Amazon Mission and Vision-Statement Analysis

Amazon Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

This article gives us immense knowledge about the Amazon Mission and Vision and its reasons.


Amazon is a one-stop solution for many customers today. From Kindle, Audible, to the shopping website and Amazon Prime Video, there are so many domains in which Amazon is providing its services. The company was established on the 5th of July, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington. The Amazon headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington. The founding of the domain name was just the beginning. 

Functioning as a website that offers everything a customer may demand, Amazon has succeeded in keeping up with the changing trends in the market. While web-based retailing is a precarious business that rarely allows a company to stay in the market and grow, Amazon has been innovative in its approach and is one of the most successful corporations in the world today. 

For any company, staying relevant with the times is a challenge they have to keep facing over and over again. The vision of a corporation functions as a guiding light in times of turbulence and keeps the organization on track as they move forward towards a predetermined goal. The vision statement of Amazon is relevant to the company’s growth as it delineates the importance of being a global phenomenon while keeping in mind the quality of its customer service. 

The mission statement, on the other hand, functions to give the corporation an idea of how they are supposed to function every day. The mission puts forth goals and ideals that are short-term and achievable to propel the company towards long-term success and the eventual fulfillment of the company’s vision. 

Mission Statement of Amazon

Amazon’s mission statement is “We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.” 

This mission statement puts customer service as a priority which is why it is understandable that the company has stayed relevant, more than two decades after its founding. The core components of the mission statement can be listed as follows:

  • Striving to provide the best possible customer service
  • Low prices
  • Extensive and good quality selection of products
  • Convenient shopping experience

The mission statement works to outline what any customer who comes into contact with Amazon should expect from their services. Amazon provides customer services that are more than just providing some products and making a purchase. The website is designed such that a customer keeps returning to the platform for future needs. 

Mission Statement Analysis

The mission statement of Amazon puts forth the customers as the beneficiaries of their services and includes the perks of using their services as low prices, great selection, and user-friendly interface. 

The first service focused on is the lower prices for the customers than those that can be found elsewhere. Amazon’s affordable range of prices caters to all strata of the society and in turn, increases their customer base. These prices in no way mean that the quality of the products would be compromised. Amazon is famous around the globe because of its affordability. If you want something but the price is putting you off, you can always keep on exploring without leaving the website. Even while you are making overseas orders, you can filter the products as per affordability and the shipping rates. The online marketing model of the company is such that the revenue generated spells profits for the company even if they offer competitive pricing in the market. The cost of operations remains constant and profitable while the services offered are exceptional. 

The second way in which Amazon attracts customers is through its expansive range of products. The products offered to customers are various and of ideal quality. A platform is a place you open by default if you want something. Amazon is a retailer that has virtually everything any customer around the globe might desire. This is why Amazon has a loyal client base because the company’s services never let them down with their varied selection of products. Along with these, the company also keeps on offering discounts and has promotional sales now and then to expand its customer base. 

Convenience is the final core element of the mission statement. It is a good addition to the statement because when you are operating an online retail site, you are catering to customers who want to shop from the comfort of their homes. If the experience with the platform is unpleasant, the customers are at liberty to simply switch to another service provider. If the company wants to stay in business, it cannot allow for this to happen. 

A customer-friendly interface is an answer to this problem. Amazon’s website and mobile application are supremely easy to use for customers of all ages, backgrounds, and geographical locations. The company also comes into contact with reliable stakeholders that help the corporation with shipping. Shipping services have become especially important since the organization has launched its Prime services. 

Vision Statement of Amazon

Amazon’s vision statement is “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” 

The vision of the company closely echoes some ideas of the mission statement. Whenever the mission and vision statement of an organization complement each other, the best results in business are seen. Amazon is a great example of that. Base on the statement, the following core components can be taken into consideration:

  • The world leader
  • Leading customer service provider
  • Helping customers with their varied needs through the digital medium

At first glance, the vision statement reiterates the goal of the mission statement in being the platform that caters to all the needs and wants of their customers. It expands its services to a global context and makes the product selection globally available and relevant across changing geographical boundaries. 

Vision Statement Analysis

To anyone who is only sparing a cursory glance at the statement, this element might be missed. But the very first words of the statement put the company as a world leader in what they do. Customers are no doubt important because they make for the profits of the company, but as a corporation, the company has to think about the profitability of their business. This leads to Amazon establishing itself as the best in the world in what it does. Using the word Earth in any other context might seem pretentious. But for Amazon, a company that wants to be a global service provider, the wording is perfectly chosen.

The second core element is for the company to become the world’s most customer-centric company. Amazon understands that when you provide products and services to a wide array of people, you are putting the fate of your business in their hands. If the organization makes half-hearted efforts at providing quality services to their customers, they would soon lose revenue and profit would be a thing unachievable except in dreams. 

Amazon, therefore, offers its customers a well-designed user interface, different offers, and deals on products, and also has sales from time to time to increase sales and customer engagement. Customer loyalty is rewarded and also encouraged. The services are friendly without losing professionalism and that is what distinguishes Amazon from other service providers. 

If you have a look at the logo of Amazon, there is an arrow beneath the name of the company. Curved like a smile, this arrow is not there for aesthetic purposes. The end of the arrow points at the letter ‘a’ whereas the tip of the arrow goes towards the letter ‘z’. This is not a coincidence. The English alphabet has 26 letters beginning from A and ending at Z. The positioning of the arrow, therefore, is such that the company covers everything from A to Z and literally points at it. 

The final element of the mission statement signals towards it as well. Without changing the medium of purchasing, the company explains that everything a customer may need that can be articulated in words is available on Amazon. For a varied customer base with varying needs, Amazon is the platform made for helping your wants become your reality. The platform has everything from electronics and books to clothes and shoes. The logo and the vision statement are in complete harmony, much like Amazon’s daily operations. 

The Core Values of Amazon

There are quite a few core values of Amazon that define the company’s dedication towards their customers and their business. No corporation which dreams of becoming a leading service provider globally would forget to include core values that propel the workforce towards achieving that goal. Keeping this in mind, the company functions on the following core values:

  • Customer obsession: This is important because all the services have to be rolled out into the market while keeping the customers in mind.
  • Ownership: Taking accountability for your actions is an important professional ethic. 
  • Invent and simplify: Innovation and invention are highly coveted but it only is best harnessed if the maximum number of people can take advantage of it. This will come with simplification.
  • Hire and develop the best: From the hiring process to the joining, the company understands that its workforce is a resource that needs to be developed so that it reaches its full potential. 
  • Insist on the highest standards: If the company does not take care of being the best, their partners would not insist on it and it would lead to losing customers and their trust. 
  • Think big: Becoming a global leader is impossible if one does not think with a mindset that is hell-bent on expansion and growth.
  • Bias for action: Acting on plans is what differentiates a dream from reality. Action has to be taken for growth. 
  • Frugality: Understanding how to work with limited resources is essential so that the company can spend less and earn more. 
  • Vocally self-critical: Criticism will always find a way to reach you but being understanding of your failures is what makes a company distinguished.
  • Earn trust of others: Whether these are business partners, customers, or stakeholders, trust is as much a commodity in business as is money.
  • Dive deep: Beginning a project but not going all-in can prove to be a mistake. If the company takes initiative, they dive in deep. 
  • Have backbone: Taking chances, accepting mistakes, and going ahead and fixing them while being public scrutiny demands backbone. 
  • Disagree and commit: Disagreeing can be good for the business when it comes to big decisions and unmade plans. While committing to a project demands all the dedication you have, disagreeing requires the same level of commitment to your decision. 
  • Deliver results: All the effort of the company would be for naught if the customers cannot benefit from their services when they are rolled out. Results should be seen to be appreciated. 

This is a highly extensive list of core values. The company which operates in multiple companies and provides multiple services has to keep on top of things to remain at the top. Having this many core values does not mean that the company is undecided on what it wants to zero in on. It simply means that the corporation considers all of these values to be equally important in making the company successful. 

The values include taking accountability for your actions, being open to criticism in whichever form it may come, being aware of customer expectations, learning to make economic decisions to make profits and keep inventing through introspection for better results. The customer is still put first but the internal workings of the company also are given adequate importance through Amazon’s core values. 

The core values of the company are related to motivating their employees, much like the company’s slogan does. Increasing productivity is important but it cannot be done without active participation from the workforce. Hiring and developing the best would not work if they are not biased for action. The company values its employees and helps them develop into a version of themselves that harnesses their full potential. The core values thus work well in tandem with each other and also hold meaning individually. 

Amazon’s Slogan

Given how hard the company works towards its goals, the need to make the workplace productive involves making their employees comfortable enough so that they continue to enjoy themselves as they work. Amazon’s slogan drives hard at this point and encourages every Amazon employee to keep committed to the work but to also enjoy themselves while they are at it. The slogan for the corporation is: Work hard. Have fun.

Amazon Mission and Vision-Statement Analysis

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