines according to the advantage. Over 70 million members have taken part in the program that makes the program seem to be too hard. According to the program, the members get rewarded as per their booking rate and the expenses associated with the trips. 

  • Tremendous expectations

The company has a solid customer base, and it boosts the equity and validity of the customer base. American Airlines shows its understanding towards the franticness of the customers in planning the flights. For that, the company provides a wide range of details by keeping it simple to decrease the stress for the customers while planning a flight. In this way, the customers can enjoy the amazing experiences provided by the airlines. The company also provides vacation packages and various wonderful offers. That was not enough for the company. It also offers different hotels and adventure destinations to the customers. The AAdvantage Program under American Airlines makes it easy for the customers to get car rentals, retail products, and hotels. It provides other attractive offers and bonuses to its loyal customers.

American Airlines Vision Statement

The American Airlines Vision Statement states that it is focused on being the most affordable, trustworthy, and profitable airline across the globe.


The vision statement of a company centralizes the responsibilities of the company. The company understands where it wants to see itself using the vision statement. The above mentioned is not the official vision statement of American Airlines. However, it revolves around the company’s struggles to be affordable, trustworthy, and profitable all over the world. The vision statement is in line with its efforts to grow the company globally and provide better customer service.

The four components of this vision statement are as follows:

  • Global presence

The company gives its best to reach out to every place across the globe as much as possible. Within 90 years, the company has expanded over 350 destinations including local and global destinations. So, one will come across American Airlines at least once in his/her life if he/she has come across the aviation industry. The company has always come over its economic and regional barriers. The company uses innovation, human resource management, and research according to the aviation industry.

  • Trustworthiness

The exceptional skills and expertise represented by the company make it trustworthy for the customers. For most of the customers, it is their favorite choice. The customers either get according to their expectations or more than that but not less. The trustworthiness of a company defines its success which means that the services will be fully functional and consistent. For that, American Airlines keeps track of the customer experience and takes actions accordingly for improvement.

  • Affordability

The company offers attractive rates and aligned bonuses to the customers. It proves to be affordable for different classes of customers. The company provides specialized facilities to the customers through eight travel classes and a wide range of prices.

  • Profitability

This company has always shown sustainable and substantial growth and continuous expansion. This company has stood the expectations related to profitability as its sales growth will be 42% in the year 2022. The company aims at focusing all the services towards its growth.

American Airlines Core Values

The core values of a company represent its principles, practices, and preferences. The core values are the basic building structures for a firm that assist the company in reaching the mission and vision statements. 

American Airlines is strongly committed to the employees, customers, business partners, and shareholders. The company must possess respect and integrity to ensure that all of its decisions are ethical and responsible.


The company concentrates on the assessment of how it treats its customers and the other stakeholders. The company wants to create an environment that respects relations.

The two core values of this company are Honesty and Integrity.

American Airlines achieves these core values by maintaining righteousness in the way it does things. It tries to understand and be sensitive towards the feelings of the customers while providing the services with respect. The decisions can be taken smoothly by keeping honesty and integrity in mind. 

The transparency maintained by the company by collaborating with the customers makes the customers believe in the company more, and the company is strict in following these regulations. This culture represents the company. The company tries to maintain honesty and integrity in its various services. American Airlines is already known for being ethical in doing things.

Culture Of American Airlines

The team of American Airlines includes more than 130,000 members across the globe gives its best every day. Thus, the company feels that the employees must be provided with the best business culture and establish strong respect for each other. Also, there must be respectful towards the heritage of the company, future, products, and the customers of the company. The individuals who want to be a part of the company for making it the biggest airline across the globe are appreciated.

Diversity At American Airlines

Diversity and inclusion can be seen among the employees and the customers of the company. A diverse world is visible in this company. It puts the employees first. The employees possess diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experience required for the growth of the business strategy, workforce, and decision-making of the company. The company believes that its growth is unstoppable because it is enriched by a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and talents.

Core Competencies Required For An Airline Company

The core competencies are the trends to be followed by the company to survive in the market and ensure prosperity.

The following are the five core competencies for a modern airline:

  • A strong online presence

24/7 interactions are a must for an airline. The company might have to partner with the related vendors for utilizing the appropriate tools. Social media campaigns, blogging, digital marketing, email campaigns are some of the social media strategies. Its presence over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has helped the company a lot in keeping in touch with customers across the world. Thus, the booking has become faster, easier, and more comfortable.

  • Changing Revenues

Some challenges affecting the revenues of the companies are competition, inflation, increasing fuel prices, and other economic conditions. Thus, the company has to find other revenue-generating methods or stopping the excessive expenditures on a sector. Support for the primary activities is the major factor for revenue generation. Thus, programs are being made to avoid revenue leakage by many airlines companies.

  • Measurements By The Analytics

Analytics measures the height of the performance of the airline business. Among the various aspects of a company, analytics show what’s happening and target the potential areas to be improved. The potential areas such as customer service, marketing, and sales can get improved through data analytics. The employees can make appropriate decisions in critical conditions. The customer needs can get predicted by using past data.

  • Maintaining The Regulations

The airline company must maintain the regulations towards the customer rights and environment. New policies keep on coming and the company must take the responsibility of getting adapted to those changes financially. The business process must get changed accordingly instead of passing on the costs to the customers.

  • Online And Offline Presence

The use of social media is undoubtedly on a rise today. Thus, the company must dedicate some time to its online process. But, it doesn’t justify the elimination of the customer service centers. They act as a medium between the customers and the company. The company must maintain a balance between its online and offline presence. If one service fails, the company must be ready with another service for the passengers.


American Airlines will continue to adapt to modernization and maintain its position as the most profitable airline along with being the largest air carrier in the world. The employees of this airline represent how the company treats the customers with respect and care and values their comfort. After all, the company knows that the customers play a vital role in its success as they are the major investors for its financial growth. This company also represents its commitment towards the world environment by following strict regulations towards the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Are The Business Operations Of The American Airlines Business Group?


Business operations include getting values from different tangible and intangible assets. The business operations of the American Airlines Business Group are credits, customer relationship, affiliation, cash machine, sponsorship, luxury, dynamic pricing, customer loyalty, direct selling, best services, advertising, cross-subsidiary, and decomposition.

  1. What Are Some Of The Competitors Of American Airlines?


Competition occurs when two or more parties run towards a common goal that cannot be shared. Some of the competitors of American Airlines include Air Asia, Lufthansa Group, Air France KLM, United Airlines Holdings, Frontier Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Sun Country Airlines Holdings, International Airlines Group, Alaska Air Group, and Ryanair.

  1. What Is The Competitive Advantage Of American Airlines?


American Airlines stands out from the crowd because it provides one of the best customer services, maximum profits, and easy booking. It continuously tries to improve its services, which is a must, in terms of an interactive website, online bookings, and a total number of vehicles under its control. American Airlines serves more destinations than its competitors, has more passengers, and lies in a top position.

  1. What Are The Achievements Of American Airlines?


American Airlines got awarded by Global Traveler many times. It is the prime magazine for rich businesses and free travelers. The Global Traveler Advisory Board and the readers choose the companies for the topmost position. 

American Airlines Mission and Vision Statements- Values Analysis

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