Adidas Mission Statement And Vision Analysis

Adidas Mission Statement And Vision Analysis

Adidas is one of the best companies when it comes to fashion and shoes. Their shoes are regarded as one of the best in the market, and they have been serving the community for more than seven decades ever since they were inaugurated back in July 1924. The name Adidas was introduced in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. We will discuss Adidas Mission Statement and Vision Analysis.

Adidas’s mission statement delivers the message of passion and commitment to its buyers and consumers. The company is passionate about its every transaction and has fully committed itself to pack every product with the utmost quality and performance to meet its customers’ needs. Their statement has been an influencer for its employees and inspires the investors to put their money in a company that is committed to rise from bad days and give it their all every time and emerge as a better company.

Adidas’s Vision statement has set the bar for every other company selling sports equipment globally. Their vision promises to deliver the best gear to their customers worldwide consistently without sacrificing any element to enhance their sporting abilities and give the best overall experience to their customers. They are very focused on enhancing the design of their products and ensuring they provide the best aesthetic appeal to their equipment in this growing industry of sports equipment. The looks and feel of a product matter as much as its longevity and comfortability. This is where Adidas outshines a lot of companies.

Their values revolve around corporate responsibility and give the message of four core word’s meanings and the message they need to follow to maximize their work output and sales. They follow these values to be focused, friendly, and provide the best shopping experience to the customers. These values have been deep-rooted in not only each of the employees but also every citizen in the United States of America. These are the motivating factors behind their corporate decisions as well as financial ones. It had led to tremendous success in all of their past endeavors.

Now that we have briefed you about the statements a little, we will deeply analyze all of their statements and look at the hidden elements found in each of them. We will be studying all three statements and also look at some popular questions about Adidas.

Adidas’s Mission Statement

Adidas’s mission statement calls out its performance regarding sports equipment being the best in regards to quality and longevity. The workers took the effort to make the product, and the hard work of the sales executives to demonstrate the uses of their products has caused the sales to triple due to their commitment to their company.

Their mission statement reads as “The Adidas Group strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position.”  There are 4 elements to analyze in this statement.

  1. Adidas group strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry
  2. Brands built for on a passion for sports and sporting lifestyle
  3. Committed to strengthening brands and products continuously
  4. Improve competitive position
  • The first element talks about the company’s aim at being the global leader in the sports industry. There are many competitors in the field, but Adidas is in a league of its own due to its service and quality of the material. The employees and the shareholders strive to make this company the most profitable and household name. They want to be a global leader in sports equipment because they want to spread their innovation and design of the equipment worldwide for the people to see.

  • The second element gives the brand building the message to its customers and a reminder to always uphold their values and stick to their vision. They are passionate about their work in the sporting industry which is the reason for their tremendous success in making products that deliver. Making a product that sells is an important part of corporate strategy as it helps to read the market and plan the next batch of products according to the designers’ pattern.

  • The third element refers to their commitment to strengthening the brand image of every one of their releases and making sure their sporting equipment is commercially and financially successful. They cultivate a lot of time in planning and manufacturing their products to make sure they make a long-lasting effect on their users and build goodwill. Every brand of sports equipment manufactured has to have an aesthetic appeal and a unique and distinct feature that none of the competitors have in their products. That’s why commitment and unique ideas for products go hand in hand.

  • The fourth element talks about the company’s position in the corporate world and how they are always looking to get a leg up on the competition. It is important to stay one step ahead of your opponents to build brand image and maximum sales output in business. That’s what Adidas excels at because of building its reputation up to being a household name. For years, they continuously worked in strengthening their brands which has made them a force to be recognized in the sports industry.

Adidas’s Vision Statement

Adidas’s vision is to create something unrivaled in terms of usability, longevity, and design. For years, they have delivered on this exact quality, making them a worthy investment as a stockholder or a sportsperson. Their vision statements only justify this.

It reads, “to be the design leaders with a focus on getting the best out of the athletes with performance guaranteed products in the sports market globally.” This vision statement has been a driving factor for them as it has helped them open different retail stores all over the world which provide equipment and clothing based on different brands developed by them.

This statement also has four elements analyze within and we will be taking a look at them separately. The elements are:

  1. To be the design leaders.
  2. Focus on getting the best out of athletes 
  3. With guaranteed performance-enhancing products
  4. In the sports market globally
  • The first element says about Adidas’s mission to be the leading producer of sports equipment worldwide and make sure the design and manufacturing team is doing its best to maintain the best possible brand and aesthetic image. They are making sure they are present in the competition always without wasting their potential and time. Their commitment to sticking true to their roots has allowed them to boost sales in the United States and other countries where sports is considered an important part of the culture.

  • The second element tells us about the reason why they keep innovating and manufacturing new products every year. It is to get the best out of all the sports personnel and give the users the best possible use out of the equipment. Their equipment helps athletes to utilize their bodies and enhance the sporting experience tenfold. This has also become possible due to the time and money invested by the local customers and famous players’ sponsored deals to increase sales and marketing different product lines.

  • The third element expands on the second element. The sports equipment they sell has to be the best to bring out the best in athletes and guarantee that they will function properly. The guarantee will help them put trust in their products which will help in sales, while the proper use and longevity will enhance goodwill through word of mouth and media posts.

  • The fourth element proclaims Adidas’s aim to be recognized worldwide as the best deliverer of sports goods. Their commitment and integrity towards customers have allowed them to expand their outreach to countries in Europe, China, and the United States of America. This company also has an ever-increasing stock price which keeps the company income flowing. Nowadays, it is the cornerstone of sports equipment and is widely recognized all over the world due to its familiar and easy-to-spot logo along with a reputation that’s been built for over 70 years.

Adidas’s Values Statement

Adidas values its roots more than any other statement, and they have been clear for more than 70 years even though they have not been categorized and put into words. Their values include 4 words that are easy to analyze. They are:

  1. Performance
  2. Passion
  3. Integrity
  4. Diversity
  • The performance talks about the equipment of the company speaking for itself. They aim to provide products that display best-in-class utility, last longer than others, and maintain their luster after several uses. Aesthetic appeal is also an important factor to them as it can be the difference-maker in sales.

  • Passion about the sports industry is the focal point for their strategy for selling their products. Their passion helps them always innovate into every product and make it the best in the market while also upholding the company’s image. Their passion has allowed them to expand their horizons and come out at the top of the sports industry mountain.

  • Integrity has allowed them to serve their customers to the best of their abilities. Their integrity and honesty have kept the customers coming back and purchasing their new products without any hesitation. The employees have always been honest about the products while the manufacturers put their all in contributing ideas and making the best gear. Their efforts are always recognized by fans and loyal followers of the company through social media support.

  • Diversity in providing products and always coming up with new ways to improve on the last product has allowed them to continue making the best gear that defeats competition and maintains its brand image successfully.  There have been thousands of brands introduced by them throughout the gear, which helps them maintain the company’s diversity.

The Takeaway

This article’s takeaway is that this company is dedicated to completely satisfying its customers through the values provided by the management. They have a mission to uphold considering their stockholders, investors, and customers, and this vision is far-reaching and is the best sports equipment seller worldwide. All of the mission and vision statements have helped them maintain the company’s integrity and have helped them get in touch with customers properly and get to know what they want, and incorporate them to help them serve the industry better. They learn from their mistakes and strive to make every piece of equipment better so that the customer’s faith is not misplaced. We hope you got to know what Adidas is about by analyzing its mission, vision, and values statements. Be sure to let us know what you think of them through the comments. Have a nice day!


  1. Which companies does Adidas own? Adidas also owns brands like Reebok, Runtastic, and TaylorMade. The company also owns a significant portion of the Bayern Munich FC. These acquisitions have allowed them to increase their reach and promote their image as a self-serving company.

  2. Is Adidas stock a good investment? Yes, the Adidas stock is good, but it has earned 250% over the past few years. The investors have predicted rough quarters for the company, but it is a good stock to hold for the long run since it will reap good returns in the future.

  3. Why is Adidas so successful? This company is so successful because they have convinced their use of quality material along with good marketing strategies and sponsored deals with players to reach interested customers and make more money through their endeavors. Their passion for improving the sports industry has also played a huge part in it.

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Adidas Mission Statement And Vision Analysis

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